Fitness Business Growth Plan: A Simple Way to Create Momentum

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(Last Updated On: September 24, 2019)

If you’re ready to create a plan that will set you up for some serious growth in your fitness business  watch the video below.

In this video we’ll cover:

  • The 5 Alignment Principles that you MUST have in your business to have freedom and growth
  • How to extract Core Values that will help you manage and run your business
  • The keys to creating a business with structure that allows you to grow and delegate through empowerment and accountability
  • 7 processes that help you  systematize your business
  • How to create a plan for your (21:40) growth and success in 2016
  • Discovering your purpose and finding your motivation for building a great business
  • How to create clarity to make your vision and purpose come to life
  • 8 metrics you can use to manage your business to put you at ease
  • Creating a Marketing Strategy that will help you find your ideal client and grow your business rapidly
  • A 3-part cycle to use these tips in your business and help you gain momentum

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