The Fitness Business Marketing Rx

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(Last Updated On: September 23, 2019)

You can consistently and confidently attract high-quality clients. All you need is the right fitness business marketing prescription. A marketing plan isn’t a random compilation of marketing ideas and tactics done inconsistently. Yet, many fitness business owners and personal trainers do exactly that and hope to get more clients.

If you witnessed a trainer randomly running around from machine to machine, from the dumbbells to the squat rack, performing a bunch of different exercises with reckless abandon you’d raise an eyebrow and think “what a joke…”

A great fitness pro would lay out a program, with specific exercises, rep schemes, etc to deliver the desired result for the client.

Now, think of marketing as the program and the client as your business…

You need a specific plan, with the right exercises and volume to hit your sales goals and growth goals for your business.


While you may feel like you’re staying busy it’s not producing results. Over the past few years I’ve been teaching the Triple A Marketing Method and building marketing plans for business owners. After hundreds of reps and watching the results come in I’ve got a pretty specific marketing prescription that I recommend…

The Referral Rewards System

You must be able to get your current client base to perpetuate your growth. You’ll see evidence of this in a lot of the activities I’ll be prescribing to you today, but the easiest and most direct way is via referrals.

Most referral programs underproduce or fail because they are very passive. To have success you need your program to reward, acknowledge and stay top of mind. An effective referral rewards program is promoted consistently through recognition of the referring clients.

Your Marketing Rx: Instead of passively waiting for referrals to come in set a target for the number of referral requests you’ll ask for each week.

Testimonial Collection

The next best thing to a referral is a client testimonial. This provides social proof to use in your marketing. Great testimonials tell a story. They allow your target market to see that you understand their problems and can help them get the results that you want.

If you’re looking for examples of great testimonials watch a late night infomercial for a fitness product. They are full of success stories that move people to take action.

Your Marketing Rx: Ask for at least one testimonial each month

Social Media Marketing

There has never been a time where building an active audience is easier than it is right now. And that’s all because of the power of social media.

Social media gives you a platform to share your ideas, connect with your audience and showcase what you do. The use of stories and video allow you to literally have your own reality TV show channel without all the crazy drama (I hope!).

Instagram is the channel that you should focus on for the time being, especially with your free content.

Your Marketing Rx: Post at least 3 times per week to your feed, using hashtags (do your research) to build your following. Add to your story every day, at least 3 times per day to communicate and connect with your current following.

Facebook Ads

The changes at Facebook recently have caused a bit of a stir, but I don’t think they are cause for panic. What you’ll notice is your organic reach for business and fan page content will go down and ad costs are going to continue to rise.

But, that DOES NOT mean you avoid running Facebook ads. It means you need to dial in your marketing message, spend your marketing budget wisely and focus on your follow up to make the most of the leads you get.
The mistake you want to avoid is selling directly through your FB ad. Instead, the goal of your ad is to acquire a lead or prospect via an opt in form or application. Let your follow up and sales process convert them to a paying client.

Your Marketing Rx: Run ads constantly, rotating between ads to build your email list and ads to promote a Front End Offer application. AND FOLLOW UP RELENTLESSLY!!!!!

Email Marketing

This is something I’ve preached about for years and very little has changed. Every single personal trainer or fitness professional should have an email list. Email is still the best and easiest way to communicate and sell to your audience.

The key to making email marketing work is sending valuable content on a consistent schedule.

Your Marketing Rx: Email your list at least once per week. One out of every 4 emails should be a direct promotion to your Front End Offer. Add every lead you get to your email list and ask your network if you can add them as well.


“Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future…”

That’s a biblical concept with serious business application. Your ability to add value to others, connect with powerful people and have a presence in your community will dramatically improve your business growth.

When I was growing my fitness business I never turned down an opportunity to attend an event. It didn’t matter if it was a networking event, Chamber of Commerce event, charity gathering or a client’s party. My presence at these events allowed me to rub shoulders with key members of the community and connect with other business owners who opened up doors for me.

Not to mention if you have clients at the event they will always introduce you as “This is my personal trainer…” That’s nearly as good as a referral.

Networking with a purpose can transform your business. Even for introverts 🙂

Your Marketing Rx: Add 3 new people to your network each week and connect with 3 of members of your current network.

Putting It All Together

You may be looking at this list and feel overwhelmed. Or maybe you think you’re already doing all this and not getting results. Or, you could need a little more detail to get things going.

If any of those sound like you make sure you book your ticket to the Elite Fitness & Performance Summit 2018. I’ll be taking a deep dive into the Fitness Business Marketing Rx and bringing in experts on many of these topics to show you exactly how to explode your business growth with them.

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