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Discover How To Build A Highly Successful, Profitable Fitness Business...

“Finally! Fitness Revolution releases the proprietary system that’s helped hundreds of their clients grow, manage and optimize their businesses without forcing them to give up their own identity.”

FROM: Ryan Ketchum, Fitness Revolution

DATE: April 18, 2019

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

Fitness is a $27.6 BILLION industry according to IHRSA. Not only are people spending more on their health, fitness and wellness but more people are interested. The number of people investing in their fitness is increasing AND they are using their services more frequently.

That means more potential customers and more engaged customers.

But, these trends and increases in awareness also brings LOTS OF COMPETITION!

How in the world does a small business owner like you compete with the big money behind franchises and chains that are popping up on every corner?

There’s no doubt that you provide a higher level coaching and better service for your clients. But, that’s not enough to ensure you are running a successful fitness business.

Sure, you could trudge along. Working 14-16 hours a day while making under $40,000/year.

And you might happily do it because you love what you do. But, what if I told you that it didn’t have to be that way?

There are a fitness businesses out there who are thriving! The business owners have their systems dialed in, marketing perfected and teams in place to run a highly profitable and streamlined business.

Want a business like that?

You need a gameplan to help you navigate this brutal industry and help to ensure your success.

Your High Performing Fitness Business Framework

At Fitness Revolution we’ve created a framework, a methodology if you will, that helps fitness business owner manage their businesses!

There’s an endless supply of info out there on how to run a fitness business, most of it not effective or incomplete.  The fitness business owners, like you, who have the awareness to seek a simple, effective solution for becoming a better business owner are the ones who will thrive.

When you apply this to your business you’ll:

  • Discover how to effectively stand out from the crowd and market your services to your Perfect Prospects.
  • Implement a simple sales system that will allow you to scale your business and increase revenues without compromising your values or ethics.
  • Escape the success trap that sends most fitness business owners into BURNOUT because they are spending 60...70...80+ hours a week working in their business.
  • Maximize your profitability and keep more of the hard earned money that comes into your business allowing you to have a more fulfilled life
  • Building and leading a team that supports your business and helps you turn your vision into reality while eliminating many of the headaches and growing pains that most experience

There’s an endless supply of info out there on how to run a fitness business, most of it not effective or incomplete.  The fitness business owners, like you, who have the awareness to seek a simple, effective solution for becoming a better business owner are the ones who will thrive.

The knowledge and resources you need to build YOUR High Performing Business is at your fingertips.  It’s time you stepped into the 1% that have true success in this industry and stop settling for second best.

“The Same Old Tactics ARE NOT Going To Produce Different Results…”

When you go through Fitness Business Mastery and apply the Fitness Business Alignment System to your business you’ll instantly notice that we’re going to ask you to do things a little differently.

The things that got you where you are WILL NOT get you where you want to go. It’s time to mix things up and try something different. If you simply want to hear the same old stuff, hoping that it will grow your business and give you the freedom you want this is the wrong place for you.

However, if you are ready to try something different, maybe even a little counterintuitive keep on reading…

The Path To A Streamlined, Profitable and Enjoyable Business…

Building and running a successful business takes hard work. We aren’t going to sit here and tell you that this is like the ‘Easy Button’ for a High Performing Business.

Because business is challenging you need to get every advantage that you can! You can avoid making things harder on yourself…

Luckily, success leaves clues. The blueprint for a successful, High Performing Business has already been created, tested and proven. All you have to do is be willing to implement it.

Inside Fitness Business Mastery we are going to pull back the curtain and show you exactly what it takes to run a High Performing Business. This will be your field guide for mastering the challenges that come with business growth.

Working too hard and don’t have enough to show for it?

Think there MUST be a better way to run your business that’s less stressful and chaotic?

Know that building a team doesn’t have to be an impossible task?

Then keep on reading to see how Fitness Business Mastery can help you…

Here's What You Get With Fitness Business Mastery

This Mastery Curriculum includes 7 courses specifically created to address the most challenging areas of running your business. In additional to the courses and modules you’ll get access to tools and resources that make it easier to implement what you are learning.

Course 1: The Foundations of a High Performing Business

Discover the groundwork that must be laid if you want to build a sustainable business that can stand the tests of time, survive surges in competition and avoid falling victim to market shifts.

Take the guesswork out of growing your business...

Inside this course you’re going to discover:

  • Why you need a business system and framework to maximize your success and eliminate many of the frustrating challenges that business owners face.
  • How to create a strategic plan for your business that allows you to focus on what’s most important.
  • The keys to easily solving your biggest business challenges no matter where you are in your business journey
  • Steps to escaping the mindset that your business is different and runs on different principles than other successful businesses
  • The 5 Alignment Principles that power every High Performing Fitness Business and how to ensure you are developing them in your business
  • The 3 Stages that you’ll face as you begin to implement these systems and how to get through each of them to eventually build the business of your dreams
  • Why alignment is critical if you want a less frustrating and self managed business that doesn’t require you to be there to make it all work
  • How to create a one page plan for your business that keeps you focused on the most important things for success
  • The meeting cycle that must be in place to run a High Performing Business, plan for future success and stay ahead of challenges that hold you back
  • How to assess and analyze to create the perfect plan to set and exceed your biggest goals

Course 2: Principles, Priorities, and Planning

How do you measure the success of your business?

That’s what we’ll be covering inside our second course in the Fitness Business Mastery Curriculum. We’ll take an indepth look at the 5 Alignment Principles, uncover the biggest challenges business owner face, and how to overcome them.

Inside this course you're going to discover:

  • The importance of communication in your business, even if you're a solopreneur and how to align your daily activities with your bigger goals
  • The secret to developing a strong culture in your business and the often overlooked component of culture
  • What systems really mean for a fitness business and how to create them and guarantee they get done right without wasting hours building them
  • Why goal setting is misunderstood and how it keeps you from reaching your most important milestones for your business
  • The ONLY way to create a marketing strategy for a fitness business if you want to attract the PERFECT CLIENTS and build a business that you enjoy running
  • How to create a long term vision for your business and connecting it to what you do now so that it stays relevant and makes an impact on your business
  • Steps to layout your Core Values and avoid the copycat trap that will lead to failure or a business that isn’t really yours
  • 4 key metrics you MUST track in your business if you hope to manage your growth
  • Key Performance Indicators that fitness businesses should pay attention to if you want to keep more of your hard earned money
  • How to prioritize your challenges, projects and opportunities so that you’re not overwhelmed and burnt out
  • Critical steps to creating an organizational structure for your business that will allow you to scale and hire quickly
  • A simple method for planning your biggest projects that will empower you and your team to stay ahead of pace>/b> and get more done in less time
  • How to identify the key processes that make your business run and how to build them for growth
  • The exact marketing, sales, operational and financial processes that need to be in place for your High Performing Business
  • What it takes to build a business that doesn’t frustrate you and will eventually run on its own

Course 3: The Start Up Fitness Business Blueprint

Not every business owner will need this course, but if you’re just starting out or looking at starting your own business this is a great first step for you. It’s easy to skip a few steps in the excitement of starting your business, but that leads to a lot of frustration later.

The experienced business will find a few valuable nuggets in this as well!

Inside this course you’re going to discover:

  • What it really takes to be a fitness business owner and if you’re cut out for the job
  • The various options for setting up your company and how to evaluate each one for your long term success
  • Tax benefits of various business types and who you need to talk with before making any decisions
  • Critical steps for protecting your business and yourself from lawsuits and financial disasters
  • The experts you need to have behind you as you start your business if you want maximum protection and to avoid costly mistakes
  • The insurance plans you need as a business owner to protect yourself, your business and family.
  • How to choose a location and avoid the mistakes business owners make that cause them to fail
  • The different types of leases and how to select the right one for you and your business
  • What really goes into a good business and if you really need one at all
  • Financing options available to you as a business owner, the risks for each and how to pick the right one
  • The critical forms and paperwork you need to have available before you start your business to maintain a professional image
  • How to select the right equipment and what you really need to get started
  • The ABC method for budgeting to outfit your facility
  • The dangers of partnerships and why someone should look for a partner

Course 4: Business Management & Growth

Once you get rolling and your business is growing it’s critical that you know how to scale and manage that growth. Revenue is one small part of growth...

You’re going to need a team of people to help you run this business. In this course we’ll uncover how to find, hire and manage the right people for your business.

Inside this course you’re going to discover:

  • The staff framework that you need to put in place if you want to manage the communication of your team
  • The steps you need to take if you want to avoid hiring mistakes that many young businesses make
  • The key departments you need in your business if you want steady and manageable growth without all the headaches
  • How to identify the right time to hire and how to make the right hires for your business
  • Keys to managing your team and holding them accountable for producing results in your business
  • The secret to giving feedback and enhancing the performance of your team without being the boss everyone hates
  • How to stop all the problems from hitting your desk and forcing you to spend a majority of your time putting out fires
  • Secrets to helping your employees and staff grow with you and keep them longer
  • Why your fear of training your team or them developing new skills will hold you and your business back forever
  • How to become a great leader and manager in your business without being a micromanager
  • The simple steps for implementing a performance review plan in your business and how it will impact your bottom line
  • Secrets to inding superstars for your business and what it takes to attract them
  • The opportunities you MUST create for your team if you want build a High Performing Business
  • What you should be outsourcing and getting off your to-do list

Course 5: Fitness Business Dashboard

Smart business owners evaluate their business performance by the numbers.  But, what do you measure and track?  What is good performance?

Those are the questions we’ll answer in this course.

Inside this course you’re going to discover:

  • The 4 numbers you MUST be tracking to evaluate your sales and marketing performance
  • The 4 Key Performance Indicators that help a business owner plan for growth in their business and measure their profits
  • Why more numbers isn’t better and how to find the most important metrics for business success
  • How to understand the numbers in your business and use them to grow
  • How to create your dashboard so that it’s easy to use to manage your business
  • The benchmarks you should be setting for your business that will give you a target for High Performance
  • Ways to identify the bottlenecks in your business that are keeping you from growing or making you more inefficient

Course 6: Precision Planning

Failing to plan is planning to fail… We’ve all heard that quote before, but do you know how to put planning to good use for your business? In this course we’re going to show you how and when to hold planning sessions that will propel your business forward and help you see faster results.

Inside this course you’re going to discover:

  • How to effectively run meetings that allow you overcome challenges faster and make the most of your opportunities
  • The secrets to running your business like a well oiled machine where everyone knows exactly what to do and what’s most important for the businesses success
  • How to get buy in from your team and get them to help you with your biggest projects and business growth plans
  • The 4 parts of every effective meeting and how to create an agenda and accountability plan for your meetings
  • When you should be taking time to strategically plan for your next business moves and evaluate your business performance
  • A simple method for analyzing your performance and identifying the areas of your business that are holding you back
  • Exactly when and how to hold each meeting for your business to make the most of the time you’ll be investing
  • The 5 meeting types that will make a HUGE impact on your business
  • eys to setting the right priorities for you and your team so that you know exactly what to be working on in your business
  • A 4 Step Process that keeps you focused every day
  • Tips for planning your day and week for maximum productivity
  • Methods for building up your team and leveraging them to boost business performance

Course 7: Level Up Your Business: Advanced Strategies For Success

Once the foundations of your business are set it’s time to go from surviving to thriving! What is it going to take to get your business to the next level and truly have a High Performing Business?

Inside this course you’re going to discover:

  • How to create value in your business that attracts HIGH PAYING customers
  • Why innovation is key if you want to continue to have success and stay ahead of the competition
  • The 2 key components of your business for sustainable growth
  • How to evaluate your return on investment when investing in your business growth
  • Risk taking strategies that will allow you pursue aggressive growth while limiting your risks
  • How to control your client experience and develop a strong culture that will perpetuate growth
  • Opportunities for expansion and growth in your business
  • Why you are the most important asset in your business and how you’ll be the linchpin for success
  • The connection between you and your business and how to use it to create a High Performing Business
  • What really makes up a High Performing Business?
  • Why ‘Always Be Growing” is wrong and what you really need to be focused on for success
  • The power of mentorship and how to find the right mentors for you
  • Ways to maximize the lifetime value of your clients and make more money without having to get more clients
  • How to develop programs for the top 20% of your clients and why it’s important to leverage them for growth

Fitness Business Mastery Exam

Unlike many products out there, we actually care that you absorb and apply this information. Get your Fitness Business Mastery badge and CEUs for passing this exam.

If you have managers in your business or key team members you can also use this exam to evaluate what they learned by going through this curriculum.


Learning this information is the easy part, applying it to your business is the biggest challenge. You’ve probably been through many products before but got held up by applying what you’ve learned. So, we make it simple for you. Everything we’ll ask you to do and implement in your business through the Fitness Business Mastery Curriculum will come accompanied with a resource that will help you get things started right away.

The faster you can implement the faster you can see the results of your hard work.

Here’s a list of the tools and resources you’ll be getting inside:

  • Strategic Alignment Plan™
  • Quarterly Business Analysis™
  • FBAS Meeting Cycle Overview
  • Extracting Your Core Values™
  • Long Term Vision Generator™
  • Issue Opportunity Preparation Sheet™
  • Organizational Chart Template
  • SMARTR Rock Planning Sheet™
  • Setting Smarter Rocks Guide
  • Core Processes Documenter™
  • The DDV System™ Overview Guide
  • Finance Manual
  • Business Planning Checklist
  • Site Evaluation Form
  • Business Plan Template
  • Business Entity Cheat Sheet
  • Real Estate Terminology Guide
  • Adult Training Profile Template
  • Creating Job Descriptions Guidelines
  • Job Description Template
  • Growth of Human Resources Guide
  • Weekly Meeting Agenda Template
  • The 4 Step Handoff™ Delegation Tool
  • Non Compete Agreement Template
  • Mentorship Principles
  • FR Quarterly Performance Review Template
  • Lead Tracker 2.1
  • Weekly Huddle Agenda Template
  • Weekly Meeting Agenda Overview
  • FBAS Priority Tracker Template
  • 4 Pillar Client Management Grid
  • Client Experience Cheat Sheet
  • Health History Questionnaire Template
  • Informed Consent and Disclaimer Template
  • Membership Agreement Form Template
  • Membership Pricing Calculator

“What if this doesn’t work?”

Our top coaching clients are implementing this very system to maximize the success of their business. But, I get it…

There’s still that little voice in the back of your head wondering if this will really live up to the hype and work for you. There’s a lot of products out there promising to be the best solution to help you grow your business. Why is this different

Once you’re inside you’ll see. In fact, just read through this page and you’ll see how we talk about things different.

Here’s the deal…

If this doesn’t work for you then IT’S 100% FREE!

Put this system to work for you and your business and if at ANYTIME in the next 365 days it doesn’t work for you then simply let us know and we’ll give you a full refund.

We want to make this a RISK-FREE, easy decision for any motivated fitness business owner. That’s why we offer up this 365-day, no questions asked 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

If for some reason this system doesn’t produce the results you want then you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

How Has This Helped Other Fitness Pros Like You?

William Savoy,

With the help of Fitness Revolution I went from making $2,000/mo in my business to over $15,000/mo. They gave me a set plan and the resources to make that happen.

William Savoy, Savoy Fitness
Mitch Rothbardt,

Since joining FR, my business has gone up yet again; this time by about 30%. What FR does is help with the little things that before I had been doing through inefficient trial and error.

Mitch Rothbardt, Mitch Rothbardt Fitness
Jon Rimmer,

I’ve been up 4 months in a row both in regards to gross revenue and memberships…Being able to get a strategy for my facility is priceless.

Jon Rimmer, The Training Rim
Craig Shinkarik,

I think that any and every fitness business owner would benefit from being a part of the group. Our clients need us as coaches to help achieve their goals faster and more efficiently, and we as business owners need coaches as well!

Craig Shinkarik, Forever Fit SCV
Pearla Phillips,

With the help of Fitness Revolution, I was able to triple my client base from 34 to 125 clients!

Pearla Phillips, Fit Body Transformations
Scott Skinner,

Fitness Revolution gave me one idea that helped me add $60,000 to my business in just over 6 weeks. I’ve also grown by 19% and am on my way to opening my second facility.

Scott Skinner, SkinSport Fitness
Mike Robertson,

As a coach or trainer, you’re in the industry because you’re passionate about helping people. But let me tell you this – being passionate won’t keep you busy, let alone in business.

Working with Nick and Ryan will help take your business to the next level. Rather than trying to learn it all by yourself, you can lean on trusted experts to help you grow and evolve.

Quite simply, if you want to find two guys who are serious about helping you grow your business, talk to Ryan and Nick. You won’t be sorry.

Mike Robertson, Robertson Training Systems, Indianapolis Fitness & Sport Training

Are You Ready To Have The Business & Income You Deserve?

You are one click away from having the info, systems and resources needed to have a rapidly growing business that provides you with the income you want without going through all the headaches and frustrations many business owners go through.

Sure, you could buy a bunch of other products, piece together information from articles on the internet or snag up a bunch of free resources to try and put this together on your own.

Or, you could get access to everything in one place. Get access to a proven system, the same one we use to help our coaching clients grow their businesses to $15,000…$25,000…$40,000...and even $80,0000 per month.

If you want to skip all the hassle of figuring this out on your own Fitness Business Mastery is for you.

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Here’s How To Get Started Now…

We’ll make this really simple for you! Get started with the Fitness Business Marketing Curriculum today for just $297. Follow these instructions to get started:

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Your Business Coach,


Ryan Ketchum

Fitness Revolution

P.S. You’ll have a full 365 days to put this system to use for you and get the results you want. If you’re not satisfied for any reason simply let us know and we’ll provide you with a prompt refund. There’s no risk to starting RIGHT NOW.

P.P.S. Inside the Fitness Business Mastery Curriculum you’re getting access to the most complete business growth and management system for fitness professionals. This is stuff that you’re not going to find anywhere else outside of our coaching programs. It’s the proprietary system we developed to help fitness business owners, just like you.

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