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Download this FREE Script & Audio Clip and discover:

  • An EASY 5-Step system to use if you want to ethically persuade more prospects to sign up as paying clients.
  • The trick to get you and your prospect on the same page and make closing easier.
  • The ONLY way to avoid objections like “I need to think it over” or “I need to check with my spouse”. The ONE sentence call to action that will help
  • The ONE sentence call to action that will help you avoid hearing “no” when selling training.
  • How to STOP DISCOUNTING your services for good and charge what you're worth as a fitness pro.
  • Secrets to make buying simple for your prospects allowing them to make an easy decision to work with you.
  • A simple method for getting your prospects off the fence and get them make a decision TODAY!.
  • What a great close sounds like including the pace, tone and presentation so that you can model it in your next consultation.
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