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There’s one thing I know…

You’re a dedicated fitness professional that wants to be the best in your area. Delivering exceptional service and results to your clients.

But, in order to do that you’ve likely struggled with being overworked, burnt out and frustrated with the money you make.

Does this sound familiar to you?  

You work long split shifts training clients from 5 or 6am until 8pm or later each night…

Each month when the bills are due you’re stressed out about being able to cover the expenses…

There’s never enough time in the day to put out all the fires in your business…

No matter how much time and energy you put into growing your business you never seem to get ahead…

You've tried all the other 'miracle' solutions to growing your business but they just don't seem to work as well as promised.  They aren't getting you results...

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If you found yourself nodding yes to any, or all of the above then you’re in the right place!   The Fitness Revolution High Performance Coaching Program will help you develop a growth strategy, create systems in your business to free up your time, and provide you with accountability and support to ensure your success. It’s time that you finally had a solution that worked for you! If you’re ready to fast track your success schedule your no obligation Discovery call today.

What Will Fitness Revolution Do For You?

If you’re an eager, high achiever that’s tired of dealing with the frustrations of trying to grow your fitness business, aspires to take a strong leadership role for your business and you’re ready to reap the rewards of a successful business keep reading…

A a member of Fitness Revolution we’ll partner with you to help:

  • Develop a marketing strategy and system that generates a constant flow of leads into your business so you can achieve the financial freedom you want
  • Optimize your sales process so that you can convert more leads to clients, earn more money per client and train your team to sell so you can make money even if you’re on vacation
  • Develop systems and processes that help your business run smoothly so you can stop worrying and focus on growing it
  • Build and manage a strong team of trainers so that you can actually take a vacation without losing income or worrying about letting your clients down
  • Develop leaders on your team so that you don’t have to micromanage and can focus on growing and expanding your business
  • Define your long-term vision so that you can stay laser focused on creating the business you want
  • Develop a strong culture and community that attracts the right people to your business and produces viral growth
  • Create a strategic plan for business growth that will outlast fads, trends and your competition
  • Learn how to think strategically about growing your business around principles instead of trying to blindly copy quick-fix tactics used by others

It doesn’t matter if you’re a $3,000/mo business or a $50,000/mo business our tools, systems and strategies can take you and your business to the next level.

The Average Income for Personal Trainers is $34,000 per Year

Based off the conversations I have with fitness business owners, many actually make less than $34,000 annually...

You don’t learn how to run a fitness business in your certifications or even in college programs.  It’s been up to you learn on your own, most likely through trial and error.  

And that’s a long, slow, hard path to travel.  

Most trainers that venture out to start their own business, because they’re tired of working for other people or in a health club, end up out of business within a year or two.

Or worse they continue to struggle because they dread going back. So they suffer through long hours, split shifts and barely making ends meet.

You don’t have to be broke or sacrifice your life to have a successful career in fitness…

It’s possible to fast track your success and avoid the common business mistakes that stand between you and the business you want (and deserve).

As a member of the High Performance Coaching Program you’ll gain exclusive access to the tools, systems and support you need to move from being an overworked, self-employed, personal trainer to a successful fitness business owner.

There are 3 key elements to your success when you work with us at Fitness Revolution.

If you’ve been trying to grow your business but just can’t seem to breakthrough to the next level it’s usually due to a few key mistakes.

First, you’re likely buried in tasks, to-dos and overwhelmed with running your business.

As your client base grew so did everything else you had to do and it’s impossible to prioritize!

Sound familiar?

If so, our Success Coaches will help you assess your business, prioritize what you should be working on and then keep you accountable to getting things done. It’s a simple process, but it can’t be done on your own. It requires a skilled coach to work through the process with you.

Think of our method for coaching you as a program design system for your business growth. 

Second, you aren’t sure of your numbers and what it takes to grow. There might be money coming in, but none of it ends up in your bank account after you pay your bills.

Tracking and analyzing a few key metrics will help you troubleshoot issues and assess your business success quickly. We’ve identified 8 key numbers to track that will make sure you’re on the fast track to success.

This turns growing your business into a game. All you have to do is improve or beat your numbers from the previous month to get your desired results.

Third, you’re doing EVERYTHING in your business. At some point you need to know when to hire, how to hire the right people and what you can afford to pay them.

Strategically building your team makes growing your business easier. We’ve got a formula that will help you identify your needs, determine when to hire and even the done for you tools to help you hire the right people.

Finally, most business owners lose sight of their vision for the company when they get overwhelmed. Everything seems like priority #1!

It’s important that you have a clear vision and the path to get there laid out for you and your team.

We’re here to help you create YOUR vision and help you achieve it through strategic growth and development.

“Can’t I just do this on my own?”

Sure, you could. It will take years of trial and error, thousands of mistakes, and a whole lot of long days and sleepless nights.

Don’t you hear the same things from your clients?  They can follow any number of diets or workout programs. But they are much more likely to have success with a coach like you in their corner.

The same thing applies to running a great business. You can accelerate your success by partnering with our top-rated fitness business solution.

We’ve got a proven system for delivering you the results you want...fast!

Here’s a few more reasons you might partner with us:

  • Focus and clarity on your bigger purpose giving you more energy to attack each day and grow your business
  • Flexibility to keep your own branding and business name while still benefiting from using our proven business systems
  • Access to your own Success Coach that will use their experience working with dozens of fitness businesses to accelerate your success
  • 75+ Done For You Marketing Blueprints you can use immediately to get new clients
  • An operating system to use in your business that will make it simple to grow quickly without all the headaches most owners face
  • A system for finding, hiring and training new staff that will allow you to grow your business faster
  • Access to FR Campus where you’ll be able to keep track of your resources and get help from your peers all in one place
  • Unlimited access to the FR Academy complete with modules to help you improve your marketing, training and business development.
  • Exclusive deals and discount offers from our Partner Solutions like Precision Nutrition, Ultimate Sandbag Training, Spri, Mindbody and more

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

As a member of the High Performance Coaching Program you’ll have everything you need to have a massively successful fitness business.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How long is the commitment? +

There is a 12 month commitment to joining the Fitness Revolution High Performance Coaching Program.  

Business success happens with consistency over the long term.  Our most successful coaching clients understand this and stay with us for years.

Once your rapid business growth begins you'll be faced with new, bigger challenges that our Success Coaches will help you navigate.  This program isn't about solving all of your problems it's about helping you grow and discovering new, but better, problems.

But don't worry!  You're protected by our 30 day guarantee!

Q. What type of investment is required to start? +

The investment in the FR Coaching Program is very simple.  You will pay a one time buy in fee and then choose a monthly or annual payment options.

One Time Initial Buy In Fee: $999

Monthly Fee: $499

Paid In Full Annual: $5499 (Save $489)

Q. How will the coaches work with me? +

You and your Success Coach will communicate frequently.  The entire program is designed to be run virtually through phone and video communications.


You'll have weekly accountability check ins and monthly business coaching calls.

In addition to the virtual communications and business coaching calls you'll need to plan to attend at least 2 of our Live Coaching Meetings each year for best results.

We also hold an annual event in the late summer/early fall that you will want to plan to attend.


Bigger, Better Businesses are created here…

You could continue doing what you’ve been doing and hope that you get a different result or you can join an elite group of business owners that are changing their futures for the better with the help of Fitness Revolution.

Fitness Revolution will help you:

  • Become a better business owner so that you make more money, have more freedom and have a business you’re excited about
  • Implement marketing and sales strategies that allow you to get more leads and acquire more clients to grow your business
  • Develop and implement systems that make your business run smoothly to free up more of your time
  • Hire, train and develop your own high performing team to ensure you can take time off, grow your business and take great care of your clients

Here’s a quick look at how we do that with you…

Fitness Revolution Success Stories

From 17 Clients to Over 150!

Ryan Morgan Business Owner: Ryan Morgan Business Name: Pursuit Fitness & Performance Employees: 3 Location: St. Louis, MO Website: http://pursuitfitnessandperformance.com/


  • Added over 100 clients in the past year
  • Total revenue over $315,000
  • EFT increased from $17,000 to over $25,000/mo
  • 98% retention rate


After a short stint in the minor leagues Ryan took his passion for getting better as athlete to fitness and began training baseball players. Fitness came easy to Ryan but running a business was foreign to him.  

Without an understanding of what it was going to take to run a successful business Ryan sought out coaching and help to provide him guidance so he could avoid mistakes and accelerate his growth.

After attending Fitness Business Weekend he built relationships with members of the Fitness Revolution team and wanted to find the same success other fitness pros had that he met at the event.


Ryan has grown from 17 clients to over 150 and created a great fitness community in the St. Louis area. Getting help from the Fitness Revolution Success Coaches has helped him overcome obstacles that he faces.  

During his first 2 years Ryan went from making a few thousand a month to close to $30,000/mo. That growth is due to applying marketing tools and resources that he gets from Fitness Revolution.

Currently he’s learning how to manage his team and being a leader within his business.  This is allowing him to step away from the business to travel and vacation as needed to enjoy life. 

He looks at Fitness Revolution as a partner to help him get Advice and spark new ideas. FR is a community that he can lean on and helps him get to where he wants to go.

Ryan’s Advice

Be willing and open to getting coaching...surround yourself with people that are in the places you want to be.  Also, don’t also be focused on growth, make sure your focus your clients that are with you now and the experience you deliver.

Hear Ryan’s Full Story

Making $47,000/mo in a town of just 5,500!

Trevor WittwerBusiness Owner: Trevor Wittwer
Business Name: Functional Fitness
Employees: 6
Location: Redwood Falls, MN
Website: http://wittwertrainingsystems.com/


  • On pace for a $500,000 year
  • 96% retention rate 
  • Added 42 new clients in a single month
  • 232 total clients


In a small Minnesota town with 5,500 people and a median income of $36,000/year, Trevor’s had to take a very calculated approach to growth and building his business.   

Trevor had to start up his business out of a community center before creating enough revenue to stabilize the business and open his own facility.  

As Trevor saw success he faced challenges with marketing and staffing within his business.   He knew that there was a better way to do things and began searching for a solution.


Since joining Fitness Revolution, Trevor has exploded his business and generates $47,000/mo from training revenue. In one of his best months he added 42 new clients to his business and continues to leverage the marketing resources from Fitness Revolution to continue his growth.  

In just one year Trevor was able to increase monthly revenue from $14,000 to $42,000!

Now he is expanding his facility to 6,000 square feet and launching a nutrition app focused on habit changes for fitness professionals.  

After his initial growth Trevor has built a team is now focused on helping them develop.

Trevor’s Advice

Take care of your clients and great things will happen. Also knowing your numbers and understanding what’s happening in your business will help you succeed.

Hear Trevor’s Full Story

Built a “Wait List Only” Business

Johnny FukumotoBusiness Owner: Johnny Fukumoto
Business Name: Fukumoto Fitness
Employees: 3
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Website: http://www.fukumotofitness.com/


  • $57,000 revenue in one month, average is $35,000/mo
  • Generates tens of thousands for charity each year
  • Operates at above 50% margins
  • 201 clients


Johnny faced a lot of challenges in his first year starting a business, just like many business owners. Being in Winnepeg, Canada Johnny also struggled with connecting with other fitness pros and peers that could help him grow his business.

At one point Johnny’s growth forced him to find ways to generate revenue without chasing new clients. His small gym was at capacity but his revenue weren’t quite where he wanted them.

Johnny also struggled through working 70+ hour weeks and having to sacrifice time with his family to try and grow the business.


The support and accountability from Fitness Revolution have helped Johnny find ways to grow his business not only with new clients but a team of trainers that now work for him in his business.

Now Johnny has over 200 clients and has reached a high of $57,000 in revenue during a single month.  His business is now a ‘wait list only’ business.

Not only that, but he is expanding his business by buying his current building, building a community with an amazing culture and creating freedom for himself to continue pursuing his passion of competing in adventure races.

Johnny’s Advice

Move towards engaging with a peer group for accountability and ask for help to grow your business.

Hear Johnny’s Full Story


Pearla Tripled Her Business

Pearla PhillipsBusiness Owner: Pearla Phillips
Business Name: Fit Body Transformations
Employees: 3
Location: Brentwood, NH
Website: http://fbtnation.com/


  • $15,000/mo in revenue
  • Shows profits of 32%+ in her business
  • 98% retention rate
  • Only working 40 hours per week


Pearla wasn’t seeing the growth in revenue for her business due to being a 1-1 personal trainer.  As she transitioned to a group training program she also struggled with determining her price points and getting what she was worth from her clients.

Pearla constantly battled not having enough time in a day to get all of her tasks done. She was overworked and it was impacting her health.


To achieve the growth she needed Pearla leveraged Fitness Revolution Success Coaches to help her transition to a group training business and increase her prices. Through all of this she’s tripled her client base from 34 to 125 clients and is now focused on building a team of coaches to take some of the work off Pearla’s plate.  

Now Pearla has the confidence to run a successful business and she attributes that to the coaching she receives from her Success Coach and the blueprints available through Fitness Revolution.

Pearla’s Advice

Get clear on what you do, who your Ideal Client is and be great at doing it. Trust in a proven system that works and don’t waste your time reinventing the wheel.

Hear Pearla’s Full Story

From $1000 left in his account to a $300,000 business

Adam FarrellBusiness Owner: Adam Farrell
Business Name: Farrell Fitness
Employees: 3
Location: Corpus Christi, TX
Website: http://bepinnaclefit.com/


  • $35,000 revenue in one month
  • Recurring revenue increase from $14,000 to $20,000/mo
  • Grew from 55 clients to over 119


While Adam loved training clients and helping them with their fitness, he lacked the business knowledge that would allow him to grow his business and have success. He feared sales and marketing so much that it nearly forced him to close his business.

Adam has had to change his business model several times to keep up with trends, and he’s struggled to find the right pricing for his business that allowed him to pay himself.

At his breaking point Adam had just $1,000 left in his bank account and had to make a critical decision to close the doors to his business or seek out help. With a new baby and a wife to support the decision was easy he chose to invest in himself.


Once decided to invest in himself and hire Fitness Revolution to help him find the success he desperately wanted with his business things turned around for Adam.

He learned how to market, selling became easier and he turned into a true business owner.  All without having to sacrifice what he truly wanted his business to be and following his passion.

Now Adam is running a $35,000/mo fitness business and growing his team to help give him the freedom he wants.  Adam’s constantly leaning on the Success Coaches to provide him the accountability and guidance to keep him motivated.

Adam’s Advice

Be persistent, even when things get tough you can overcome it.  Find people that can help you grow and learn how to be a great business owner.

Hear Adam’s Full Story

Added Over $60,000 To His Business In Just 6 Weeks

Scott SkinnerBusiness Owner: Scott Skinner
Business Name: SkinSport Fitness Center
Employees: 5
Location: Anthem, AZ (2 Locations)
Website: http://www.skinsportfitnesscenter.com/


  • Added over $60,000 to his business in 6 weeks
  • Closing in on averaging $30,000/mo
  • 19% Growth rate in 2015
  • 98% Retention Rate


After a few years of success Scott became bored with his business and was overworked, tired and worn out. He had lost his passion and needed to find a group of people that could motivate and push him to reach his potential.    

The biggest challenge Scott faced was following through with the actions that produced results.  There was no accountability for him as a business owner, which led to being complacent and hitting plateaus.

To get help Scott tried several high-end coaching programs and masterminds that didn’t produce the results promised. His business stopped growing and became stagnant.  


Scott found a home in FR and attributes the relationships he made and the coaching he’s received to his new found passion and drive for his business including adding nearly $10,000 of EFT revenue to his business in one month.  But, he didn’t stop there during his next promotion Scott added $60,000 to his business over just 6 weeks.

In 2015 since joining the program he’s grown by 19%, and is scaling up his second facility.  

The tools provided by Fitness Revolution help Scott stay focused on his Ideal Client to optimize his marketing and help him dial in his long term vision.

Scott’s Advice

Get good coaching early on and attend live events where you can be apart of a group that can drive you to be better and give you the keys to success.

Hear Scott’s Full Story


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