Killing the Beliefs That Are Killing Your Business: Part 3

  Welcome to Part 3 of the  “Killing the Beliefs That Are Killing Your Business” series. It’s not hyperbole that this presentation can completely change your entire approach to sales and if you’ve taken the time to watch the first two parts,...

Killing the Beliefs That Are Killing Your Business: Part 2

  Welcome to Part 2 of our exclusive “Killing the Beliefs That Are Killing Your Business” series. In Part 2, FR Success Coach Madison Weyreter talks about: Doing what you ALREADY know how to do to sell with confidence. How to use proven...

Killing the Beliefs That Are Killing Your Business: Part 1

  Has a client told you they couldn’t lift a weight when you knew they could? Sometimes when that happened in my gym I’d sneak an extra plate on the bar and not tell them until after their set. Sneaky, huh? The look on their face after I...

The First Step in Fixing Your Gym’s Marketing

“Do you know who I am?” That’s not just something a movie star says when they get pulled over after a late-night drinking binge… That’s what your ideal client thinks every time they see one of your marketing...

What does Leadership mean? (Video)

Leadership takes many forms, but without it, your business will fall apart like an overstuffed trash bag you’re desperately trying to get into the bin before it bursts. YOU DON’T WANT YOUR BUSINESS ALL OVER THE D##N PARKING LOT, DO...

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Email Marketing Tips For Fitness Business Owners

Email marketing is a must have marketing tool for fitness business owners. We’ll walk you through the steps to building your email list, delivering value and converting leads to clients for your fitness business. There’s a step by step...

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Networking To Grow Your Fitness Business

Networking to grow your fitness business DOES NOT mean showing up to a networking group and exchanging business cards. There’s a better, more effective way to network if you want to be the most well-known fitness pro in your community...

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Number One Skill To Sell More Personal Training

You can improve your personal training sales by honing in one simple skill that you are already doing every day.

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How To Master Your Fitness Business Growth: Increase Sales & Profits With Strategy

Let FR show you how and when to hold planning sessions that will propel your business forward and help you see faster results.

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Blueprint For Fitness Business Success

Business doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact when it comes right down to it there are 3 things that will determine your success. These 3 things are the blueprint for fitness business owners to use if they want to see faster growth and take...

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Success Habits Of Successful Fitness Business Owners

Success is more about the habits, routines, and structure you place in your life than it is about your talent, skill or abilities.   As a business owner, we tend to revolt against structure and routines that may restrict what we...

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Streamline Your Fitness Business

We are going to provide a few tips to help you develop better fitness business systems.

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How To Get Results Through Others In Your Fitness Business

If you don’t learn how to build a team and get results through them you will always be stuck with a JOB not a business.

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The Difference Between Working In Vs Working On Your Business

It’s easy to get stuck spending all your time working in your business and never find time to work on your fitness business. Here are some quick tips to help you accelerate your growth.

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3 Rules Successful Business Pros Live By

If you want to move up to the front of the pack and transform from a self employed fitness pro to a fitness business owner you need to follow these 3 rules.

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Successful Mindsets For The Fitness Entrepreneur

The X’s and O’s of running a fitness business and being a fitness entrepreneur are relatively easy to discover and implement in your business. However, if you don’t master your mindset you’ll struggle to find success.

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Why Your Fitness Business Is Stuck & What To Do About It

Many fitness business owners end up stuck. There’s a common cause of ‘getting stuck’ at all levels and a simple way to ‘get unstuck. I’ll explain in the video…

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How To Increase Your Productivity & Grow Your Fitness Business

Maximizing your time and getting the stuff that matters done is critical to your fitness business. Here’s what no one else is telling you about productivity in your fitness business.

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How To Build A Plan To Hit Your Business Goals

Here’s a quick tutorial on creating plans that guarantee you hit your biggest business goals.

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4 Steps To Grow Your Fitness Business In 2019

Ever wonder why your best plans for growth fall apart and you end up stuck? To grow your fitness business you need to align your vision, goals, plans and actions to achieve momentum.

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How To Become A Leader In Your Fitness Business

Once you’ve learned to sell and market your fitness business the next big jump for you professionally will require you to develop into a leader. There are a few critical steps you’ll need to take if you want to become a better leader....

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How To Grow Your Fitness Business

How do you consistently and constantly grow your fitness business? You develop skills that allow you to generate more revenue and create a following.  Once you understand how to attract leads, convert those leads to clients and become a leader...

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What If You Hate Marketing?

You need a fitness marketing plan if you want to build your client list and generate more sales for your business. But, many fitness pros hate marketing… So, what’s the answer? Check out this short video to find out, and if you’re up to...

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Dealing With Pricing Questions From Your Leads

What do you say when a lead calls in or emails in asking “What do you charge?” Your answer could be the difference in turning that lead into a client or scaring them away.   There’s a very strategic and systematic way to approach pricing...

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A Better Way To Sell Personal Training

Selling personal training doesn’t come naturally to most fitness pros. We got into this business because we love helping people, not because we love selling.   There’s a better, easier way to sell (that doesn’t force you to be like every...

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Personal Training Sales: Stop Discounting!

Everyone loves a deal, but there’s no reason you have to discount your personal training services! If you’re constantly getting asked to discount your prices in your personal training sales process then you need to make two changes right...

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Your Most Powerful Fitness Sales Tool

Most fitness business owners and fitness pros sell by pitching their services to prospective new clients. You lay out all the great features of your program and how you can help this client without ever finding out what they really need....

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The Most important Assessment For Fitness Pros To Use In Their Sales System

Assessments are a powerful tool for the fitness pro, especially when it comes to your sales systems. But, most fitness pros spend too much time on the assessments that matter to them and avoid the assessment that matters most to the...

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Growth Through Leadership: The Journey To Build A Seven Figure Fitness Business

There are no shortages of challenges that you’ll have to endure as you grow your fitness business. Lindsey Kaalberg, the owner of Ritual Hot Yoga, shares how she has dealt with rejection from investors, the pressure to change her...

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How to Qualify Leads And Close More Sales For Your Fitness Business

Have you wasted an hour of your time with an unqualified lead that didn’t turn into a client leaving you both feeling frustrated? Every fitness pro has done it, but a lot of those situations can be avoided when you learn how to qualify...

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How to Build A Marketing Calendar For Your Fitness Business

Would you like to increase your sales and get more clients for your fitness business? If so, then a marketing calendar for your fitness business is a MUST HAVE!   Consider your marketing calendar the program design template for the...

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Where Should You Market Your Personal Training Services?

“Where should I market to get more personal training clients?” This question stumps many fitness business owners, but there’s a simple answer that will help you grow your business. Want Help...

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How to Create Content That Grows Your Personal Training Business

With the growth of social media, video marketing and content marketing its critical that you have a great message to attract clients. Here is a simple formula to help you figure out the content you need to grow your personal training...

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Maximize Your Personal Training Sales Opportunities

Did you watch the Double Your Personal Training Sales video from last week?   If not, check it out here. Here are two more tips to maximize your personal training sales opportunities…

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How to Expand Your Marketing To Increase Personal Training Sales

Do you know what it would take to double the sales in your fitness business? To increase personal training sales to the point where you have to hire more staff, expand your facility and transform into the fitness business owner you’ve...

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How To Uncover Your Unique Ability As A Fitness Business Owner

As a fitness business owner you start out having to wear all the hats in the business…janitor, admin, trainer, salesperson, marketer, bookkeeper, etc. That grind is required to ensure you can generate enough revenue to eventually...

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How To Get Faster Results in Your Fitness Business

Do you love what you do but feel like you are surrounded by chaos and stress in your business most of the time?  Many fitness business owners face the same challenge. There’s only one way out… You need to create a structure around you...

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Your Fitness Business Growth Formula

Discover how to create a formula for your fitness business growth AND save time doing it. This formula has been used with hundreds of fitness businesses, studios, and gyms. There’s Still Time… The Elite Fitness & Performance Summit is only...

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How to Improve Your Fitness Marketing With Two Simple Rules

Make your marketing more effective by applying these two simple rules. Most business owners are breaking at least one of this in their blog posts, emails, social media posts and even on their website.    Fitness marketing success comes down to...

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How to Hire, Train & Retain Your Team of Superstars

Every business owner starts off thinking they are the only one that can trainer their clients, run their business and get stuff done. The “only me” mindset will keep you trapped as a business owner. You’ll eventually be capped by your time,...

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Developing Systems For Your Fitness Business

Discover how to set up the right systems in your business without creating a 200-page operations manual that never gets used. Fitness business systems should empower the people in the business not replace them.   Using a proven strategy...

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Time Management Systems For Fitness Business Owners

As a fitness business owner, you constantly have a million things on your plate and a to-do list that’s a mile long. How do you ever get it done? Day planners and morning routines aren’t the answer! Instead, you need a simple...

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Grow Your Personal Training Business By Becoming An Expert

There’s a lot of info for your potential clients out there right now. The real question is are you creating the right type of information and content to grow your personal training business?   Writing a blog, doing social media or adding to your...

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3 Reasons Fitness Businesses Fail

Small businesses fail all the time, and I would guess fitness businesses fail at a greater rate than most.  But, why is that? The causes for struggle, frustration and ultimately failure in a fitness business are 100% avoidable.   Discover the 3...

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Where To Start If You Want to Hit Big Goals

“Where do I start?” That seemingly simple question trips up many fitness business owners. You can see the outcome you want to accomplish. You know your bigger vision. But, you just can’t figure out how to get started… Download Your FREE...

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Fitness Revolution’s Impact Explained: “How I doubled my personal income”

Imagine being able to get a structure in place to run your business that not only allowed you to get more done, grow your team and eliminate stress but also double your personal income? That’s exactly what Nemiah Rutledge, owner of Body Paradox,...

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Habits Of Successful Fitness Business Owners

Are you constantly searching for the next thing that will transform your business? Unfortunately, that mindset might be holding you back and actually keeping you from achieving your business transformation. Instead implement the habit used by...

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The Future of Fitness Business: How To Have Success, Make More Money & Have More Free Time

The business of fitness is changing pretty quickly!  The market has been growing rapidly for several years and the economy is doing extremely well.   But, that’s not going to be the case forever.  At some point things are going to take a...

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Referral Marketing For Personal Trainers

Referral marketing produces highly qualified and pre-sold leads for your personal training business.  But, most fitness pros and personal trainers passively wait for referrals instead of engaging in a clear marketing plan to produce more of...

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Personal Trainer Marketing: Get More Clients With Review Sites

Do review sites like Google, Facebook and Yelp attract your Ideal Client? Most fitness businesses and personal trainers aren’t well represented on these sites and do nothing to manage their online reputation. Watch this short video to get a...

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Effective Personal Training Sales Strategies

Most fitness pros hate selling. You probably assume people should want to pay you for training because you’re great at what you do and deliver results. Unfortunately that’s usually not enough to get them to commit to investing in your services....

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Personal Trainer Email Marketing Plan

Email marketing is an underutilized marketing tool for personal trainers. If you’ve put off starting your email newsletter or don’t feel like you’re getting the most out of your email marketing watch this short video for a few tips on setting up,...

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How To Increase Lifetime Value of Your Personal Training Clients

Every personal training business leaves hundred, if not thousands, of dollars on the table each month. New sales aren’t the only way to increase revenue, increasing the lifetime value of your personal training clients can have a dramatic...

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Retention Strategies For Personal Trainers

Trying to fill a bucket with a bunch of holes in it can be incredibly frustrating. But, that’s what many personal trainers do in their business. Retention for personal trainers is critical, especially if you want rapid growth. Keeping clients...

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5 Traits Of A Successful Personal Training Business Owner

Are you a fitness business pro?  Someone that takes running your business as seriously as you do getting great results for your clients.  Life as a personal training business owner can be hard, but when you develop these 5 traits success...

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A Simple Personal Trainer Marketing Plan

Ever get frustrated with the results your marketing is producing?  Having a simple personal trainer marketing plan could solve your problems! Without a purposeful plan that provides you clarity on exactly what to do if you want more clients...

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How To Free Up More Time For Growth

Effective Delegation For The Fitness Business Owner As you grow your business and become more successful as a fitness pro the tasks start to pile up and you can’t get them all done effectively.  Your time should be spent on high return,...

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Grow Your Fitness Business

?Make Your Dream Business A Reality… Mitch Rothbardt, Castro Valley Fitness, has gone from part time trainer working an office job to pay the bills to being able to realize his dreams. Now he’s running a successful, multiple 6 figure...

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5 Keys For Fitness Business Success

Increase Sales, Profits & Performance By Discovering These Skill Sets Making the transition from trainer to business owner is challenging.  You’re going to face numerous roadblocks and challenges along the way, probably even fail a few...

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Developing Systems For Your Fitness Business

If you had systems in place for your fitness business would it be a lot less stressful and frustrating? The thought of creating systems can be overwhelming, so instead of starting with an operations manual or 1,000 checklists...

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How to Double Your Personal Training Income in 6 Months

Need a boost in your personal training business? Learn how one trainer doubled his lead generation. clients and income in 6 months by applying a unique system to his business and life. Inside you’ll discover how: He went from...

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How To Create A Great Culture and Client Experience In Your Fitness Business

Your Fitness Business won’t thrive if you can’t keep clients around and they aren’t happy!   Here are a few tips for creating a great culture and building a client experience that increases the lifetime value of your clients.

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Keys To Sustainable Fitness Business Growth

It’s one thing to see some quick success with your fitness business, but in today’s increasingly competitive market you’ll need to focus on strategies for sustainable growth. In this short video you’ll discover: The TWO...

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How To Make Your Fitness Business Standout With A Marketing Message

Imagine having ONE STATEMENT that clearly communicated who you are and what you do to your target market.  That’d be pretty awesome, right? A Positioning Statement does exactly that when carefully crafted to fit your business.  It’s...

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3 Ways To Optimize Your Fitness Business

Creating a less stressful, chaotic business moves up to the top of your priority list pretty quickly after you’ve learned how to generate leads and close sales.  At some point, the challenges that you’ll face in business end up being...

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How To Grow Your Personal Training Business With Superstars

Many fitness business owners battle staff turnover and struggle to find great team members that can help them grow their business.  In this video you’ll discover a few tips to help you find, recruit and hire “A Players” for your...

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How To Attract Personal Training Clients With A Front End Offer

Front End Offers can be a powerful marketing tool if used correctly.  Unfortuately, many fitness businesses simply copy what they see others doing with no consideration for the overall strategy or impact that a FEO can have on their business....

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How To Sell More Personal Training With 4 Mindset Shifts

Are Your Beliefs Keeping You From Selling More Personal Training? Many of the biggest obstacles that keep salespeople and business owners from finding success, especially in fitness, lie right between their ears… If you’re...

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Fitness Business Success Principles

Methods are many, principles are few. Methods always change, principles never do… At Fitness Revolution we’ve identified the 5 principles that are required for ALL successful fitness businesses. Check out this video to discover the 5...

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How To Grow A Personal Training Business

From 30 to 110 Clients… Anthony Dix and his business partner Corey Cripe, owners of Fitness Lying Down, struggled to make their business work for a long time. Stress, burn out and frustration impacted not only their business but their lives...

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A Simple System For Fitness Business Success

Many fitness business owners find themselves overworked and headed towards burnout because they don’t have a good system to help them leverage their abilities. Or, you get stuck because you don’t know what’s next and have not...

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Assessing Your Fitness Business Performance

Before you begin planning your next moves or setting your goals for your fitness business it’s important that you evaluate your current performance. Learn how to assess and evaluate your business. This is a part of our Fitness Business...

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How getting involved in charity can grow your fitness business

Josh “JB” Bowen, 2018 Personal Fitness Professional Personal Trainer of the Year has overcome a lot in his career and life. Over the past 14 years JB has went from trainer at a big box gym to high level executive almost overnight....

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Grow Your Personal Training Business With Gratitude

It’s easy to get caught up thinking you’re not doing enough to grow your business or that EVERYONE else is having success but you. That mindset is toxic to you! As a business owner it’s important to be able to optimistically...

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High Performance Mindset For Fitness Business Owners: Journaling

Success starts with the right mindset. Many fitness business owners struggle to overcome their own self doubt and negative self talk. In this short video Ryan shares a simple method for shifting your mindset and becoming the High Performing...

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Hiring Mistakes To Avoid In Your Fitness Business

As you grow your fitness business it’s inevitable that you’ll need to hire your first employee. It may be a personal trainer to come in and help with your clients or an administrative assistant to take on some of the work you...

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How To Create A Plan To Hit Your Biggest Fitness Business Goals

Setting great goals is one thing, it’s an entirely different thing to hit (or exceed) your biggest business goals.  In this short video Ryan shows you how to easily lay out a plan to hit your goals. Trouble Hitting Your Goals? End the...

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4 Types Of Fitness Business Goals That Matter

End The Frustration Of Missing Your Business Goals If you’re not hitting your business goals there’s a good chance it’s because you didn’t follow the simple steps laid out in today’s video.  Get our clear formula for...

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How To Successfully Grow Your Fitness Business

“I had to give plasma to pay my bills…” Discover the story of William Savoy, owner of Savoy Fitness and the 2017 Fitness Revolution High Performing Business Owner of the Year.   William’s hard work and commitment have...

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How To Get 10 New Clients

Sometimes you need a quick boost of new clients and revenue for your business.  Put this 7-day marketing plan in place to get up to 10 new clients for your personal training business in just one week. This isn’t a method to be used...

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How To Set and Crush Your Business Goals

Not hitting your goals can be extremely frustrating, especially for someone like you.   Personally, there have been times where goals aren’t met and it sends me into a really negative space.  That feeling of not being good enough or letting other...

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How To Master Marketing Your Fitness Business

In this video Ryan discusses why some personal trainers and fitness business owners have success with their marketing and others struggle.  It’s not what you think either! Watch and learn: How to enjoy marketing even when it’s...

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The Marketing Secret No One Is Talking About…

In this video Ryan covers: Why most marketing fails for fitness businesses The funnel you should be using every day if you want to get new clients The secret systems that make those funnels effective Click here to subscribe to our YouTube...

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Where Do You Find More Personal Training Clients

Checkout today’s quick video to learn how to find out where all your new clients are hiding. I get asked a lot of questions about finding new clients to grow your personal training business and in this video we’ll talk about: The...

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How To Increase Your Revenue By $5,000/mo…

…Without Wasting Countless Hours (And Dollars) On Worthless Marketing Ideas

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How To Start Using Video To Get More Leads

Video is the king of all content right now and it’s not going away anytime soon. Here are some crazy stats that show you how powerful video is: Video posts have a 135% greater organic reach on Facebook YouTube reaches more 18-49 year olds...

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Nick Tumminello’s 3 Pillars of Power Training

Today we welcome special guest Nick Tumminello as he shares his 3 Pillars of Power Concept that can be applied to any client to help them achieve faster, better results.   Download Your FREE...

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How to Create Marketable Training Programs

You can be the best at what you do but if you don’t have any clients it doesn’t really matter.   There’s a good chance you got into this business to change lives, impact people for the better through fitness. Once you’ve...

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How To Establish Your Credibility And Grow Your Fitness Business

When you position yourself as an expert and establish yourself as the most credible authority on fitness in your area it’s easier to attract great clients, charge more and grow your business. Luckily, it’s not difficult to position...

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How To Use The Power of Positioning To Get More Clients

Positioning is a great way to establish your credibility and build authority in your market, but it goes beyond just telling your story.  If you want your message to resonate with your target market learn how to use benefit statements to attract...

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Progressions To Help Your Clients Do Their First Pull Up

Get a quick tutorial on progressions you can use to help your clients achieve their goal of hitting their first pull up. Let Tony Gentilcore walk you through drills and training templates that will provide you with a system for helping more...

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The Best Time-Saving Marketing Approach

Discover the #1 time-saving marketing approach that you can use to grow your business. Not only will this approach help you get more clients, but it will make all of your marketing more effective. It’s easy to get started using today.