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How getting involved in charity can grow your fitness business

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Josh “JB” Bowen, 2018 Personal Fitness Professional Personal Trainer of the Year has overcome a lot in his career and life.

Over the past 14 years JB has went from trainer at a big box gym to high level executive almost overnight. That led to him facing dozens of new challenges he didn’t have the knowledge or experience to figure out, but he pushed through and got it done.  After hiring over 1,000 employees and developing a training program to enhance the level of training across a big box franchise life threw him another challenge.

The company was bought out and now he had to make a choice…

Join this new company that didn’t fit his values, but make A LOT of money…

..or he could leave it all behind to go out on his own.

Josh took the hard road and went out on his own.  Now he’s running a thriving Fitness Studio in Lexington, KY that has contributed over $100,000 to charity.  Learn how JB developed this resiliency and followed his passion to develop a business he loves.

You can follow Josh here:
Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/aspirefitnessky/
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/joshjbbowen
Aspire Fitness Kentucky- http://www.aspirefitnessky.com/home

Click Here to check out Josh’s books and support their causes. 

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