Fitness Revolution’s High Performing Business Owner of the Year Award

The High Performing Business Owner of the Year Award is a prestigious accolade presented by Fitness Revolution, honoring exceptional achievements within the fitness industry. Recognizing outstanding commitment, innovation, and success, this annual award celebrates business owners who set new benchmarks in fitness.

Celebrating Excellence and Leadership in the Fitness Industry

At Fitness Revolution, we are dedicated to recognizing and honoring the exceptional achievements of our Coaching Partners through the prestigious High Performing Business Owner of the Year awards. This annual recognition celebrates the dedication, innovation, and success of business owners who are not just reaching their goals but are setting new benchmarks in the fitness industry.

    Fitness business owners look on at the Fitness Business Owner of the Year Award presentation at EFPS 2017

    The Purpose of the Award

    The High Performing Business Owner of the Year award aims to:

    • Recognize Top Performers: Highlighting the individuals who demonstrate unparalleled commitment to excellence.
    • Validate Our Coaching Programs: Showcasing the effectiveness of our strategies in fostering business growth and success.
    • Contribute to our Coaching Community: Illustrating the tangible success stories and outcomes achieved by our community members.

    Criteria for Excellence

    To be nominated for this prestigious industry award, a fitness business owner must exhibit a combination of the following characteristics and achievements:

    • Consistent tracking and performance measurement in their business.
    • A focus on prioritizing and delegating effectively within their organization.
    • Demonstrated leadership and impact on their team and clients.
    • Business growth indicators such as revenue increases, operating margin improvements, client growth, and team expansion.
    • Innovative achievements like opening new locations, significant debt reduction, or achieving financial milestones.

    Nomination and Selection Process

    Nominations are put forth by our Fitness Revolution Leadership Team and Success Coaches, who carefully consider each candidate’s performance and contributions over the past year. The selection process culminates in a vote by the Success Coaches and Leadership Team, determining the winner, runner-up, and finalists, based on a points system reflecting their overall impact and achievements.

    Host Dave Jack and CEO Nick Berry prepare to present the High Performing Business Owner of the Year awards at EFPS 2019.

    History: A Legacy of Success


    The High Performing Business Owner of the Year award has a rich legacy of recognizing top performers within the fitness industry, dating back to its inception in 2011.

    • 2019 Winner: Marshall Ray
      • Finalists: Jayme Durand, Javy Caraballo
      • Nominees: Danny Fam, Jake Rowell, Jimmy Carter, Mark Greenwood
    • 2018 Winner: Lindsey Kaalberg
      • Finalists: Marshall Ray, Matt Kendrick
      • Nominees: Joe Rouse, Jimmy Carter, Mark Greenwood, Chris & Jen Rhoades, Tina Morin, Danny Fam, Marshall Ray, Ryan Morgan, Melinda Prince, Trevor Warnke, Matt Kendrick
    • 2017 Winner: William Savoy
      • Finalists: Marshall Ray, Johnny Fukumoto, Jim Herrick
      • Nominees: Marshall Ray, Johnny Fukumoto, Chris & Jen Rhoades, Jim Herrick, Adam Farrell, Ryan Morgan
    • 2016 Winner: Dean & Nancy Carlson
      • Nominees: Ryan Morgan, Marshall Ray, Chris & Jen Rhoades
    • 2015 Winner: Trevor Wittwer
      • Nominees: Pearla Phillips, Joe Rouse, Scott Skinner, Ryan Morgan, Adam Farrell, Johnny Fukumoto
    • 2014 Winner: Jared Markiewicz
      • Nominees: Kim Chase, Justin Yule, Ryan Morgan, Brian Hoover, Jeff Blair, Dean & Nancy Carlson, Pearla Phillips, Trevor Wittwer, Levi Memmer, Chris & Jen Rhoades, Mitch Rothbardt
    • 2013 Winner: Steve Long
      • Nominees: Dean & Nancy Carlson, Wil Fleming & Ryan Ketchum, Jared Markiewicz
    • 2011 Winner: Ryan Ketchum
      • Nominees: Art McDermott, Ben Warstler, Jared Woolever, Ken Grall, Luka Hocevar, Matt Jennings, Steve Krebs, Steve Long, Tyler English, Joe Carabase, BJ & Kori Bliffert, Justin Yule

    These individuals represent the pinnacle of business acumen, leadership, and innovation in the fitness world. Each winner’s story is a testament to the power of commitment, strategy, and passion in creating sustainable and thriving businesses.

    Join the Ranks of High Performers

    The High Performing Business Owner of the Year award is more than just a title; it is a symbol of excellence and achievement in the fitness industry. We invite you to draw inspiration from the stories of our winners and strive to join this elite group of business leaders who are shaping the future of fitness.

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