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Hiring Mistakes To Avoid In Your Fitness Business

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As you grow your fitness business it’s inevitable that you’ll need to hire your first employee. It may be a personal trainer to come in and help with your clients or an administrative assistant to take on some of the work you can’t get to because you’re too busy.

Either way, it’s important that you avoid the mistakes Ryan Ketchum covers in this video.

Check it out to learn:

  • Why many business owners find themselves dealing with more problems once they hire someone
  • How to get crystal clear on the expectations of your new employee from the start
  • A huge mistake that can cost you thousands and why it’s so tempting to make it
  • And much more!

Facing Fitness Business Challenges?

Many fitness business owners struggle with hiring, building a team and expanding their reach.  If you’re facing these obstacles or others that you just can’t seem to figure out schedule a complimentary Coaching Call to see if we have a solution for you.



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