How To Build Your Confidence as a Business Owner

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(Last Updated On: September 23, 2019)

Your going to be faced with a lot of challenges and uncertainty as a fitness business owner. There are going to be times where you take big risks to grow the business and there will be issues you face that seem insurmountable.  

There’s no questioning it takes confidence to be a great fitness business owner.

But, are you born with that bravado? Or do you develop it?

For a lucky few they may be born with the confidence and self belief required to achieve great things in their business. The rest of us mortals need to develop it along the way, often times enduring a few bumps and bruises.

5 Ways to Build Your Confidence

Set Long & Short Term Goals (That Stretch You)

What fun would it be to set goals you know you are certain you are going to hit? Staying your comfort zone and not committing to bigger and better things will leave you lacking confidence.  

Your current goals should challenge you and make you a little uneasy, but don’t need to be moonshots.

Develop New Skills

Your role as a business owner will require that you are learning new skills and leveling up your current skills.  As your business grows so do the challenges. These new challenges will require that you develop new skill sets to overcome them.  

Don’t let yourself stay stagnant. Focus on your personal and professional growth.

Make The Leap

There is going to be a time that you have to take a calculated risk. It may be hiring someone even if it means taking a short term loss on your profits. Or investing in a business coach or professional development program to improve your business when you haven’t budgeted for it yet.

Making that investment and taking the leap will force you to put in the time and energy required to do the work. Lots of business owners have early success by ‘going all in’ on their business and giving themselves no other choice but to figure out how to succeed. As your business grows you need to continue to push yourself and not lose that motivation.

Learn From Every Situation

You’re going to experience failures and losses in business.  Instead of moping about them or making excuses, find a way to learn. Using the outcome of every situation you are in as feedback will help you develop your business owner skills faster.

This same learning can be applied by evaluating your wins.  There is always something you could do better next time you in a similar situation that would either improve the result or help you get the result faster.   

Surround Yourself With Other Confident Leaders

You’ll learn that you aren’t alone! Many times confidence comes from the understanding that others have experienced the same (or bigger) challenges than you and come out okay.  

Finding peers, mentors or coaches that can help build your confidence will make you more confident.

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