How to Convert More Leads Into Personal Training Clients


Avoid the conversion conundrum!

There’s a really odd transition that happens when you start expanding your marketing capabilities and confidence within your business. Quickly, you realize that your conversion numbers may be taking a turn for the worse.

Your first reaction may be to blame it on the marketing or the leads themselves (you know the ol’ story about all the tire kickers you’re getting from XYZ lead source). There’s a good chance that the problem isn’t with the marketing or the leads. The problem is that you’re missing a key part of your conversion process.

You see, your capabilities and confidence as a marketer and business owner will grow as you continue to implement the tools, resources and knowledge that you gain from your experience and learning from us here at Fitness Revolution 😉

Many times you don’t grow in all areas at the same rate, which requires that you quickly adapt. It’s the natural evolution of a business owner who is chasing success. Your evolution won’t be painful or difficult. It’s really a matter of putting a few simple processes in place to get things back on track.

Below is the formula for your success.

Tracking the Pipeline

If you’re not already tracking your 4 Sales & Marketing Pillars it’s time to start.

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Don’t worry about not doing it in the past. Start today, and I mean that literally. Starting now is the best thing you can do. You know those clients that wait to start working out until everything is perfect or that worry about all the stuff they didn’t do before and give you excuses for not starting?

Yeah, don’t be like them 🙂

Create Your Prospect Follow-Up

If you’re only getting referrals and leads that come to you asking to sign up then you don’t need a follow-up process to see some success in your sales process. Those people are pre-qualified and predisposed to buy what you’re offering.

However, as you get better at marketing (especially if you use FB ads) then you’re going to reach a larger audience who may not be ready to buy from you right away. It’s going to take a little time to build your trust with them and prove to them you’ve got something of value to offer.

This means you need to meet them where they’re at to start following up with them.

It’s best to have a blend of personal contact and automated. Texts, phone calls, emails and even direct mail letters sent to them can be used to follow up and get them into their Success Session. That’s really what you’re trying to do after a lead becomes a prospect.  

(Note: A prospect is a lead that has requested to take the next step such as an application, Front End Offer sign-up, or Success Session sign-up.)

This process can be anywhere from 7 days to over 90 days if you want to get fancy. I suggest you start with the simple stuff first. Get a 7-day prospect follow-up sequence in place.

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The goal of your follow-up is to interact with the prospect, qualify them and get them to commit to the Success Session if they are a good fit. It’s a way to build trust, stand out and increase your conversions.

On a recent coaching call with one of my coaching clients, we worked on his follow-up process and positioning of the Front End Offer to leads. He saw an immediate improvement in his Lead to Front End Offer conversion rates. In fact, within hours he sold $380 of extra training to his leads!

One small tweak pre-qualified and pre-sold the leads to the Front End Offer.

Follow Your Process

Sales can be tricky. There’s a lot that can go wrong in a sales consult or Success Session. And what you’re selling isn’t the easiest thing to get someone to buy.

That’s why you need to stick to your sales process. The top sales system for personal trainers and fitness pros is our FR Sales Process and Surefire Closing System.

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Using a process allows you to take the ‘natural born salesperson’ idea out of your head and treat sales like a skill that can be developed. Even the most successful ‘natural salespeople’ follow a process.

Don’t Give Up So Easily

Your time is valuable and limited. But, you can’t give up on your leads so easily. That doesn’t mean you bug them to death and beat them into submission. You nurture them and add value for them until they are ready to take you up on your offer to join your program.

The easiest, time saving method for this is creating a segment of your email list for non-converted leads. It’s actually what will make up the larger portion of your email list as you grow it.

Sending 1-2 pieces of content to this list each week and giving them the chance to join your Front End Offer 1 time per month is a great start to nurturing these leads.

You’ll have to invest some time into creating the content, but it will pay off in the long run when you have an engaged list of active leads to promote your challenges, trials, and other Front End Offers to each month.

If you built a list of just 500 people (you could likely do that in a few months) and converted just 1% of them to a Front End Offer each month you would get 5 new Front End Offers every month. If you convert 50% of your Front End Offers to COs then you average 2.5 new COs each month.

Not bad for sending out a few pieces of content and making an offer each month.

What would 2-3 extra COs a month do for your business?

Conversion Confidence

Simply putting these items in place will improve your conversion rates and provide you with a nice ROI on your time and energy. Don’t let most of the hard work you’re putting into marketing your business and getting leads go to waste by leaving holes in your sales pipeline.

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