How To Create A Great Offer

Creating A Great Offer

What Do You Call Your Program?

You know…

Your core offer, the thing that you do that should be the center of your business. Does it speak to your target market? Would your Ideal Client immediately recognize it and know it’s for them?

If not, there’s a good chance you’re sales aren’t where you want them to be.

Clarity is one of the biggest reasons for poor conversions.

So let’s ask that question again. What do you call your program? Is it boot camp, large group training, metabolic resistance training, semi-private personal training, or personal training? Does that speak directly to your target market?

You’ve likely tried so hard to separate yourself from the competition that you are calling your programs something bland and boring or you’re giving it a label of your own being creative.

Boot Camp, CrossFit and Personal Training are common terms that people would recognize. But Large Group Personal Training, Small Group Personal Training, etc. don’t resonate with people looking to get fit.

You’re much more likely to have success if you brand your programs and give them a title, or what the marketing world would call a hook.

It’s why I coined the term Success Session a few years ago in a Mastermind meeting. Leads didn’t want to come in for a consult and we were doing more than just selling to them during our meetings so I created Success Session. No matter the result, we would help them lay out a plan for their success.

It’s also why I began using a 14-Day Jump Start Program for my Front End Offer. It created the expectation that it was the starting point. It had the context of providing them with a quick starting point and it had a finite time limit on it.

What are you calling your initial meetings or assessments? Do they attract, deter or confuse leads?

Attracting is great. Deterring is okay if you are deterring the wrong people but confusing is dangerous for your business!

It’s why transformation contests and challenges are so successful. They have a purpose. The consumer knows exactly what they are and they communicate an outcome.

Admittedly, my naming of other programs was pretty boring. Personal Training and Metabolic Resistance Training weren’t that appealing.

If I had to do it over again I’d take a good look at who I wanted to attract into each program and give them a title.

If I could do it over again, at the very least, I would communicate to my market what we offered and who it was for more clearly.

It’s easy to get caught up trying to go against the grain, especially when things get popular like boot camps. But being generic isn’t the answer.

Don’t replace something that is now recognized, but possibly misrepresented, with something no one understands.

Instead be specific, get focused and create a name for your program that resonates to your Ideal Client and target market. Speak directly to the people you want in your business and tell them exactly what you’ll help them accomplish.

Steps to Creating a Great Offer

If you want to create a great offer make sure you follow these steps:

  1. Speak directly to your Ideal Client.
  2. Be crystal clear in the outcome you’ll provide.
  3. Do not be generic because that doesn’t stand out. Stand out by being bold.
  4. Make sure your audience understands the lingo you use.

It’s time you got a little bold with your business! Start by renaming your assessment process and testing a few new names for your Front End Offer and see what happens.

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