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How To Create A Less Stressful Personal Training Business

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Sometimes all you need is an extra set of eyes and a little guidance to propel you forward in your business. So many fitness business owners wander around, aimlessly trying to out work their problems and ‘hustle’ for growth.

And while hard work can’t be ignored, it shouldn’t disrupt your life. You created your business to provide a better life for you, your loved ones and create more impact with your clients. When your business starts to degrade your life, adding stress and frustration, it may be time to take a different approach.

That’s what Garrett McLaughlin chose to do after attending the Elite FItness & Performance Summit last year. He jumped into a coaching program that was able to transform his business. 6 months later here’s what he has to say…

Before finding FR what was your struggle? What were your biggest frustrations?


Before finding FR, I was doing a million things and trying to reinvent the wheel. Hard work was not the problem, but I lacked the systems and metrics to be successful.

One of my biggest frustrations was how hard and how much I was working for what it produced.

I knew that if I could only learn how to fine tune the process to the most valuable strategies that produced results, then I could ‘turn on’ and ‘turn off’ the switch when needed. This would lead to more efficiency in my business and allow me to be more present outside of it with the people I love.

How did that affect your life? What did you feel like before you joined the Coaching Program?

This has really hit my life hard over the last few years. There have been times where I didn’t travel home to see family, missed weddings with close friends, and stressed constantly to the point where I was never fully present in the moment. I knew I had the potential to run a great business, but I needed the guidance to get out of my own way.

When you’re constantly wondering how much you’ll make that month it becomes hard to think long-term and get out of your own way.

How did the FR Coaching Program help you?

The FR High Performance Coaching Program has helped me tremendously and I can’t overstate how thankful I am to be a part of it. I only wish I joined sooner!

The areas where the program has really helped is having the guidance and accountability of a personal coach, properly tracking the right metrics which clearly show the health of my business, and having tons of educational content to reference in order to better operate a successful business.

Pearla has done a great job in helping me develop programs and services that fit my strengths while simplifying my business.

Every day I know exactly what tasks I need to complete and have clearly established goals to work towards. This has lead to less stress and more clarity in my day-to-day.

How is life different for you now?

Life has been a lot less stressful!

I am now working smarter in a systematic way and have seen more reliable and sustainable results. Plus, I’m able to enjoy things outside of the business on a daily basis. Instead of constantly being stressed out about money or generating new leads, I know I have the systems in the place to work for me even when I am not working.

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