How to Create Alignment in Your Business

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Fitness Business Alignment System™: The Proof is in the Results (Part 1)

 This is a 4-part series  showing you how our Success Coaches have implemented pieces of the Fitness Business Alignment System (FBAS) into the businesses of some members of our Coaching Programs.

 Assessing Your Starting Point: How to Create Alignment in Your Business

We’ve talked a lot about alignment over the past few weeks, but I’m afraid we might not have helped you see just how important it is for the success of your business.

Honestly, understanding what alignment means and it’s benefits has probably been a challenge for our team up until the last few weeks.

Alignment is about gaining traction in your business, having a purpose for your actions, and setting yourself (and your business) up for success. Not just that fly-by-night “I sold a lot of training this month” success either—we’re talking about true success that comes from running a high-performing business.

One of the first steps in creating alignment in your business is assessing your starting point. The other critical step is establishing your long-term vision.

Think of it as knowing where you want to go (Point B) and knowing where you’re at now (Point A). If you can pinpoint those two things, determining the actions to get you from point A to point B is a lot easier.

Over the past 5 months, Sabrina has been a part of Fitness Revolution™. She was making the transition from trainer to owner of her business and, by working with her Success Coach, understood that she needed to uncover any gaps that may be present in her current business.

Sabrina faced many challenges, but the first was a lack of infrastructure in the business. It’s a common problem in many businesses, both new and established.

So how do you create infrastructure? Where do you start?

In the Fitness Business Alignment System, it begins with the Quarterly Business Analysis™, one of our tools that allows a business owner to grade and assess their business in its current state.

The Quarterly Business Analysis is a 25-question assessment of your current business practices and performance. Each question is graded by the business owner on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest score.

A perfect score would be a 125. When Sabrina began working with her Success Coach, her initial score was a 42.

It’s a little like the FMS, if you’re familiar with that system. You don’t necessarily need a score of a “5” in each area, but a low score of 1-2 should raise a red flag for the Success Coach and business owner. Based on Sabrina’s specific scores on individual questions, she and her Success Coach established quarterly priorities—we call them “Rocks.” These Rocks are the most important things that need to be addressed in your business to help you get closer to your long-term vision. They are the short-term actions that help you start moving towards the end goal.  Do you see where alignment starts to come into play here?

The short-term actions that help you start moving towards the end goal.

The top priorities for Sabrina were developing best practices for tracking finances and creating a sales calculatorsystem. Those are BIG Rocks for any business owner…Throw in the day-to-day responsibilities that any fitness business owner has, and it would have been easy to let at least one, if not both of them, slide.

That’s where her Success Coach and our Coaching Process come into play!

By establishing Rocks with the business owner and creating an accountability schedule of coaching calls and check-ins, it’s much easier to ensure the Rocks are completed.

The Quarterly Business Analysis was the key component to identifying Sabrina’s biggest needs as a business owner, but the Coaching Process and accountability are what helped her stay on track to complete her Rocks—and get amazing results!

By working with her Success Coach, utilizing the Individual Coaching Sheets, and putting in place a few of the Fitness Revolution Marketing Blueprints, Sabrina was able to increase her Quarterly Business Analysis score…

…from a 42 to a 103—in ONE QUARTER!

Now Sabrina has grown her business to her current facility’s maximum capacity, hired a new trainer, and brought on a yoga instructor, and she is planning to increase her profit margins in other ways. All this from making sure to get a true assessment of her business’s starting point using the Quarterly Business Analysis and trusting in the Fitness Business Alignment System! Without looking at the current position of her business, it would have been a challenge to set priorities and make progress on them.

That’s how you start to create alignment in your business.

Want to take your fitness business to the next level?

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How to Create Alignment in Your Business