How To Create Breakthrough Business Moments

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(Last Updated On: September 24, 2019)

In your business there will be certain moments where you are able to make incredible progress.  Solutions will come to you easily and you’ll seem to have created insane momentum for yourself.

What if you could predict, or better yet have control over when these moments occur?

Before you discover how to create more breakthrough moments you need to understand when they don’t happen.

There’s one things I know and it’s that you won’t find these breakthrough moments when you’re stressed out about the things on your to-do list, scrambling to put out fires or even when you’re working in your business to get more done.

You create breakthrough moments in times of clarity.

Think about the last time you had a great idea.  If you’re anything like me it was when you were outside enjoying a walk through your neighborhood, while sitting down and reading a good book about personal development, during a conversation with really smart people, heck they even happen while I’m, taking a shower!

Know what I’m talking about?

It’s like a magic switch got flipped on and you see an idea clearly and how it will help you solve a problem.

The trouble is when you have these ideas in your day to day life it’s nearly impossible to make progress them on them or to spend time figuring out if they are worth pursuing.

Because, let’s be honest… not all of my ‘great ideas’ should actually be followed through with!

Create time to create breakthroughs

The best way to create breakthrough moments is to create opportunities for you to have them.

You need to give yourself the time and freedom to think.

There are 3 key opportunities you can take to do this:

  1. Set aside weekly time to meet with yourself and think.  A 60 minute block of time once a week to sit down, review your goals and revisit your vision is a great way to start creating space and opportunities for growth.
  2. Quarterly Business Reviews.  These are bigger planning sessions for your business that we teach all of our coaching clients to use to focus on their goals, vision and set up a 90 day plan that will help them reach it.
    • These are critical to your success as a business owner, but sometimes if you don’t have a team or a coach to help you go through them it can be a challenge.
  3. Attending Business Growth Events.  This could be a workshop, seminar, summit, or mastermind type meeting that allows you to get outside of your business for a few days and spend time thinking about how to grow and build it.

We have Live Coaching Meetings for our License Partners and Coaching Partners to attend several times a year where they get to join up with a group of their peers for 1-2 days and have a coach help them accelerate their progress towards their quarterly goals.

ATTN: License Partners & Coaching Partners!

Register for a Live Coaching Meeting

Not a member of our coaching programs or Area Exclusive License?  Keep reading to find out how to attend a workshop specifically designed to help you create a 90 day success plan.

Our highest level Mastermind groups meet regularly throughout the year for the same reasons.

Getting out to these business growth events can cut years off your learning curve and will give you the opportunity to have a breakthrough business moment.

If you’d like to have the opportunity to create your breakthrough moment check out one of our Business Breakthrough Mastermind events.

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