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How To Optimize Your Marketing Calendar

A marketing calendar is like a training program to grow your fitness business. Once you get it implemented you want to optimize it. Here’s how…

(Last Updated On: September 23, 2019)

Optimizing Your Marketing Calendar

Your first step to attract new clients and grow your business starts with putting together and implementing a marketing plan. Unfortunately it doesn’t stop there!

Many times your first marketing plan won’t produce the results you want. It will help you proactively get more leads and grow your business, but it’s not going to be optimized.

Much like a training program you create that needs adjustments and tweaks to get optimal results, you’ll need to measure, evaluate and optimize your marketing calendar.

Let’s get a few things straight first…

Your marketing strategy is who you are marketing to, what you’re marketing and the message you’re sending out in your marketing.

Your marketing plan is the marketing calendar that you put together using the Triple A Method to evaluate your strengths and then determine the actions you need to take daily, weekly and monthly.

Marketing campaigns or promotions are the series of actions you complete or deploy, directed to get a lead to take action on a specific item. Examples include marketing a transformation contest or running a big joint venture marketing campaign.

Your strategy isn’t something that changes often. You evaluate it at your Quarterly Business Reviews, but if you’ve done the work to get it right, there aren’t many changes that you’ll have to make. Your plan however will be adjusted and adapted as you learn more about what works and get better at marketing.

You’ll be creating a new calendar every quarter and hopefully exploring new ways to share your marketing message with your target market to attract tons of new Ideal Clients.

So, how do you optimize your plan?

Measure Your Success

Decisions to optimize your marketing plan should come from data not gut feelings or hopes and dreams. It’s the reason you should be tracking your 4 Sales and Marketing Pillars each week in your business.

Our Academy members and Coaching Clients are all coached to use our Lead Tracker to account for their leads, follow-ups and lead sources. Having this data will tell you where to spend more time and more of your resources when you want to rapidly grow your business.

For example, if you know that joint ventures deliver a high number of leads and a high conversion rate of those leads to clients, you would want to find ways to add more joint ventures to your marketing calendar in the next quarter (or right now!)

Be Consistent

Random marketing will produce random results. Being consistent with a few things will almost always produce more leads for your business. Not to mention you’ll be able to track and evaluate those things to see their effectiveness.

Randomly deploying marketing activities makes it incredibly tough to figure out if you got lucky or if that marketing activity is a winner for your business. And yes, it’s possible to get lucky with your marketing. I hope you find luck often, but through consistent activities.

That’s why you should measure your activity and track it in your marketing calendar. Knowing that you hit 90% or more of your daily, weekly and monthly tasks allows you to see if those activities produced the results you needed to hit your growth goals.

Automate, Systems and Expansion

When you’re looking to optimize your marketing results you can look at ways to outsource, automate or increase activity.

If FB ads are working you can find someone like Lead Engine Marketing Agency to run your ads for you and get back more of your time to spend on other activities. Not only will you be outsourcing the marketing activity to an expert, but you free up your time.

Once you’ve figured out how your marketing activities need to be performed to deliver optimal results, find ways to create structure or systems around them so that you can save time or even delegate.

Automation and creating systems for your marketing can have a huge impact on your business.

For example, if you know joint ventures are a huge lead source can you create the systems and automate the contact with key joint ventures in your community to your admin? They could set your meetings, perform the reach-outs and add support for joint ventures on a consistent schedule.

You can still manage the relationships, but you’ll be providing an extra level of service for your joint ventures and be able to reach more with an admin’s help.

Once you know what works you can also explore new ideas and new marketing activities that are a degree or two outside of it. What other ideas or ways could you implement your top marketing activities?

If FB ads work can you extend to Instagram or Twitter? If public speaking brings in leads, how do you get more speaking opportunities or create them for yourself? It’s easy to expand your ideas once you figure out why something is working for you.

Your Optimized Marketing Plan

If you implement these 3 things into your business you’ll be able to continue to optimize your marketing plan and grow your business. It will be a strategic and planned growth instead of luck.

The best part?

Your time invested to optimize will be minimal, but the possible returns are huge!

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