Overcoming Sales Objections Part 3: “I need to check with”

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(Last Updated On: August 19, 2021)


Overcoming Sales Objections Part 3: “I need to check with”


This is Part 3 of a 3 Part series on Overcoming Sales Objections

Part 1: Price Objections
Part 2: “Let me think about it”
Part 3: “I need to check with….”


One of the most difficult objections to overcome is the decision maker objection. Outside of being incredibly pushy or borderline arrogant, trying to get someone to make a significant purchase without speaking with a spouse or significant other is difficult. 

Like most objections, the best way to avoid this objection is to defuse it earlier in your sales process. During your Discovery Call with the prospect make sure that you let them know that you expect them to make a decision at the end of your Success Session.


If you do that and still get the decision maker objection that shows up as “I need to talk it over with…”  you can use these questions to dig in and learn more about the situation.  Your role here isn’t exclusively to close that sale right then, you’re also looking for ways that you can prepare this prospect for that conversation with their co-decisionmaker so they can get a successful go-ahead..


That’s fair. What do you think they will need to know to support your decision?

This question allows you to answer any unknown questions the prospect has and is masking as someone else’s. It also helps you prepare them to persuade the other individual to support them.


If the decision was 100% up to you would you join today?

It’s always easier to put the pressure of telling you no on someone else. This question will help you determine if the prospect wants to join but really needs to talk it over with someone or if they are just afraid to tell you no. 

Listen closely to the answer and any indication they are uncomfortable giving you an answer. If you sense that it is the prospect’s way of not having to upset you or tell you no, remind them that it’s okay to come to that decision.


Have you mentioned to [person] that we were meeting today?

Most of the time if a person mentions that they are meeting with a personal trainer to another decision maker in their life they would discuss the possibility of signing up. So, if the answer is no you can ask why they didn’t mention it. If the answer is yes you ask if they talked about the criteria that would need to be met for them to sign up and where you missed the mark.

Do this in a very nurturing way to gain understanding. Avoid being confrontational.


What would make [person] say no?

You want to smoke out anything that would be a deal breaker for the prospect and the decision maker. Find out what these deal breakers are and prepare your prospect to overcome them or get around them in the discussion with the other decision maker.


How can I help you prepare to talk with them?

This is a great way to advocate for your prospect. Show them that you are there to help them get through this and make a great decision. Provide them information, talking points and assistance in any way possible.  


Overcoming Sales Objections Part 3: “I need to check with”If you are consistently hearing objections when you ask for the sale, that points to an issue within your sales process – EVEN if you’re able to overcome the objections and close sales pretty well.  Diagnosing and solving that issue within your process would only improve your closing rate and likely your client’s buy-in (which means retention). 

If you’d like to talk to one of our Success Coaches about it, we’d be glad to hear what’s going on and offer you any guidance we can.  Just book a free Strategy Session with us.


Overcoming Sales Objections Part 3: “I need to check with” If you don’t have a solid framework for your sales conversations, please either use the link above to talk to one of our Coaches, or at least continue reading about our 5 Step Sales Process.   Sales doesn’t have to be the way that it has been for you.  Imagine if you could feel the way about sales that you do about other parts of your business (like coaching?).


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