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How to Use Networking to Get Clients

Networking is often promoted as the ‘go-to’ marketing channel for fitness pros, but it’s also one of the most ineffective if done incorrectly. Learn how to use networking to get more clients for your business.

How To Use Networking To Get More Clients Without Having To Be An Extrovert

It’s almost cliche to recommend that you use networking as a marketing channel to get leads for your business.

You may be shaking your head thinking “Seriously, that’s the best you can do Ryan? Tell me to go network…”

Before you disregard networking in general I need to suggest that you’ve been taught to network the wrong way. It’s not good enough to simply sign up for BNI or your local Chamber of Commerce mixers. You need to take a proactive approach to networking.

What if I could show a direct path to building your network and getting more clients from your networking efforts?

Maximize Your Networking ROI

Every marketing activity you do for your business has a return on investment. You can invest money into Facebook Ads to get your leads or you can invest your time and energy to build your network.

Obviously, these are just two examples of investing your time, energy or resources to get more clients.

To ensure that you get the most from your networking activities you need to determine the outcome you want to achieve. In my mind there are 3 very specific outcomes you want from your networking…

  1. For the individual to join your program and pay you to provide your services
  2. For the individual to refer you someone that will join your program
  3. For the individual to connect you to someone in the community that you should know

It’s that simple…

Join, Refer, Connect.

The Most Effective Ways to Network

Everyone can leverage the power of their network. Introverts, extroverts and everyone in between has a list of contacts that would be more than happy to help you out. The best place to start is with the people you know.

Create your Master Networking List by brain dumping a list of people that you know and the contact info you have for them. Once you have this list it’s time to get to work and begin reaching out.

Set a goal to connect with 3-5 people from your contact list a day. If you think you don’t have a contact list, start by opening up your phone and looking through your contacts. Recently I did this and discovered I had over 1,300 contacts at my fingertips, and that doesn’t include looking through my social media or other contact lists.

As you are reaching out to your contact list the goal should be to schedule a 1-1 meeting with them to connect, discover if there is a way for you to add value and then DIRECTLY ask for them to either join, refer or connect you.

Discovering Networking Opportunities

Just say “yes”!

That’s the key to getting started with expanding your network. Say yes to every opportunity over the next month or so to attend any event, party or gathering your clients or network invite you to attend.

When I was starting my business I would constantly seek out opportunities to be invited to charity events, birthday parties, and other events my clients were hosting for their network. It was the perfect chance to meet their friends and family. It’s inevitable that your client will introduce you as “their trainer” at these which always leads to a discussion about fitness and what you do.

Don’t turn down any chance to meet your clients inner circle!

As you start to extend your networking you can set the goal to attend at least 1 networking mixer or event in your community each month.

Take Charge

Networking events or parties aren’t the place to sell your services. It’s too easy to get lost in the mix or to distract the attendees from their purpose at the party. Instead, you should work to collect information about the individual and get their contact information.

A great goal is to add at least 5 new contacts to your Master Networking List at each event you attend.

After the event, within 14 hours, you need to follow up individually via text or email with the new contact to set up a 1-1 meeting with them to learn more and discover the opportunities that are present in the new relationship.

Never wait for someone else to reach out to you! Take control of your destiny.

Networking Made Simple…

Networking doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply make new contacts, connect with those contacts and get them to join, refer or connect.

At best you get a new member or referral. At worst you add contacts to your network.

This is a numbers game and a long-term play that can help you dominate your local market and be the authority in your community for fitness. But, only if you’re willing to focus on the simple actions that make networking effective for you.

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