You're in Stage Five of the Fitness Business Owner Journey

Based on your answers to the questions, you’re in in Stage Five of the Fitness Business Owners Journey.  That means you are perfect for our

HPCP Program.

Below is a description of what it probably feels like where you’re at in your business. You’re in for an exciting and rewarding ride, but you’re probably already beginning to see that things might be a little more complicated than you predicted. That’s why you’re here – to get help and we won’t let you down. Here’s a simple breakdown of Stage Five.

The Scenario

A business owner that has at least one or more physical locations doing well financially. Owner is not involved at all in the day-to-day operations of the business.

Biggest Challenges

Potential boredom and breaking things to have something to “fix”. Finding new goals/interests to pursue. Letting management team thrive while still adding value.


Self awareness and continual personal/professional development. Coaching team less on the “how” and more on the “why” to develop critical thinking. Creation of exit strategy.

Resources Needed

Business coach, peer group (HPMM), Performance and Development processes, personal development resources, vision casting tools.
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[The Scenario]
Stage Five: Setting the Stage

By most accounts, you’ve achieved a very successful fitness business. You have multiple employees that know and own their respective positions, a manager or management team that reports directly to you, and potentially multiple locations that are doing well financially. You have adapted to your ever-changing role as leader or head strategist and your daily autonomy allows you to focus on new business opportunities while still maintaining a good work/life balance. You find yourself more concerned with retirement plans and investments than the latest training techniques. You feel like you have it all, but you know your tendencies and that you need continuous new goals to stay engaged.

[Biggest Challenges]
Stage Five: The Challenges

Most challenges at this stage tend to be internal ones. You’ll find yourself with fewer problems to solve and may even break processes that are working well just to have something to fix. You’ll likely struggle with the fact that your business doesn’t need you to operate most of the time now and you won’t know what to do with all the free time. You may start to think about checking out completely but doing so could still be detrimental to the business. You will also be faced with the challenge of holding the management team accountable while still fostering an environment of autonomy that will allow them to develop new ideas and processes which will continue to improve in-club operations.

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Stage Five: The Path

Your linchpin to success here will be your management team. Therefore, the bulk of your time in this business will be focused on growing the capacities and abilities of this team. This will consist of on-going conversations, feedback, and coaching that will facilitate critical thinking skills. That means less discussions of “what to do” or “how to do”, but rather a lot of the “why”. You’ll also need to spend preparing future plans for your work such as an exit strategy or plans for new businesses in adjacent industries. To do this, you will guard your time wisely and continue investing in various forms of personal development.

[Resources Needed]
Stage Five: The Milestones

You have at least 1 successful business that operates almost completely without you. You spend your days as desired pursuing other business opportunities, traveling, and have plans to continue growing yourself personally and professionally. Life is exactly what you want it to be and you may choose to turn your focus to the social responsibilities of being in such a blessed position. You mentor others, add value to the lives of those that are important to you, and have a financial plan in place that will take care of you no matter what the future holds.

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