You're in Stage Four of the Fitness Business Owner Journey

Based on your answers to the questions, you’re in in Stage Four of the Fitness Business Owners Journey.  That means you are perfect for our

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Below is a description of what it probably feels like where you’re at in your business. You’re in for an exciting and rewarding ride, but you’re probably already beginning to see that things might be a little more complicated than you predicted. That’s why you’re here – to get help and we won’t let you down. Here’s a simple breakdown of Stage Four.

The Scenario

A business owner that has 1-3 employees and a physical location. Spending a significant amount of time managing the business as opposed to “working in” the business.

Biggest Challenges

Becoming an effective leader and developing employees. Facing complicated questions/situations related to business growth. Struggling to keep ego at bay and adapting to new role.


Developing and empowering a layer of management. Investing in personal and professional solutions. Staying out of the way while creating new processes for the business.

Resources Needed

Business coach, peer group (HPMM), Performance and Development processes, personal development resources, vision casting tools.
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[The Scenario]
Stage Four: Setting the Stage

You’ve survived your first employee hire or two and things are running pretty smooth. The amount of time you spend training on the floor is minimal and your business metrics are looking pretty good. You’re able to pay yourself a significant income by most standards and you’re probably even toying with the idea of opening a second location. You may be getting some notoriety within the industry and now local fitness professionals are wanting to work for you or pick your brain on how they can achieve the same position. You could even be thinking that you have it all figured out and that you know the formula for success, but there is still a nagging concern in the back of your mind that you may be missing something.

[Biggest Challenges]
Stage Four: The Challenges

The old fear of being able to get enough business or pay your bills has dissipated, but now complicated questions have surfaced. “What is this business missing?”, “can I afford to level up?” or “can I afford not to?”. You realize that not too many fitness businesses make it to this level so there’s few that can offer insight or advice. In the earlier stages it was easy to take risks because you didn’t have much to lose, but now there are a lot of people counting on you to get it right and you are struggling to balance your enthusiasm with calculated outcomes. Additionally, you find yourself wrestling with fully giving up some of the day-to-day activities in the gym and your relationship with members changing.

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Stage Four: The Path

Self-awareness is going to become a critical component of success during this time. You’re going to have to make the mental transition of your value to the business being that of the “guide” or “orchestrator” as opposed to the service provider. You’ll spend the majority of your time hiring and coaching up your employees, making strategic decisions for the business, and investing in long-term solutions to common problems. This is going to be challenging because you’ll have to relieve yourself of some duties that you had enjoyed and instead let others handle them knowing that it will take time for them to grow into them. You’ll be tempted it jump in and micro-manage the situation, but you’ll have to resist or run the risk of undermining your team. Toughest of all, you’re going to have to keep your ego in check and still be open to learning from others despite the success you have experienced.

[Resources Needed]
Stage Four: The Milestones

You have a solid team in place and a manager that oversees the day-to-day activities. You meet with this manager weekly and he/she rolls up all the pertinent information you need to make high-level decisions. Your level of freedom increases, and you have the flexibility in your schedule to work in a manner that is optimal for you and you have the opportunity to take a couple vacations a year without it affecting the performance of the business. You now not only have a very clear idea what growth looks like over the next year, but you also have a plan in place to ensure it. For the first time, your life doesn’t completely revolve around the business and you start to wonder what that means to you.

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