You're in Stage Three of the Fitness Business Owner Journey

Based on your answers to the questions, you’re in in Stage Three of the Fitness Business Owners Journey.  That means you are perfect for our

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Below is a description of what it probably feels like where you’re at in your business. You’re in for an exciting and rewarding ride, but you’re probably already beginning to see that things might be a little more complicated than you predicted. That’s why you’re here – to get help and we won’t let you down. Here’s a simple breakdown of Stage Three.

The Scenario

A coach/trainer with a full schedule that has just opened their first facility or on the cusp of doing so. Has either hired their first employee or about to do so.

Biggest Challenges

Trying to balance coaching full-time with growing a business that can employ others. Struggling with time management and becoming a skilled manager all while keeping clients happy. Planning for long-term growth.


Learning to develop employees and not just handing out “checklists.” Learning how to prioritize issues/opportunities. Implementing a better financial management system.

Resources Needed

Business coach, peer group (HPMM), “Think like a manager” course, Profit First system, DDV list and various HR processes.
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[The Scenario]
Stage Three: Setting the Stage

There’s been some significant challenges along the way, but you’re finally getting the hang of this business thing. You have a consistent flow of leads contacting you, your schedule is quite full, and you may even have your first employee. You’re finding that training clients has become relatively easy and it’s time to start focusing on the bigger picture. Growth is on your mind and your questions shift to “what does growth look like for me and my business?” and “am I doing the right things to get there?”. Financially, things are pretty good, but you know there are still changes to be made since you don’t want to do the majority of work yourself forever. You know that to get there you’re going to need to make your operations more efficient and figure out how others can take some of your responsibilities if you’re ever going to get some freedom.

[Biggest Challenges]
Stage Three: The Challenges

You’re finally making a decent income and the stress of “not being able to make it” has subsided a bit, but a new challenge has arisen; never having enough time. You’ve been going hard at this for so long that now you’re feeling burnt out. Training clients is starting to feel like a chore, everyone seems to be coming to you with their complaints, and your social life is pretty much non-existent. As if that wasn’t enough, you recently hired or are considering hiring your first employee and you have no idea how you’re going to find time to teach them how to do the job you needed someone to start doing yesterday. All you want to do is take a vacation, but instead you are spending your days trying to determine the right actions to keep the business running while simultaneously setting it and you up for growth.

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Stage Three: The Path

You are going to have to make one of the largest personal shifts in your business and move from being a “technician” to becoming a true “manager.” This won’t be easy because developing a management skill set is going to fundamentally change the way you solve problems in your business. You won’t be able to do everything yourself and you’ll have to learn how to effectively delegate duties to employees and hold them accountable to the outcomes. You’re also going to have to do this while still balancing your marketing priorities and making sure the business can support taking on a larger payroll expense. That means you’re also going to have to level up your financial management skills and be very strategic with your moves instead of just throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks. You’ll be swapping out training programs and learning about exercise for advanced study on cash flow management, org charts, and HR processes.

[Resources Needed]
Stage Three: The Milestones

You finally get to take your first paid vacation because someone is “holding down the fort” while you’re gone. You are surprised that clients are happy and still getting results despite the fact that you are spending more time in your office and less on the training floor and your new coach or admin still make some mistakes, but it really seems like they are starting to “get it.” You don’t have a lot of free time yet, but you are finally paying yourself like a business owner and are re-investing profits back into the business because you know that a new employee or equipment is going to be needed in 4-6 months. The vision of what this business could be is finally starting to shape in your mind and you are feeling confident that you are on the track to making it happen.

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