How To Improve Sales In Your Fitness Business

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(Last Updated On: September 23, 2019)

What if more leads isn’t always the answer to grow your business and getting more clients?

Often times more leads into your sales pipeline will result in poor conversion rates.  The first reaction for many fitness business owners is to blame the leads.  You call them tire kickers, bad leads, etc.

More often than not it’s not the quality of the lead but rather the lack of follow up and value building that goes on once you get a lead that causes you to lose them.

Instead of giving up on leads if they aren’t ready to buy right away try implementing the follow up sequence laid out in this infographic.

Sales Cycle Infographic


A consistent follow up system for your new leads nearly guarantees that your conversion rates will improve you’ll get a high return on all of your marketing.  Use this infographic as a guide to implement your own system or skip a few steps and get access to our follow up scripts and sales system inside The Academy.

Your Sales Shortcut…

If you’d rather get ready-to-use scripts and templates and our Lead Tracker 2.1 tracking sheet to help you improve your sales process it’s all available inside The Academy.   Once inside you’ll have access to our top marketing and sales training courses and resources to help you grow your fitness business.   Try it for 14 Days Free for a short time