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Unlock The Potential Of Angled Barbell Training And Discover 50+ Exercises That Are Guaranteed To Get Your Clients Better Results!


If you’re like many coaches and trainers I know (myself included) you have a lot of fun toys to play with in your gym but you probably don’t use them all to the best of your ability.

In fact, some of that equipment is probably sitting in a corner and collecting dust right now.

That’s why I knew when I discovered Nick Tumminello and Bert Sorin’s Angled Barbell Training videos I had to make sure you had the opportunity to see them.

If you’ve been looking for a way to make training more fun for you clients and integrate Angled Barbell Training into your programs for more than a few exercises…your wait is over.

You can learn how to implement Angled Barbell Training in to your programs directly from the creator of the implement…this is the ONLY Comprehensive Resource for Angled Barbell Training available today!


You’re Likely Missing Out On 90%—Or More—Of The Results-Producing Power Your Landmine Can Deliver!


That is what most trainers do with the landmine or angled barbell set ups:

They do 2-3 different exercises with them and then let it sit and collect dust because they aren’t sure how to implement it into their clients’ programs.

No more.

Angled Barbell Training will take you inside the minds of the creators of the landmine to learn over 50 innovative exercises AND help you understand how to apply them to your program to deliver the results you want.

Used properly, the landmine allows you to:

? Train a variety of clients
? Keep training fun
? Give your programs or facility a unique training tool
? Set yourself apart from your competition

The endless supply of progressions and exercises in Angled Barbell Training will make sure you get the most for your landmine or angled barbell set up.

(Yes, even if you don’t have the landmine unit, you can set up your angled barbell training with a few simple steps to make this work for you in just about any space.)

Plus, Angled Barbell Training will teach you how to integrate bands and other tools to compliment your training.

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Here is just some of what you’ll learn in Angled Barbell Training:


  • Over 50 innovative exercises: Many new, never-before-seen variations and applications for new muscle & performance gains!
  • The 4 unique ways to use Angled Barbell Training (ABT) to get many new training options from a classic tool!
  • How to use bands along with your angled barbell training exercises to create “accommodating resistance” and improve your speed and power.
  • The Best ABT Pushing & Pulling exercises: Use these to improve the functional strength of your upper body and improve performance in many sports-oriented positions.
  • The BEST ABT Lower body exercises: Use these single-leg & double-leg variations to strengthen your legs & hips in a unique way that you can’t get from using other methods.
  • The BEST ABT Core exercises: Use these creative moves to build rock-solid core stability and improve your torso strength from a standing, athletic position were it will help you the most!
  • The TRUTH about the Landmine Twist: Discover why it’s the most misunderstood ABT exercise and learn how to better perform and apply it for better results.
  • The BEST ABT Total-Body Exercises: Use these applications to build whole-body strength and accelerate metabolism to burn more fat!
  • How to use additional handle attachments to take your Angled Barbell Training to the next level—and discover why you’re probably using your landmine handles completely wrong!
  • How to quickly & easily adjust the barbell to challenge taller athletes.
  • And much more great ABT tips, tactics, & techniques!


Plus, you’ll also receive 7 Additional Bonus ABT Videos:

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BONUS VIDEO #1 – Sports-Specific ABT Exercises For Grapplers

If you’re a MMA, wrestler, Judo, or BJJ athlete or coach, this exercises is an absolute must do!

BONUS VIDEO #2 – Sports-Specific ABT Exercises For Football Players

There’s a reason why almost every NFL and College football team uses these landmine exercises!

BONUS VIDEO #3 – Sports-Specific ABT Exercises For Shot Putters

Bert is a high level thrower! Discover the exercises he has used to add distance to his throws. These are the very same exercises the coach of world record holders in the shot put uses to help his athletes become the best in the world!

BONUS VIDEO #4 – The WORST Landmine Exercises NOT To Use

Bert and Nick have seen lots of Angled Barbell training exercises floating around the internet. In truth, many of these aren’t in our ABT training toolbox! In this video, we show a multitude of landmine/ABT exercises we DON’T recommend using because we feel they’re either ineffective, potentially dangerous, or just plain silly!

BONUS VIDEO #5 – History of the Sorinex Landmine

To help to understand your future, you must first know your past. In this video, Bert Sorin reveals why he invented the landmine and what inspired him to do so. He also discusses how and why the landmine has become one of the most widely used yet misunderstood strength training tools for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

BONUS VIDEO #6 – ABT Partner Training Exercises

If you’re a coach working with sports teams or a fitness professional doing semi-private training, you can immediately use these creative partner training applications to add an element of interaction, competition, and fun to your group-oriented workouts!

BONUS VIDEO #7 – ABT Fat Loss & Conditioning Complexes!

It’s no secret that metabolic complexes can help you burn more body fat and increase your work capacity. Discover my go-to Angled Barbell training metabolic complexes, which we’ve use in the Performance U training system to help clients become lean, mean, endurance machines!



You can add this must have encyclopedia of landmine training to your library for just $79.95.

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Get Your Angled Barbell Training Digital Videos Instantly Today For Only $79.95


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Q: Who is Angled Barbell Training for?

A: Angled Barbell Training is for any trainer or coach who wants to get more out of their landmine or wants to add innovative, angled barbell training to their training toolbox.

Q: WHAT IF I don’t like it?

A: You have my 365-day, 100%-money-back, Vertex Performance Systems no-questions-asked guarantee that you will love Angled Barbell Training, or you can simply let me know and I’ll refund every single penny of your order.

There is absolutely no risk to you because I know that you’ll love these innovative exercises and what they’ll add to your programming.

Q: Do I need to own a landmine unit to benefit from Angled Barbell Training?

A: No. While the landmine unit is a powerful training tool, Angled Barbell Training covers how to create your own angled barbell setup to benefit from this innovative library of exercises.

Q: Will I be getting any DVDs?

A: No, this product is a digital download and will be instantly available to you once you complete your purchase.


Get Your Copy Of Angled Barbell Training For Just $79.95


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