Making The Leap From Personal Trainer To Business Owner

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(Last Updated On: September 23, 2019)

We all get into this industry because we love helping people and fitness is our passion.  There comes a time in most trainer’s careers that they have to make a critical decision…

“Do I make the jump to being a business owner or not?”

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being an amazing trainer while working for someone else.  There’s a lot less risk in it.

But, that’s not enough for some trainers. They have a desire to create something of their own, that provides them the life they want.  You want to create an impact while being proud of the business you’ve built. HPBOY 201 Badge

Our 2017 High Performing Business Owner of the Year, William Savoy made that leap a few years ago.  The tipping point was the Elite Fitness & Performance Summit (you heard that in his video yesterday, if you missed it catch it here).  The secret to William’s success is in his ability to apply the information he learns quickly.  He’s an action taker.

William’s hard work and dedication to creating an amazing atmosphere in his two locations has led to incredible growth (see the graph below).  He’s grown by over 4x in the since 2015!

There’s more to William than his huge stature (he’s a BIG dude) and incredible success in business…

He’s also a very humble individual, willing to recognize those he’s learned from.  In fact, on stage at EFPS 2017, when William was announced as the winner of this year’s honor, he took time to thank the members of his mastermind program and his coaches for sharing tips and strategies that contributed to his growth.   That tells you a lot about his character!   It’s also why he’s a High Performer… His willingness to learn from others and apply what he’s learned to his own business has expedited his growth.  IMG_3820It’s not common to hear someone attribute much of their success to their peers.  Obviously, William had to implement the information and he’s one of the best marketers that I’ve seen in our industry, but he knows he is much more likely to succeed around others that lift him up.

William started with FR producing about $2,000/mo in Gross Revenue.  As of January 2015 he was doing $7,000/mo and his most recent month was over $32,000!  His numbers weren’t the highest of all the finalist, but his growth has been rapid.

Here’s a snap shot of Williams dashboard (showing Gross Revenue) from our Coaching Program which gives you a visual of his rapid growth: William GR

Success Coach Tiffany Larson told us that Williams sucess can be directly attributed to 3 things..

  1. Coachability: “If William has a question he asks.  So many times people don’t ask because they are afraid.  Even if you think you know the answer you should ask for another perspective.  Williams trusts in the coaching progress and does the work we agree upon.”
  2. Humility: “William does not think that his growth equals a finish line.  He knows he has not made it yet.  He realizes that he needs to improve in many areas and keeps working towards them.”
  3. Investment: “Not only does he work in his business, but he still makes that time to work ON the business. He puts in the time.  He has invested in coaching and our mastermind group which have accelerated his success.”

Congratulations to our 2017 High Performing Business Owner of the Year, William Savoy!

Out of 150 Coaching Partners at FR we selected 7 finalists based on business growth and displaying traits of High Performers.  Some grew very little from a top line perspective and instead focused on creating systems and building a team to free up more time and plan for future growth.  That displays incredibly maturity as a business owner and true High Performer status.  This was our most competitive line up of finalists, top to bottom, of any previous year.  It was anyone’s race to win, but our Success Coaches and Leadership Team selected William.

Here are the other 6 finalists for 2017 High Performing Business Owner of the Year:

Each of them has a unique story and journey from personal trainer to business owner.  They all experienced bumps along the way and challenges that could have set them back, but they persevered.  A huge part of their success, by their own admission, is the Fitness Revolution Coaching Program (feel free to ask them!)

Next time you wonder if running your business is worth all the stress or feel alone in your journey, like no one understands what you’re going through, know that there are others out there dealing with the same things and there are places to connect with them so that you aren’t alone.

If that sounds like you, take the jump and schedule a Discovery Call today so that you can join our powerful network of High Performers and get the coaching you need to succeed.

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