How One Trainer Added 34 New Clients In One Month

One business owner came to Fitness Revolution looking for a better way to grow his business.   The first priority for Filipe Cotas, owner of TFW Medway, was to get a systematic marketing plan in place to bring in more clients.  He had some success with marketing and client acquisition but it wasn’t as smooth as he wanted, especially for the goals he had set for himself.

Like many other business owners he was working 80-100 hours per week in gym.  He loved what he did, but he knew he couldn’t keep up this pace forever.

Filipe and his Success Coach, Pearla Phillips, intiated a marketing plan in the first month.  This plan resulted in Filipe selling out his first transformation challenge of 2018 by adding 34 new members in a matter of days.

Filipe trusted the process and committed fully.  That’s the biggest reason for his success.

– Pearla Phillips, Success Coach

There’s no question Filipe will experience continued success on his journey.

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