Online Training in 4 Simple Steps: Part One

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[vc_column width=”5/6″][vc_column_text]We all know how important online training has been to the fitness industry over the past 16 months. For many gym owners, it was the only way they could have even stayed in business. 

Now that restrictions are being lifted, gym owners are finding that online training is a valuable offer that helps their clients with accountability and scheduling, and themselves with additional revenue.

Happy Clients = Happy Gym Owners…right!

During the chaos of the pandemic, gym owners had to make it work.  You had to figure it out fast or your business was going under. 

It took a lot of WD-40, duct tape, and HDMI cables.   

Now that the chaos is subsiding a bit, it’s been a struggle figuring out how to permanently structure your virtual offering alongside your in-person training, so it’s profitable, scalable, and you aren’t having to work yourself to death.  

You can’t keep spinning these plates forever.

This may feel like a huge step into the unknown, but it doesn’t have to be more complicated than adding any other offer to your gym. 

The keys to online training are no different than anything else: 

  1. Figure out how it will help your members.
  2. Structure it in a way that is sustainable.
  3. Tell your members how it will help them.

Not too difficult, and it can provide a nice additional revenue source without adding too much to your plate, once you get a few things up and running. We’ll talk about those things soon.

There are many kinds of online training, but here we’ll focus on what’s called “Hybrid Training”. 

Hybrid Training is when someone still comes into your gym, but also does workouts, which you provide, elsewhere at their convenience. 

Some advantages of Hybrid Training are:

  • Additional revenue without having to change much, if anything, about your core offer or adding much to your plate, once a few things are set up.
  • Improved retention and accountability, particularly for members who have scheduling issues.
  • It lets people stay with you even if they move away!
  • Easy to promote due to the fact that you already have people (your current members) who like and trust you.
  • Provides other options for clients who may be vacationing, traveling for work, or are having problems making it to sessions, without having to put them on a dreaded membership freeze!
Online Training in 4 Simple Steps: Part One

Pictured: The existential dread when someone asks you to freeze their account

As I mentioned earlier many gym owners fear how complicated this may be, but in reality, you need only 4 simple things to start a Hybrid Training program:

  1. Video Exercise Library
  2. Initial Client Information
  3. Program Delivery Option
  4. Marketing Plan

In this post, I’ll break down how to put together your Video Exercise Library. 

Tomorrow, we’ll go over the Initial Client Information, Program Delivery Option, and Marketing.

Video Exercise Library

The key to an effective video exercise library is simplicity and clarity.

Don’t get caught up in trying to make your videos look like the latest Lady Gaga video.

You also don’t need to compare your video quality to fitness “influencers” that are using IG or Youtube as their primary revenue generator. That’s not you. (Many of you probably just let out a sigh of relief hearing that.)

As long as your clients can clearly see the exercise being performed, you’re fine. 

There are 5 basic steps to creating your library.

  1. List your most commonly used exercises. It may help to divide them into categories on a spreadsheet.
  2. Film them in short clips. 10-15 seconds at most. Make sure your client can see the exercise performed from every important angle. 
  3. Upload them to a video-sharing service such as Youtube or Vimeo.
  4. Write a few short performance tips in the video descriptions. 
  5. Save the links on your spreadsheet for easy reference.

That’s it. 

This is probably the most time-consuming step in putting together your Hybrid Training program, but it only has to be done once, and the videos will have myriad uses going forward. 

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about the other three steps in putting your Hybrid Training program together and also help you create your offer.

Have a great day! 

Justin Hanover
Success Coach
Fitness Revolution

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