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Revolution For A Cause (RFAC)

Executive Summary

Revolution for a Cause (RFAC) is the philanthropic initiative of Fitness Revolution, dedicated to mobilizing FR’s coaching partners for community service. RFAC champions awareness, fundraising, and volunteer work, targeting non-profit organizations that benefit from the collective effort of fitness professionals and their networks. By fostering a culture of giving and community support, Revolution for a Cause strengthens the bond between fitness business owners and the communities they serve, embodying the spirit of active, impactful philanthropy.

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    More about RFAC

    RFAC offers a platform for fitness business owners and their communities to engage in various philanthropic activities like:

    • Volunteer work at local non-profits
    • Advocacy for non-profit organizations
    • Hosting community events and charity workouts
    • Offering local non-profit support
    • Participating in charity-driven community events

      What We Track

      Fund Raising

      Most of our efforts come from raising money for various non-profit organizations.

      Hours Volunteered

      We are well aware that nonprofits require volunteer time as well as advocacy and awareness efforts.

      Food, Clothing & Toy Drives

      Throughout the year, but especially during the holidays, we know families need outside support.

      Target Audience and Clients

      RFAC targets fitness business owners that work with Fitness Revolution and their communities, encouraging them to extend their impact beyond the gym and into their broader community for social good.

      Free Resources

      RFAC provides blueprints and guides for:

      • Running charity events
      • Organizing charity workouts
      • Engaging in team-based charity sporting events


      Revolution For A Cause was developed by Fitness Revolution to enhance the philanthropic efforts of its coaching partners, harnessing their collective power to make a significant impact on the communities they serve.

      Key People

      • Nick Berry, Founder and CEO of Fitness Revolution.  
      • Pamela MacElree, Director of RFAC: Spearheads the strategic direction and operational execution of RFAC.
      • Kelly Berry, VP of Operations at Fitness Revolution: Coordinates RFAC efforts internally and externally throughout the organization 
      • Fitness business owners: As primary participants, they drive local initiatives and community involvement.
      • Diamond Award Winners (Over $20K raised annually): Johnny Fukumoto, C.J. Easter 


      RFAC collaborates with various non-profit organizations, like Habitat for Humanity and Rebuilding Together, and supports events like local 5k races and mud runs that benefit community-based charities.

      Here’s what some of our RFAC participants have to say about including philanthropy into their businesses…

      One of my Core Values is: “Family, Friends, Fellow Man”

      With that, I firmly believe that one of my roles as both a business owner
      in a community and as a human being is to look after, love, and lift up
      my family, friends, and fellow man.

      By doing something small, like a charity workout, I feel like I can make a positive
      impact on my community.

      Mark Greenwood

      Ultimate Wellness

      Every year, we adopt a family through the Salvation Army and buy gifts for them. Usually its a single mother and several children and it’s nice to know that they felt special and loved on Christmas and hopefully it relieved the mother’s stress for even 1 day knowing that her children are taken care of. They provide the name of the family and the age/sex/interests of the child so we get to buy them something awesome that they’ll love.

      Marshall & Savanna Ray

      Faster Fitness

      We get so wrapped up in our own little worlds, it’s events like these that bring us back to reality and allow us to see that there are much more important things than what we busy ourselves with.

      Brent Lohmer

      Fitness Revolution St. Boniface

      RFAC Funds Raised to Date

      I’ve been a volunteer for one organization for over 25 years. I believe in their mission because their end goal directly impacts my own health not to mention the lives of 1.25 million Americans. Volunteering for JDRF is a no brainer for me.

      My friends, family and clients support what I believe in because I support what they believe in. Philanthropy is full circle.

      Pamela MacElree

      Urban Athlete & FR Success Coach

      More About

      RFAC not only focuses on fundraising but emphasizes creating a culture of philanthropy within the fitness industry. By integrating community service and advocacy, RFAC aims to enrich the lives of those in need and foster a sense of collective responsibility and goodwill in the fitness community.

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