Seminar Replay: Unlock the Power of a Total Online Presence for Your Business

Care to guess how much of your online presence is probably being used effectively?

Seminar Replay Instant Access: Get a Rock Solid TOTAL Online Presence

Just the tip. 

And nobody wins like that. I should explain...

It’s just that up until - and possibly including - this moment, you may have thought you had this whole online presence vibe working for you...

...and now I’m asking you to consider that mayyyyybe it’s not working like you think. 

Here are a few ‘signals’ that there could be a problem;

Are your competitors outranking you in Google searches?

Are you getting less traffic to your website than you should be?

Are your paid ads under-performing?

Look, the marketing landscape is a lot different than it was two years ago. Paid ads aren’t producing like they were, it’s a consumer-driven world, and the competition is high.

We’re seeing a major opportunity right now, and it’s being seized by the business owners who aren’t too proud to get back to the fundamentals of marketing.

Having a website and blog is no longer good enough.  

You need ALL of the essential elements of an online presence in place if you want to beat out the competition. You need a rock solid TOTAL Online Presence.

The whole iceberg.

In this virtual seminar (replay), we’re going to tell you the ‘What’, the ‘Why’, AND give you the HOW — so that you can take the next steps to improving your Total Online Presence immediately.

So you show up in the front of the line when the best prospects are searching.  Not being buried, which is essentially hidden.

Total Online Presence is a methodology that:

...tells you what you need to do to outplay your competition and own local search, 

...without having to guess what to do or learn how on your own. 

It’s like doing a ‘Functional Movement Screen’ for your online presence.  

If you -

  • Don’t think your website is getting you the amount of leads it should, OR 
  • Consider service quality one of your competitive advantages, OR
  • Are spending more than $0 (yes, zero) on Facebook ads (or any paid ads), OR
  • Spend more time & effort on content and social media - yet results don’t increase, OR
  • Know you need to improve your online presence, but don’t know where to start 

- then this affects you directly.

This information is going to be really important to you.   

"Working with Debbie to assess and fine tune my total online presence was extremely valuable and I highly recommend it for any fitness business owner. What came from this was the realization that I am paying $340/month for a website that probably isn’t generating the amount of traffic it should be due to some other supplemental factors that are missing or that have not reached their full potential. Now, I’m equipped with the information I need to strategically select which tactics to employ to create the most impact. I have a much better grasp on how to make each individual online presence component work together in alignment with my end goal."
- Garrett McLaughlin

Debbie Oster

Debbie Oster is the Fractional CMO for Fitness Revolution, the business coaching firm for gym owners.

Fitness Revolution’s Business Coaching Programs help independent gym owners break through their obstacles, build their confidence, and grow their fitness businesses.

Since 2005, we have fine-tuned this system of individualized fitness business coaching and proprietary business education to simplify growing your business.

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