Performance & Physique Specialist Reveals His Proven Programming Method for Helping Clients Enhance Their Physiques and Maximize Performance

Programs Specifically Designed For The Next-Generation Fitness Clients

Fellow Fitness Professional,

There’s a new breed of fitness client in gyms all over the country, and with the popularity of performance-based training, you can only assume that the number of clients looking for something more than a weight loss program or basic bootcamp class is going to continue to grow.

Most of your clients will not have a specific goal of becoming a powerlifter, competing as an Olympic Lifter, or being a bodybuilder. They are likely hoping to improve their general health, fitness, and functional performance.

Now, before you disregard the previous comment because of the term “functional,” understand that we are referring to their specific performance goals.

Performance might be in their job, hobbies, or just life. But they don’t just want to be just strong or only look great.

It’s why most trainers will use the “look, move, and feel your best” mantra in their marketing.

When my friend Nick Tumminello developed the S3 Method, I knew he was on to something special. It’s a unique blend of 4 types of exercises combining the primary training approaches you see many trainers utilizing (more on that later…)

Meet Your Instructor

Coach Nick Tumminello has become known as the “Trainer of Trainers” for his innovative, hybrid fitness training concepts and for his ability to provide simple, honest, and immediately applicable solutions to common problems fitness professionals face.

He’s an internationally recognized presenter and mentors thousands of trainers through live workshops, mentorship programs, and home-study programs.

Nick is the author of the book Strength Training for Fat Loss. Nick has worked with a variety of clients from the NFL and NBA to professional bodybuilders & figure models to exercise enthusiasts of all fitness levels. He also served as the conditioning coach for the Ground Control MMA Fight Team and is a fitness expert for Sorinex Exercise Equipment and Reebok. Nick is the co-author of the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s (NSCA) Program Design Essentials and Foundations of Fitness Programming guide, has produced 15+ DVDs, is a regular contributor to several major fitness magazines and websites, and is a regular presenter at nation and international conferences.

You’ve likely seen Nick’s work in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Oxygen, Fitness RX, REPS, Muscle Mag, Status, Muscle & Fitness, Fighters Only, and FIGHT! Coach Nick is also a featured contributor to several popular fitness training websites including,,, and

In short, when the best coaches and organizations in the fitness industry want proven, research-backed information, Nick is their trusted resource.

Do you know what your clients really want?

There are 5 categories of training clients if we break them down by their goals:

  1. Physique
  2. Performance
  3. Physique/Performance Hybrid
  4. Fat Loss
  5. Fitness & Health

As a coach, it’s critical that you understand the goal that your client is really after, which will dictate your plan to get them there.

The S3 Method is designed to help you with Performance and Physique/Performance Hybrid clients. It’s a training method that will give your clients “the show” and “the go.”

If your clients want to build more muscle, maximize performance, or simply have the best of both worlds—looking and performing great—then this course will deliver a method for program design that will help you get them these results faster and more efficiently than ever before.

You’ve likely had clients idolize the physiques of CrossFit athletes, but, until now, there was no programming system to deliver those results.

Each of your client’s goals requires a specific approach to program design. And that’s exactly why Nick created the S3 Method!

The 3 S’s in the S3 Method stand for:

  1. Movement SPEED
  2. Movement STRENGTH
  3. Muscle SIZE

It’s all about creating the muscle and the hustle for your clients.

But the S3 Method isn’t just an idea that Nick had one day; it’s a method that’s been the subject of articles published in the NSCA’s peer-reviewed publications and tested with Nick’s clients.

He’s even used it as inspiration for his True Muscle training program that is one of the most popular on their site.

If you look at many of the big-name brands in fitness, you’ll see human-performance and performance-based training as a common theme. With huge, internationally recognized brands pushing this message to consumers, the demand for this type of programming is only going to increase.

What’s the S3 Method All About?

The principle of specificity is widely recognized, especially in the sports-performance world.

However, I’m not convinced that it’s recognized enough when training your everyday clients for performance or the hybrid performance/physique goals.

Each of the programs in the S3 Method will help your clients not only look great, but perform great as well. The programs have their own primary focus, but unlike most other programs do not neglect any of the 3 Ss.

Four Types of Resistance Training Exercises

Avoiding any of the 4 types of resistance training exercises will leave your clients’ programs imbalanced and hinder their ability to reach their goals.

The 4 types of resistance training exercises are:

  1. Explosive
  2. Cross Body
  3. Compound
  4. Isolation

Each of these has a place in the S3 Method and is added in varying ratios based on your clients’ goals.

When you use the S3 Method to program your clients’ training sessions, you’ll be taking the best of Power Training, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, and even functional training to produce a client who looks, feels, and performs great.

You’ll be able to create training programs that include elements of size, strength, and speed in various ratios to meet your clients’ needs.

As you look at the S3 Method Programs, you’ll notice very specific layouts:

Each of the goals has different program layouts with a focus on the 3 different components of the S3 Method. It’s an easy way to create specific programs for your clients using a standard training template to get the results you want.

A Programming Framework (and Philosophy)
for Improving Speed, Strength, & Size

So you’re probably wondering what’s in the S3 Method Digital Course and how it will help you improve your program design and the results you’re able to get for your clients.

Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect in this course.

In this 5-part module, Coach Nick will review the Functional Spectrum Training philosophy and the system behind the S3 Method. This is the foundation of the entire programming method that will help you understand the “why” behind the “how.”

Part 1 will cover:

  • The Functional Spectrum Training System
  • 5 Categories of Client Goals
  • Objective of the S3 Method Course

Part 2 will cover:

  • The Definition of Functional Training
  • Enhancing Functional Capacity
  • General vs Specific Exercises and the Unique Benefits of Each
  • Common Confusion About General Exercise Application

Part 3 will cover:

  • 3 Ways to Improve Performance
  • Common Confusion About Specific Exercise Application
  • The 4 Types of Resistance Exercises
  • Total Body Power Exercises

Part 4 will cover:

  • Total Body Power Exercises (continued)
  • The 3 Pillars of Power
  • Tri-Phasic Muscle Firing
  • Cross Body Exercises
  • Compound Exercises

Part 5 will cover:

  • Overcoming the “Just Get Strong” Misconception
  • Isolation Exercises
  • Should You Train Movements Not Muscles?
  • A Mixed Approach To Resistance Training

Module #2 : Functional Spectrum of Exercises

This 4-part module will teach you how to apply pushing, pulling, lower body, and core exercises into the Functional Strength Training and S3 Method and how they fit into the 4 types of resistance training—Total Body Power, Cross Body, Compound, and Isolation.

Part 1: Pushing Exercises
Part 2: Pulling Exercises
Part 3: Lower Body Exercises
Part 4: Core Exercises

Module #3: The S3 Method: Speed, Strength & Size

In this 3-part module, Coach Nick will take you through the S3 Method step by step and teach you how to lay out S3 Method Training Programs to enhance performance and train hybrid clients looking for performance and physique improvements.

Part 1 will cover:

  • Movement Speed Training
  • Movement Strength Training
  • The Strength-Size Continuum
  • Muscle Size Training
  • 3 Types of Programs

Part 2 will cover:

  • Comparison of S3 Training Program Templates
  • Training Order of the 3 S’s
  • A Sample Performance Program

Part 3 will cover:

  • A Sample Muscle Program
  • A Sample Performance & Muscle Program
  • Overview of the Program Method

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The S3 Method Manual (A $99.99 Value)

Get the entire S3 Method Course Material in a printable PDF to take notes and use as your workbook to prepare for the exam. This can also serve as your staff-training resource.

S3 Method Program Design Cheat Sheet (A $49.99 Value)

The Program Design Cheat Sheet provides you with a quick and easy reference tool for designing your S3 Training Programs based off the movements and exercises that Coach Nick teaches you in the Functional Spectrum of Exercises Module.

S3 Method Sample Program Design Layout
(A $79.99 Value)

Get a quick look at Performance, Muscle and Performance, & Muscle Program templates that you can use to create your S3 Method training programs with clients.

Continued Education Credits (CEU/CEC’s)

Get valuable CEUs and CECs from the NSCA and NASM once you’ve completed the course and passed the online exam.

A Practical Approach to Program Design…

The S3 Method is a practical approach to program design that can be used to train your entire team on designing programs that help your clients reach their performance and physique goals.

This course can be used as staff training to ensure you are all working off the same principles and methods to deliver training programs that produce great results.

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We’ve made the S3 Method course available for digital download so that you can immediately access all of your course materials and start learning right way.

The S3 Method is for fitness pros who need a programming approach that will help them stand out from the dozens (or more) weight loss programs, gyms, and training programs in their area.

If you have clients who want to enhance their performance while ensuring they look great, then this is for you!

Most trainers will pass this up and try to do it on their own. They think that have it all figured out and would rather avoid the research and science behind taking a practical approach to this type of training.

That’s OK.

We pride ourselves on working with the highest level trainers who understand the value of education.

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The 10x Guarantee


We’re so confident that you’ll love the S3 Method that we’re offering a full 365-Day, No-Questions-Asked Guarantee!
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Start the S3 Method Course Today!

Either you can accelerate your learning and use the S3 Method to make your programs better, or you can continue to be frustrated trying to crack the code to make your clients look and move better than ever before.

This practical yet scientific approach to creating programs will give you all the tools you need to make program design simple.

Why risk helping your clients reach their initial goal only to have them leave you to find another solution?

There are more clients than ever looking to enhance their performance and physique, and the S3 Method gives you everything you need to help them do exactly that!

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P.S. There’s a growing need for fitness solutions to help clients who want to have both “hustle & muscle.” Will you be able to provide it for them?

Either you can keep scrambling to find the right blend of exercises and perfect programming layout to help your clients, or you can simply learn from Coach Nick and take advantage of his years of experience and hours of research put into the S3 Method.

The S3 Method will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to get the incredible results that your clients are looking for in their performance and physique.

**This course is entirely digital and nothing will be shipped.**

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**This course is entirely digital and nothing will be shipped.**