Sales Questions Answered: How Many Times Should I Call a Prospect?

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(Last Updated On: August 9, 2021)

Most gym owners want to be helpful, not annoying, right? You got into fitness to improve people’s lives – not to be an obnoxious salesperson.

But running a successful business requires you to make sales. And, lucky for all of us, there’s more to it than smiling Mr. Selfless on one end of the spectrum – and the used-car salesman in the plaid jacket on the other end.

You’ve got to have a sales process, of course. But there’s another element to it, and unfortunately this is where you can really feel like your own worst enemy.

The secret is overcoming your self-limiting beliefs – the nonsense we tell ourselves that holds us back from reaching our potential.

Here’s an example. Many fitness professionals think that if they don’t hear back from a prospect after an initial sales call, then the answer must be no.

  • “If the prospect wants to join, they’ll call us back, right? They know we’re here.”
  • “What else is there to say?”
  • “I don’t want to be That Guy and bug him or her.”

Our Success Coaches hear that one a lot. But actually, it’s not true. You’ve got to make multiple follow-ups – often as many as eight!

That’s right – and if you think about it as an ongoing part of the “getting to know you” process, it’ll feel less uncomfortable. It’s not about hounding someone – it’s just simple psychology that’s been proven time and again. Often, we humans need to hear the same message seven or eight times before it sinks into our skulls.

Remember that people are busy and have a lot on their plates every day. Maybe Mrs. Miller meant to call you back, but her kid got sick… or her sink backed up… or she’s a little nervous to ask a simple follow-up question…

It’s probably – almost definitely, totally, 100 percent for sure – NOT ABOUT YOU. And if it is, then Mrs. Miller can either ignore you or say, “No, thank you.” That’s HER decision.

Let yourself off the hook by being genuine about yourself and your intentions; learning how you can help the prospect; and sharing your concern for their health and wellbeing. No used-car salesman ever did that, right?

The simple truth is, you’ve got to gain the confidence to make the sales calls and get the business. It’s one of the biggest challenges gym owners face. But once they do they are able to immediately level up.


Justin Hanover
Success Coach, Fitness Revolution

Sales Questions Answered: How Many Times Should I Call a Prospect?






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