Save Time with Delegation

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(Last Updated On: September 16, 2020)

What kind of business leader do you want to be?

The kind who insists on doing everything yourself? Or the kind that empowers team members to handle certain tasks based on their ability and rank?

Delegation is the key to establishing a true business, rather than just having a job that requires you to do everything. It’s the process of empowering employees, properly managing them, and refocusing your time on the bigger picture.

The 4-Step Process

But how do you delegate with confidence? We have a four-part process. Here’s a summary of a longer article I wrote last year for our partner PT on the Net.

1. Identify the activities to delegate. These will be either single tasks or ongoing items.

2. Establish who’s responsible and their authority. The tree analogy is helpful in matching employee to task. It has four categories of its own.

  •     First, leaf decisions are day-to-day actions an employee can handle without reporting everything to his or her manager.
  •     Second, branch decisions require reporting but no discussion.
  •     Third, trunk decisions are significant and could harm the tree, so they need to be discussed before any action is taken.
  •     Fourth, root decisions are mission critical and could kill the tree – so these should not be delegated. 

3. Delegation of activities. Make a list of the specific activities you’re delegating and how much authority the individual has for each. Explain everything, ask for the employee to repeat it all back to you, and encourage him or her to ask any questions. You want to be sure you’re both on the same page about expectations.

4. Coaching and accountability. The employee now has taken over the specific activities assigned to him or her, but will need ongoing support, accountability, and coaching to ensure the outcomes from these new tasks and responsibilities are met.

Delegation Is Crucial for Growth

Delegation is an essential management function. It gives the gym owner more room and efficiency to develop the team while also focusing on the vision for the company and the responsibilities that only the owner should be handling.

It can take a while to find your comfort zone with “handing things over.” But that’s a normal part of it, and you’ll get more confident with practice.

Let’s keep talking about this. Schedule your free consultation now with one of our Success Coaches to get a more thorough understanding of the process and to get some guidance on any issues you might be having.

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