How to Set Marketing Goals

Do you think goals are only for your clients?

Think again!

When is the last time you set tangible marketing goals for your business? You must coach yourself through marketing goals the same way you would with your clients…

Start with the end goal and work backwards!

Work with yourself the way you work with clients.

Just like your clients, your goal numbers cannot be arbitrary. They must be calculated and realistic yet motivating.

Let’s create hypothetical situation that a client’s goal is to lose 50 pounds in 6 months. You would probably start by breaking down that goal into monthly goals, 15 pounds per month for starters.

Then you would examine exactly what you must do for your client in the first month to ensure that they are on target for the sixth month. You would create a training plan with weekly workouts plus certain nutritional habit changes.

To break it down even further, you could break down the monthly goal into weekly goals to help your client lose 3 lbs. per week. You would then develop their training program according to those smaller goals you set to be on target to the big goal.

It’s simple!

Apply that exact process to your marketing

If you have a 3-6 month goal to increase your revenue by a certain amount, you have to do the math and set monthly and weekly goals to ensure you hit your big outcome.

Use the skills you developed helping clients set great goals to set (and hit) big marketing goals to grow your business.

Why work backwards?

  • It allows you to set very accurate targets.
    • Working backwards ensures solid numbers and some security rather than the guessing game that comes with working forwards to the goal.
  • You begin to learn and see trends.
    • You can examine your marketing calendar, see what works & what doesn’t and deploy new or proven methods to reach your goals more specifically.
  • You can evaluate your goals.
    • Make otherwise overwhelming goals less difficult by working in increments. It helps you see what is possible so you can craft an amazing marketing plan.

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