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If you visit our office, at some point you’ll probably hear someone say, “a high tide raises all boats.”  There are so many sharp minds in the fitness business, and we are passionate about sharing ideas, strategies, and stories that promote the common good for the industry. So if you like to string words together that “raise the tide” for the fitness business, we’d love to feature your article on our website, but be sure to read the guidelines for how to submit an article.

What we are looking for:

  • Entertaining and unique articles that tackle an issue within the industry. Make sure that you allow your personality to come out in your writing and make it exciting for the reader.
  • While our team will do some light editing of your article please send us your most professionally written piece. Take time (and pride) in submitting a professional article that you would be proud to have thousands of people to see.
  • Please don’t submit extremely antagonistic articles! There is a difference between taking a stance and picking a fight. There is enough arguing going on in our industry and it isn’t doing anyone any good. If you can’t get your point across without bashing some else’s ideas or systems then you may want to rethink your argument.
  • Give us something original! With an overwhelming amount of content online we are looking for unique ideas and solutions to problems we are facing in our industry. However, remember…uniqueness comes in many forms. 😉

Guidelines for Article Submissions

  • 500-1000 word count
  • Text, Word or Google Doc file type accepted
  • Original content— We will not accept articles that have been posted on other sites or blogs, unless previously agreed on with FR Nation
  • Please provide any photos or videos you want to use. (You must own the rights to any graphics used)
  • Provide a 1-5 line author bio and high-resolution headshot of yourself
  • Any outside links in an article must be pre-approved by FR Nation. Any affiliate links requested must indicate FR Nation as the affiliate and not the author of the post. One link in the author’s bio linking to their blog or website is permitted.

Info Needed for Submission

  • Article Title (Note: we may choose to optimize for search engines)
  • Your Full Name
  • Your Company Name or DBA
  • Your website URL or place we can find out more about you
  • Email Address
  • Upload file(s)
    • document file
    • image(s)
  • Checkbox “I own all rights to this photo/video and give Fitness Consulting Group, LLC full permission to use it/them at their discretion on their website.”

Submit an Article

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