Izzy Libman

Izzy Libmann

Hi, I’m Izzy Libmann. Being a part of the FR Nation gives you access to a tremendous amount of resources for trainers, not only on the business side, but also on the training side. They care about all sides of the training equation.

The first LiveCoaching Day I attended was in January of 2014. It was then that everything changed. There, in our meeting room, after digging into what was important to me and what my coaching philosophy was, I decided to move to 2-on-1 coaching. Low an behold, with the coaches’ guidance, I was suddenly pulling some 5-figure months and reached my financial goals at the end of the year, raising my gross revenue by 50% from 2013 to 2014.

…with the coaches’ guidance, I was suddenly pulling some 5-figure months and reached my financial goals at the end of the year, raising my gross revenue by 50% from 2013 to 2014.

Numbers aside, I am learning how IzzyFit can operate smoothly and consistently while staying true to its core values and purpose. I talk to my coach every week to make sure I stay on track and troubleshoot when things don’t as planned.

Hiring someone at the early stages can help prevent you from making costly mistakes. While it’s an investment, it can save you a lot of money in the long run. I started to make my money back within the first few months if not the second month.

The most important aspect of the Accelerator Coaching Program for me, though, is that every coach sees me as a person first and a business owner second. The Fitness Consulting Group has become family I look forward to seeing who treat me and my company with respect, tough love and compassion. My coach is not only someone I trust with my business, but she is also someone I would have a glass of wine with on a Friday night.

Anthony Dix

When we first opened our business I knew I was competent in the training side of things but had no clue what I was doing in business.  I learned quickly how different it was to run your own business compared to training out of a larger gym or facility with a captive audience.

I had no idea how to market and retain clients on my own.  Things in business would ebb and flow, I’d get some clients but not be able to keep them around.  I wasn’t able to sustain my business and see consistent growth.  I spent most my time creating programs and training people, but didn’t know what to do to market or grow.  We were burning through cash.

In that situation I was stressed.  It weighed on me and it carried over into my home life.  Time was being taken away from my 3 young kids and my wife trying to fix the business.

After getting onboard with Fitness Revolution and engaging with the process things turned around quickly.  I was able to be organized and stay on top of my priorities.  Now I kknew how to find and keep clients.  I was enjoying business again, it didn’t feel like a failure.

Now there is less stress both in the business and home.  We’ve almost 5X’ed our revenue and went from 30 clients to over 110.  It’s been fun to go through stages of learning how to be a business owner.

With Fitness Revolution’s help we have a plan to grow, add staff and make things a lot less stressful for them as they come onboard.   At some point you’ll reach the potential of your abilities as a business and you’ll need help to get to the next level. Hiring a coach was the best decision I’ve ever made in my business. 

Greg Almon & Charmayne Chou

Our business was on survival mode!  We had no idea what we were doing in our business, there was no time to figure it out on our own.  The stress of the business was impacting us personally and preofessionally, we were stressed out and frustrated.

It’s been amazing to have a team of experienced professionals in our corner with Fitness Revolution support us.  In the last 5 months we’ve added 35 new clients to our business!

If you want your business to be the best that it can you should seriously consider investing in FR.  We can’t recommend it enough.

Pearla Phillips

With the help of Fitness Revolution, I was able to triple my client base from 34 to 125 clients!

William Savoy

I’ve been a gym owner for 3 years now and most of my success is because of Fitness Revolution.

Before I found FR I was living pay check to pay check, I even remember having to donate plasma to pay my bills.  I had no structure or direction for my business.

Immediately FR was able to give me strcutre with my goals, managing my cash flow and implementing systems.  My stress level dropped immediately.

I went from making $2,000/mo in my business to over $31,000/mo. They gave me a set plan and the resources to make that happen.

They truly care about your success!



Debi Teeple

We were hvaing trouble marketing and growing our business prior to find Fitness Revolution.  We knew that we had something special to offer and our current clients were getting great results, but we did a poor job or presenting our brand.  It was incredibly frustrating. 

Fitness Revolution has helped us perfect our brand messaging and helped us focus our marketing efforts. They’ve also revamped our pricing structure to help with business growth.  Now we are seeing steady growth in the business. 

There’s still a lot to work but it’s nice to know that we have someone in our corner with experience.  


Jared Markiewicz

Since joining a coaching group, I added a full time assistant coach who has been groomed to run the gym at a very high level when I am away. I have the peace of mind that everything is running smoothly when I know he is there. We also have a part-time Administrative Assistant that has helped us stay on top of back office paperwork and improved our client experience. None of this would have been possible without the coaching that came from the Accelerator Coaching Program.

I have the peace of mind that everything is running smoothly, when I am away.

Obviously as client experience improves so does revenue and new clientele. Our monthly numbers jumped by 25% the first and second month after joining Accelerator and we are on pace this month to have our best month yet, despite it being the middle of summer!

Great coaches and like-minded fitness business owners make the accelerator such an obvious decision. When you are able to bounce ideas off of other owners who may be in similar situations as yourself or have already experienced your issue, things simply. You can make decisions that are based off of successes others have had and more importantly, avoid mistakes others have made.

Filipe Cotas

The coaching and FR Program helped me to sell out my first transformation challenge of 2018 with 34 new members in a matter of days!  My Success Coach has only one thing in mind and that is your success!  A complete game changer and a great start to 2018!

Joe Rouse

Before FR I didn’t know what do in my business or when to do it for future growth.  I wasn’t building my business like a business.   Without knowing what goals were important in my business I had trouble understanding what to focus on.

Business would spill over into my personal and family life.  Now that I have tools and structure I can leave business at the gym and it doesn’t have to come home with me at night.

Since working with FR I doubled my business in the first few months.  That allowed me to leave my job and go full time into my business.

I love what I do now!  I have a blast going to work every day, working with my team and wihtout the tools I get from FR I’m sure I wouldn’t feel that way.

Mark Greenwood

I owned a business but didn’t know how to run a business.  I literally had a second fulltime job working with clients, just kinda going through the motion…wheels spinning but not getting traction.  I was constantly busy but not productive.

There was a lot going on and was doing a lot of different things I thought were right.  Finding FR changed my view of what it takes to run a business and getting the fundamentals in place.

Not being able to grow or achieve the goals I set for myself left me frustrated.  I never felt like I made progress to leaving my fulltime job to focus on my business.

It’s hard to describe what the coaching and Live Coaching Meetings will do for your business. Since working with FR I’ve now acheived the goal of leaving my fulltime job, opened a new facility and now am focused on more steady growth.


Danny Mullen

Even after 10 years in the fitness industry I struggled to have the confidence to take the next step and becomea  business owner.  After working with Fitness Revolution I realized that there are a ton of people out there like me and dealing with the same cahllenges.

They made it easier and simplier to find the approach and systems to put in play to become a business owner.  One of my jobs as a trainer is to support and hold my clients accountable to grow each day.  That’s exactly what FR does for me.

Fitness Revolution does that for me as a business owner.  They keep me accountable and support me to take the next step with my business and vision.  Life is much easier and things are more efficient.   Now I can spend more time with my family and not worry as much about the business because I have things in place to help me along in the process.

Scott Skinner

Fitness Revolution gave me one idea that helped me add $60,000 to my business in just over 6 weeks. I’ve also grown by 19% and am on my way to opening my second facility.

Jason Yun

Before Fitness Revolution I was chasing shiny objects and had no system to organize my time effectively.  That left me feeling stressed due to a lack of time. I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

The FR program helped me focus on the stuff that’s actually going to drive my business forward.  Since joining their program my confidence in sales and marketing has increased allowing me to grow my business.

Zach Byler

I felt like I was on an island.  I didn’t have a team to talk to or people to discuss the issues I was dealing with in my business.   I wasn’t able to figure out what questions to ask or how to move forward with a purpose.

Fitness Revolution is able to create shortcuts for me and propel my business forward.  They can tell you exactly what systems to put in place at the right time.

It’s motivating to have a support system of the Success Coaches and peer to help me stay on point.

Mitch Rothbardt

I got a product that was being offered by Fitness Revolution and it came with a 1 hour coaching call. I was expecting it to be a thinly-veiled sales pitch for more of their products, but instead I got bonafide business advice that seriously fixed a major business issue I had been having.

I got bonafide business advice that seriously fixed a major business issue I had been having.

Since joining FR, my business has gone up yet again; this time by about 30%,” he reveals. What FR does, through its Success System, is help with the little things that before I had been doing through inefficient trial and error.

Craig Shinkarik

One awesome perk of the the Coaching Program is the access to the products and videos available.  Some of the videos alone have been worth the investment alone and have helped me organize offerings more efficiently.  I have learned things that I would have never thought of on my own and my clients are much happier as a result!  Being a stay at home dad, I need to be as efficient as possible when it comes to marketing my programs and coming up with new offerings and the round the clock access to the material on the website helps me with that.

I think that any and every fitness business owner would benefit from being a part of the group.  Our clients need us as coaches to help achieve their goals faster and more efficiently, and we as business owners need coaches as well!

Some of the videos alone have been worth the investment alone and have helped me organize offerings more efficiently.

John Lark

Since joining the Accelerator Coaching Program we have witnessed a meteoric rise in client numbers by focusing on the basics, jumping from 64 to 160 in 12 months. One phone call with my Success Coach will result in an extra $60K to our bottom line by year end. That is some return on our investment!

One phone call with my Success Coach will result in an extra $60K to our bottom line by year end.

This is for businesses who are not looking for the magic bullet but instead know the truth to success is ‘turning up’ day in day out and keeping the bigger picture in mind. Join it. It will be best money you invest in your business. It will help maintain clarity, determination and a positive attitude.


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Brad Leshinske

As a strength and conditioning coach for 10 years and having worked with over 5,000 athletes and adults Vertex Transformation Systems is one of the most comprehensive systems I have ran across. FR has done an excellent job setting you up for success; from the power points to the actual programs they are top notch and work. I have already started implementing them with my team and my clients with great success. The addition of the nutrition resources alone has helped my clients eat better and track their eating habits better and finally unlock the results they have earned. I recommend this product to any coach or trainer looking to run contests, a better program and getting the best results for their clients. Thanks FR for this great product.

Jon Rimmer

I joined the Accelerator Coaching Program after successfully using the 52-week mentorship program. The return on investment from the mentorship program was off the charts, but I felt if I could have more dialed in personal attention specific to me and my business the success would grow exponentially. I’ve only been a member for four months but in that time I’ve been up 4 months in a row both in regards to gross revenue and memberships. There’s a possibility that July may be five in a row. Considering I just recently switched locations (i.e., I have not been able to do ANY marketing or business related tasks as all my time has been spent on the logistics of the move and training) and keeping current members happy through the switch, this would be an amazing statistic.

I’ve been up 4 months in a row both in regards to gross revenue and memberships… Being able to get a strategy for my facility is priceless.

The best part about the Accelerator Coaching Program is the personal attention and advice you receive specific to your situation. As someone who has read and tried just about everything in the business I learned that quite often that ideas didn’t work not because they were bad ideas, but because they would be more effective in other businesses. For example what may work for a facility with large groups/boot camps may not work for me. What works for me may not be the best option for a facility that primarily trains kids, etc. Being able to get a coaching call, or send an email, or post something on the group page that will get me a strategy for my facility and situation specifically is priceless.

Jon Rimmer