WTF!?! What’s the point of all this?!?!!?

I’m sure you’ve thought, or maybe yelled, something like this after something incredibly frustrating happened in your gym. Maybe a client was late. Maybe you had to explain the same exercise to someone for what felt like the 376th time...

Online Training in 4 Simple Steps: Part Two

In this post, we’ll finish our 2-part series on starting a Money-Making online Hybrid Training Program in 4 Easy Steps.  During the chaos of the pandemic, gym owners had to make it work.  You had to figure it out fast or your business...

The First Step in Fixing Your Gym’s Marketing

“Do you know who I am?” That’s not just something a movie star says when they get pulled over after a late-night drinking binge… That’s what your ideal client thinks every time they see one of your marketing...

The 2 Systems Every Business Needs And How To Make Them Work For You

Are you feeling stuck in your business? Stressed… Frustrated… Burnt out… I talk with gym owners all-day every-day and I hear it a ton. You don’t know what you don’t know, and you don’t know where to start. You hear the way to fix this is...

What does Leadership mean? (Video)

Leadership takes many forms, but without it, your business will fall apart like an overstuffed trash bag you’re desperately trying to get into the bin before it bursts. YOU DON’T WANT YOUR BUSINESS ALL OVER THE D##N PARKING LOT, DO...

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Forget “Selling”. This is what REALLY matters…

Numbers. What’s your revenue? How many leads did you get? What’s your closing percentage? What’s your marketing budget? What’s the cost-per-click? Numbers. Know your numbers. It’s so easy to get caught up isn’t it? It’s so easy to think of...

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How To Sell More Personal Training With 4 Mindset Shifts

Are Your Beliefs Keeping You From Selling More Personal Training? Many of the biggest obstacles that keep salespeople and business owners from finding success, especially in fitness, lie right between their ears… If you’re...

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Grow Your Personal Training Business With Gratitude

It’s easy to get caught up thinking you’re not doing enough to grow your business or that EVERYONE else is having success but you. That mindset is toxic to you! As a business owner it’s important to be able to optimistically...

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5 Ways to Get Control of Your Business

It is easy for business owners to feel like their business is running them, rather than the other way around. If you want to ever have a fitness business that allows you to also take time away from work, then you’ll want to make sure you...

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How To Create Breakthrough Business Moments

In your business there will be certain moments where you are able to make incredible progress.  Solutions will come to you easily and you’ll seem to have created insane momentum for yourself. What if you could predict, or better yet have control...

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How to Create an Automated Marketing Funnel

In this interview CJ Easter, owner of Performance Science Training Institute and co-creator of the 48-Hour Funnel Formula covers: A systematic approach to growing a business that adds a little science to the art of marketing Exactly how he...

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Creating Your 90-Day Plan For Explosive Growth

The most successful fitness business owners have discovered the secret of managing the business (and therefore their time). What is it?

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How to Build a Powerful Referral Network

Building a Powerful Referral Network Many fitness businesses leverage the power of referrals from their current clients, but they miss out on a huge opportunity to develop a referral network to help them add more clients, and more money to their...

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Your Buyer’s Journey

In order to stand out from the crowd, you have to strategically market your fitness business. That starts with defining your buyer’s journey and understanding what they need from you at each stage.

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Seeing Into The Future Of Your Fitness Business

Having a long-term vision in place is a must-have for fitness business owners. Do you have yours?

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Fitness Referrals Made Easy

Customer referrals are crucial to most fitness businesses. They not only help you bring in more customers, but can also increase your client retention over time. So what are a few ways to get more referrals?

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3 Costly Mistakes On Your Fitness Website

60% of your leads are making buying decisions before ever interacting with you. So what do you need to know about making the best first impression on your fitness website?

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What to Do When Hard Work Stops Working

Most fitness business owners believe hard work trumps all. But most don’t know what to do when hard work stops working. Watch this free video to learn.

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To Lease or Not to Lease? 5 Questions to Ask First

What questions do you need to ask before signing a lease for your fitness business? What things do you need to consider in advance?

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A Simple Fitness Sales Funnel

Getting your content in front of leads is easier than ever. But when you do, what do you need to consider? This article outlines the 5 steps to create a fitness sales funnel.

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How to Use Testimonials like a Rockstar

Testimonials are a sure-fire way to build confidence in your brand and get new clients. But once you get them, what are some creative ways to use them?

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Fitness Business Growth Plan: A Simple Way to Create Momentum

If you’re ready to create a plan that will set you up for some serious growth in your fitness business  watch the video below. In this video we’ll cover: The 5 Alignment Principles that you MUST have in your business to have freedom...

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Fitness Business Alignment System™: The Proof Is in the Results (Part 3)

In order to succeed in any endeavor, you have to understand where you should focus your time, energy, and money. This article outlines how to determine what your focus should be as a high-performing fitness business owner.

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Fitness Business Alignment System™: The Proof Is In The Results (Part 4)

This is a four-part blog series showing you how our Success Coaches have implemented pieces of the Fitness Business Alignment System into members of our Coaching Programs businesses. We aren’t just talking the talk! Part 1: Assessing Your...

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Fitness Business Alignment System™: The Proof is in the Results (Part 2)

This is a four-part blog series showing you how our Success Coaches have implemented pieces of the Fitness Business Alignment System into the businesses of some members of our Coaching Programs. We aren’t just talking the talk! Part 1: Assessing...

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How to Build a Productive Team: Create a Unifying Purpose

How do you take your business productivity from good to great? In this article we look at how having purpose and vision impacts your productivity.

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The Cost of Core Values

Inevitably, there are trade-offs fitness business owners have to make in building a successful business. This article takes a look at the costs associated with core values.

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How to Build a Productive Team: Establish a Common Language

Establishing a common language is vital to any team. Between tone, meaning and intention—there are lots of ways that communication can get muddled. Learn why having a common language will help your team communicate more effectively and become...

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How to Create a Time Management System for Maximal Productivity

The 4-Step Time Management System  By Pamela MacElree, Success Coach I get it: We’re all busy. There never seems to be enough time in the day. Too many things pop up that need to get done.  You have to get certain day-to-day items done. However,...

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Close Every Sale by Tailoring Your Tactics

Do you have a one-size fits all approach to closing new clients? In this article, Nathan Miller discusses how DiSC profiles can help you tailor your sales tactics to close more sales (and get more clients!).

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3 Benefits of Strategic Planning for Fitness Businesses

As a fitness professional, you already know the importance of strategy when it comes to a fitness program. How much more important is it to also have a strategy for your business? Learn 3 benefits to having a strategic plan in place.

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7 Fitness Marketing Mistakes That Are Costing You

The fitness marketing landscape has changed significantly over the past 5-10 years. This article covers 7 Fitness Marketing Mistakes that Fit Pros make and offers a solution to help you get on the right track and generate qualified leads for your...

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Fitness Business Issues: Turning Problems Into Opportunities

One thing you can guarantee when running a fitness business is running into issues. The question is how are you going to handle those issues? In this article Ryan equips you with 5 steps to turn your issues into opportunities.

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Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working (And How To Make It Better!)

“I don’t have enough clients…” It’s the #1 problem most trainers mention when I speak with them. (There are usually a few others below the surface!) So, how do you fix it? Getting clients means you need more leads, which means that you need...

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5 Challenges You’ll Face in the Fitness Business

Wouldn’t you rather learn from other’s mistakes rather than make them on your own? In this article we look at 5 Challenges you’ll face in the fitness business. For each challenge we’ll shed some light into the issue and...

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4 Critical Aspects of Your Fitness Business System

There is a lot of messaging out there about what you need to do to succeed. So what are the critical aspects of your Fitness Business System?

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Defining the Core Offer for your Fitness Business

Defining your Core Offer is the foundation for creating your local marketing and sales plan. Learn what to consider when finding “the one.”

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Double the Number of Leads You Turn into Clients

Here are a few quick tips to help you amplify your marketing strategies by bringing back personal communication with your leads.

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7 Signs of a High Performer

Inside of every high performing business there’s a high-performing owner. For you to get the most out of this article I need to tell you something: Ryan and I have been posting about the Fitness Business Alignment System™ and the role it can play...

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How to Create Alignment in Your Business

Fitness Business Alignment System™: The Proof is in the Results (Part 1)  This is a 4-part series  showing you how our Success Coaches have implemented pieces of the Fitness Business Alignment System (FBAS) into the businesses of some members of...

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Grow Your Fitness Business through Culture and Community

Community is an important part of any gym atmosphere. Having a great culture can drive referrals and word-of-mouth marketing. So how do you create a good culture & community?

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3 Simple (not easy) Steps to Growing your Fitness Business

Running a fitness business is challenging! There’s no getting around it. Running any business is challenging, so why would fitness be any different? However, the same way your clients want instant results, many fitness business owners expect that...

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5 Success Principles for Fitness Businesses [Video]

What are the 5 Success Principles for Fitness Professionals? Everywhere we turn, people are looking for a quick fix for something—Lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks. Boost your credit score now. Get rich, quick. Blah Blah Blah. But as a fitness...