All Problems are Leadership Problems – Part 2

Do you ever think about your limitations? Do you think there are important aspects of your business you’ll just NEVER be good at? Selling…Marketing…something else… You’re just hopeless there, right?  I talk to gym owners all the time who are convinced that there’s some crucial aspect of their business they’ll just never get…until they do, and their business...

All Problems are Leadership Problems – Part 1

What does being a good leader mean to you?   What does it ‘look’ like? How clearly do you see your role as THE leader for your business? Clear enough to work on it every day, just as you work on programming for your clients or marketing? Most gym owners don’t have that level of clarity.  They may think they do, but when we get them to think deeper on the subject, they realize there’s...

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5 Traits Of A Successful Personal Training Business Owner

Are you a fitness business pro?  Someone that takes running your business as seriously as you do getting great results for your clients.  Life as a personal training business owner can be hard, but when you develop these 5 traits success comes a lot easier. You put a lot of effort into developing your training and coaching skills.  How much effort are you putting into being a great...

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Becoming A Leader In Your Fitness Business

Look up the definition of leadership and it’s pretty boring… It’s literally “the action of leading a group of people or an organization”.   Helpful, right? I found that a better picture of leadership was painted by looking through quotes… “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things” – Peter Drucker...

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High Performance Mindset For Fitness Business Owners: Journaling

Success starts with the right mindset. Many fitness business owners struggle to overcome their own self doubt and negative self talk. In this short video Ryan shares a simple method for shifting your mindset and becoming the High Performing Fitness Business Owner you are supposed to be. Need Help In Your Fitness Business? Growing and running a successful fitness business is too tough to do it...

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A Time Management Tool For Fitness Business Owners

Eliminate Your “To-Do” List and Get More Stuff That Matters Done As a business owner the amount of “stuff” that ends up on your plate is overwhelming.  This is especially true if you’re having some success, growing your business and have yet to really build up a solid team. You end up in this success trap.  And then…overwhelm, anxiety, stress, burnout start to set in. It sucks!  I’ve...

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How To Go From Technician To Business Owner

From Technician to Manager to Business Owner If you’ve read the cook the Emyth by Michael Gerber you may be familiar with these stages of a small business, more specifically the roles that the business owner goes through. As running a fitness business, continues to grow and evolve you’re going to see it transform and adapt. The flood of new fitness studios, bootcamps, cross training facilities...

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How to Become A Rock Star Fitness Business Owner

You didn’t set out to run a business that was mediocre, the same way you don’t aspire to be a decent trainer. As a high-performer you want to run the best business possible and be recognized as the top training business in your community. Here’s how to do it…

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What is Business Coaching and Do You Need It?

Just like your clients need a coach to help them get from where they are now physically to their end goals, you can use a business coach to help you get to where you want to go (and further). In this article you’ll learn what a business coach should provide you with and how to determine if you need one.

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5 Signs You’re Ready to Focus on Growth

You want to grow your business, but what if you’re just not ready? How do you know when it’s the right time and what to do? This article will explain how to assess your current business and yourself as a business owner to determine if investing in your growth is a good idea.

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5 Signs You Need More Structure in Your Fitness Business

Running your business can seem chaotic and crazy! You want to maintain your freedom but right now you can’t seem to get ahead of all the fires you have to put out and challenges you’re dealing with on a daily basis. If you have a feeling you need more structure in your Personal Training Business, read this article to find out if any of these 5 signs are present.