The First Step in Fixing Your Gym’s Marketing

“Do you know who I am?” That’s not just something a movie star says when they get pulled over after a late-night drinking binge… That’s what your ideal client thinks every time they see one of your marketing...

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How to Create an Automated Marketing Funnel

In this interview CJ Easter, owner of Performance Science Training Institute and co-creator of the 48-Hour Funnel Formula covers: A systematic approach to growing a business that adds a little science to the art of marketing Exactly how he...

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Your Buyer’s Journey

In order to stand out from the crowd, you have to strategically market your fitness business. That starts with defining your buyer’s journey and understanding what they need from you at each stage.

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3 Costly Mistakes On Your Fitness Website

60% of your leads are making buying decisions before ever interacting with you. So what do you need to know about making the best first impression on your fitness website?

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A Simple Fitness Sales Funnel

Getting your content in front of leads is easier than ever. But when you do, what do you need to consider? This article outlines the 5 steps to create a fitness sales funnel.

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How to Use Testimonials like a Rockstar

Testimonials are a sure-fire way to build confidence in your brand and get new clients. But once you get them, what are some creative ways to use them?

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The Cost of Core Values

Inevitably, there are trade-offs fitness business owners have to make in building a successful business. This article takes a look at the costs associated with core values.

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Close Every Sale by Tailoring Your Tactics

Do you have a one-size fits all approach to closing new clients? In this article, Nathan Miller discusses how DiSC profiles can help you tailor your sales tactics to close more sales (and get more clients!).

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Defining the Core Offer for your Fitness Business

Defining your Core Offer is the foundation for creating your local marketing and sales plan. Learn what to consider when finding “the one.”

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Double the Number of Leads You Turn into Clients

Here are a few quick tips to help you amplify your marketing strategies by bringing back personal communication with your leads.