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High Performance Mindset For Fitness Business Owners: Journaling

Success starts with the right mindset. Many fitness business owners struggle to overcome their own self doubt and negative self talk. In this short video Ryan shares a simple method for shifting your mindset and becoming the High Performing Fitness Business Owner you are supposed to be. Need Help In Your Fitness Business? Growing and running a successful fitness business is too tough to do it...

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Assessing Your Fitness Business

Performance of a fitness business can be a challenge to measure. But ultimately there are 5 things all fitness business owners need to look at to assess their performance.

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To Lease or Not to Lease? 5 Questions to Ask First

What questions do you need to ask before signing a lease for your fitness business? What things do you need to consider in advance?

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Fitness Business Alignment System™: The Proof is in the Results (Part 2)

This is a four-part blog series showing you how our Success Coaches have implemented pieces of the Fitness Business Alignment System into the businesses of some members of our Coaching Programs. We aren’t just talking the talk! Part 1: Assessing Your Starting Point: How to Create Alignment in Your Business Part 2: Tracking Your Metrics: Key Performance Indicators for Fitness Business Success...

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How to Build a Productive Team: Create a Unifying Purpose

How do you take your business productivity from good to great? In this article we look at how having purpose and vision impacts your productivity.

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The Cost of Core Values

Inevitably, there are trade-offs fitness business owners have to make in building a successful business. This article takes a look at the costs associated with core values.

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How to Use General Vs Specific Exercises in Your Program Design

by Nick Tumminello Research on a kinetic and electromyographic comparison of the standing single-arm cable press and bench press showed that performance is limited by the activation and neuromuscular coordination of torso muscles, not maximal muscle activation of the chest and shoulder muscles (4). In other words, like the bench press, standing single-arm cable press performance also relies on...

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How to Build a Productive Team: Establish a Common Language

Establishing a common language is vital to any team. Between tone, meaning and intention—there are lots of ways that communication can get muddled. Learn why having a common language will help your team communicate more effectively and become more productive.

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How to Create a Time Management System for Maximal Productivity

The 4-Step Time Management System  By Pamela MacElree, Success Coach I get it: We’re all busy. There never seems to be enough time in the day. Too many things pop up that need to get done.  You have to get certain day-to-day items done. However, you’d like a life at the same time.  😉 How can you possibly get it all done? How many of those questions and thoughts about time management and being...

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3 Benefits of Strategic Planning for Fitness Businesses

As a fitness professional, you already know the importance of strategy when it comes to a fitness program. How much more important is it to also have a strategy for your business? Learn 3 benefits to having a strategic plan in place.

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How To Create Great Fitness Testimonials for Your Business

Testimonials are critical to generate new leads for your fitness business. But how do you get them to say what you want (and need) them to say?

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How Using Supersets Accelerates Results

Supersets are a widely used method of increasing density of a workout and ramping up metabolic demand. This article tells you what you need to know and provides some superset examples.

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4 Critical Aspects of Your Fitness Business System

There is a lot of messaging out there about what you need to do to succeed. So what are the critical aspects of your Fitness Business System?

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Double the Number of Leads You Turn into Clients

Here are a few quick tips to help you amplify your marketing strategies by bringing back personal communication with your leads.

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3 Questions to Make Program Design Easier

Program design seems like a lost art, yet it can be the difference maker for your client’s results. This article equips you with the right questions to make sure your programming continues to meet the needs of your clients.

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Fitness Combine 2.0

Read the evolution of Ryan Ketchum’s combine testing system and cover the Fitness Combine 2.0 concept.

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Group Training Program Design

What are the variables that go into a great group training program? What are the questions you need to ask when creating your group training program and what can you expect from your clients?

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Fat Loss Specific Training Programs: Your Simple Guide to Fat Loss for Clients

Are you looking for a sure-fire way to help your clients change their bodies? Here are some quick tips and fat-loss specific training resources.

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Mobility Drills for Low Back Pain [Video]

Do you or your clients face low back pain? Here is a quick video where we demonstrate 3 Mobility Drills for Low Back Pain. These exercises will help relieve LBP and increase hip mobility. Product Used in the Video: High Quality Resistance Bands ( Check Out 4 Core Training Myths Debunked

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Single Leg Locomotion & Combo Exercises [Video]

Adding a bit of movement and variety to your single-leg training can reap big rewards. Check out these easy-to-learn Single Leg Locomotion & Combo exercises. Take your single-leg training to the next level. Grab the Ultimate Single Leg Metabolic Training Complex Training Video by Coach Nick Tumminello, and turn your clients into fat-burning...

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Best Ways to Teach your Clients [Video]

As a personal trainer, we are always trying to get results (and get them quickly). But how do we make sure that we master the basics of the best ways to teach your personal training clients?

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5 Success Principles for Fitness Businesses [Video]

What are the 5 Success Principles for Fitness Professionals? Everywhere we turn, people are looking for a quick fix for something—Lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks. Boost your credit score now. Get rich, quick. Blah Blah Blah. But as a fitness professional, you know that the “quick-fix” options are rarely things that actually drive success for us (or for our clients). More often,...

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4 Core Training Myths Debunked

This guest article by Nick Tumminello debunks 4 common core training myths for you, so you don’t squander your time believing them, and gives you the real facts so you can make the most of your exercise efforts.