The Beginners Guide to Email Marketing for Fitness Businesses

  Everyone tells you that social media, content marketing, and paid advertising are the most important channels to develop for your digital marketing efforts. They are very powerful tools to broadcast your brand and bring you new leads and...

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Personal Trainer Email Marketing Plan

Email marketing is an underutilized marketing tool for personal trainers. If you’ve put off starting your email newsletter or don’t feel like you’re getting the most out of your email marketing watch this short video for a few tips on setting up,...

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Top 3 Marketing Campaigns To Attract More Clients

Marketing is a requirement if you want to your business to be a success.  I simply can’t sit here and tell you that you just have to be great at what you do and clients will come flocking to your gym.   You have to work to attract them....

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How To Create An Email Marketing Plan For Your Fitness Business

Imagine having the power to hit the “Send” button and get in front of hundreds, maybe even thousands of leads.   That’s what email marketing does for you! You don’t have to be using email now in your business or currently...

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26 Tips For Using Your Email Newsletter To Get More Clients

For personal trainers and fitness business owners email marketing is a powerful tool to get more clients and grow your business. Here are 26 tips to help you use it effectively.

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The Best Time-Saving Marketing Approach

Discover the #1 time-saving marketing approach that you can use to grow your business. Not only will this approach help you get more clients, but it will make all of your marketing more effective. It’s easy to get started using today.

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Create An Email Marketing Plan

Are you overwhelmed with figuring out exactly how to create a plan to effectively use email marketing? If so, read this article and learn the simple strategies you can use immediately to grow your business without requiring you to spend all your...

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How To Build Your Email List

Email marketing is one of the best ways to leverage your time and grow your fitness business. Anyone that tells you email marketing is dead is WRONG! You simple need to know how to grow and use your email list the right way. In this article...