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Why Your Fitness Business Is Stuck & What To Do About It

Many fitness business owners end up stuck. There’s a common cause of ‘getting stuck’ at all levels and a simple way to ‘get unstuck. I’ll explain in the video…

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Top Fitness Business Content of 2018

There’s a log of information out there telling you how to run and grow your fitness business. We put out at least one new blog post and video per week covering a variety of topics from marketing and sales to time managment and hiring.

Here are the top blog posts, videos and free resources from 2018…

Top Fitness Business Blog Posts 2018

With over 270,000 views here are the most read blog posts from 2018!

13 Questions To Ask In Every Personal Training Sales Consultation

The Fitness Pros Ultimate Guide To Maximizing Productivity & Achieving Your Biggest Goals The

How to Use Social Media for Your Personal Training Business

The Fitness Pro’s Guide For Business Success

How To Build Systems To Automate Your Fitness Business

How To Build Systems To Automate Your Fitness Business

Top Fitness Business Videos 2018

With over 41,000 total minutes of video watched from our YouTube channel here are teh top videos from 2018…

Top Fitness Business Free Resource 2018

Killer Testimonial Cheatsheet

Killer Testimonial Cheatsheet

How To Create Your Fitness Business Marketing Plan

How To Create Your Fitness Business Marketing Plan

Surefire Closing Scripts

Surefire Closing Scripts

Fitness Business Marketing Calendar

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4 Reasons High Performers ‘ABM’

High performing fitness business owners ‘always be marketing’, even when it’s hard, because it’s a necessary behavior for their success.

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How To Grow Your Fitness Business

How do you consistently and constantly grow your fitness business? You develop skills that allow you to generate more revenue and create a following. 

Once you understand how to attract leads, convert those leads to clients and become a leader you will have the keys to success. Not only will you be able to control your growth but you can inspire others to help you accomplish your mission.

Looking for help to grow your fitness business?

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What If You Hate Marketing?

You need a fitness marketing plan if you want to build your client list and generate more sales for your business. But, many fitness pros hate marketing…

So, what’s the answer?

Check out this short video to find out, and if you’re up to it take my 30-day challenge!

Need Help Building Your Marketing Plan?

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Building Your Credibility & Getting More Clients With Local Media

We’ve all seen those “As Featured In…” lists on the websites of experts. Why do they put them on there? Who the heck cares?

It’s all for credibility and positioning. Letting your target market know that you’ve been featured in a magazine, newspaper, online information site or other media channel automatically gives you expert status in the mind of your visitors.  

Listing top media outlets on your website and marketing materials is a great status boost. Don’t miss the opportunity to leverage your local media outlets to improve your marketing and get more clients.   

There are a lot benefits to staying local when it comes to Public Relations or PR. First, it’s often easier to get opportunities in your local market than it is to chase national or international media. Second, there’s a good chance your target market will recognize you and search you out when seeing you on local media. Finally, it can serve as a stepping stone to get bigger opportunities later on.

How Do You Get Media Attention?

Networking your way onto to TV, radio, podcasts or in print media is the easiest way to get your foot in the door. Leveraging those you already know to make introductions to the hosts, individuals who work for the media or simply finding ways to get in the same room as these media personalities or decision makers can set you apart.

But, you need to have a story that is worth talking about! Too many business owners send out press releases or pitch stories that serve better as commercials or promotions than actual newsworthy content. These media outlets are looking for stories that appeal to their target viewer. You need to be able to deliver something worth airing or printing.

Here are some tips to create a great story pitch:

  • Have real news to share. Don’t think everything needs to be “Breaking News” material but don’t solely rely on pitching your upcoming challenge. If you’ve read some new research or helped someone with a new concept or method for delivering results share it with your network.
  • Be the first to the party. If you’re business is the first to integrate something new that helps people get results and you think it’s newsworthy make sure to share it. People love innovative companies and their ideas.
  • Play off trends and hot topics. If there is a national or world wide trend that you are noticing popping up in media offer your help to provide a local perspective on the topic. Be available to provide content and you’ll get more publicity.
  • Post people stories. Success stories, new hires, recognition gained, etc are all great chances to share success stories about people in the community with the media. It may not get picked up for the headline on the 6pm news but it will make the local business section.

Build Your PR Calendar

If you’re going to use PR as a way to get new leads you need a plan. Simply hoping you’ll remember to send out press releases or network with media won’t deliver results. You’re going to need to be persistent and consistent with your marketing via this channel.

Using a marketing calendar will help and aligning this with the Triple A Marketing Method will give you a great chance for success.   

Here’s how to tie your PR Calendar into your marketing calendar:

  • Create 3-4 media themes for the year that relate to your Ideal Client
  • Create a list of 10-12 small interesting marketing related themes for ongoing press releases
  • Add in the media themes and press releases to your marketing calendar as a “promotion”
  • Create a template for your one-page press releases to use
  • Connect with your media network monthly by sending them your pitch or press release

Maximize Your PR Plan

The above PR calendar will help you stay top of mind with the media and give you a great shot at getting published or featured. However, if you want to maximize your success make sure you build relationships with your local media.

The first step is following up individually with the members of your network in the media. Start by following up monthly with them to check in and even congratulating them on a successful story. You can set up Google Alerts for articles or published content created by them or follow them and the media outlets on social media.

Once you get a feature or a little PR love from your network make sure to send them a hand written thank you note. This will go a long way in standing out and them remembering you the next time a fitness, nutrition or health story rolls across their desk.  

Share their content and amplify their reach with your social media. Comment on their posts, share their content, and make sure you are seen interacting with them when it doesn’t involve promoting you or your business.   

Want Help Building A Plan To Grow Your Business?

Schedule complimentary 60-Minute Discovery Call with an expert on the Fitness Revolution Team to help you find a solution to your growth challenges. On this call, you’ll be able to uncover the obstacles holding you back from reaching your goals and put a plan in place to overcome them. It’s time to end the guesswork and frustration so that you finally create the income and business you want.

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How to Build A Marketing Calendar For Your Fitness Business

Would you like to increase your sales and get more clients for your fitness business? If so, then a marketing calendar for your fitness business is a MUST HAVE!  

Consider your marketing calendar the program design template for the growth of your business. It’s the exercises, sets, and reps that are required to increase your revenue and attract more clients.  

Instead of randomly marketing try building a fitness business marketing calendar using the tips in this video…

Get Your FREE Marketing Calendar Template

Get Instant Access

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Where Should You Market Your Personal Training Services?

“Where should I market to get more personal training clients?” This question stumps many fitness business owners, but there’s a simple answer that will help you grow your business.

Want Help Creating A Marketing Plan To Grow?

Schedule complimentary 60-Minute Discovery Call with an expert on the Fitness Revolution Team to help you find a solution to your growth challenges. On this call, you’ll be able to uncover the obstacles holding you back from reaching your goals and put a plan in place to overcome them. It’s time to end the guess work and frustration so that you finally create the income and business you want.

Schedule Your Call Now

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How to Create Content That Grows Your Personal Training Business

With the growth of social media, video marketing and content marketing its critical that you have a great message to attract clients. Here is a simple formula to help you figure out the content you need to grow your personal training business.

Want Help Creating A Marketing Plan To Grow?

Schedule complimentary 60-Minute Discovery Call with an expert on the Fitness Revolution Team to help you find a solution to your growth challenges.  On this call, you’ll be able to uncover the obstacles holding you back from reaching your goals and put a plan in place to overcome them. It’s time to end the guesswork and frustration so that you finally create the income and business you want.

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How to Expand Your Marketing To Increase Personal Training Sales

Do you know what it would take to double the sales in your fitness business? To increase personal training sales to the point where you have to hire more staff, expand your facility and transform into the fitness business owner you’ve been working so hard to become.  

An increase in your personal training sales comes from focusing on the top of your sales pipeline. Let me show you how to get attention and be everywhere in your local market in today’s video…

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Your Fitness Business Growth Formula

Discover how to create a formula for your fitness business growth AND save time doing it. This formula has been used with hundreds of fitness businesses, studios, and gyms.

There’s Still Time…

The Elite Fitness & Performance Summit is only event designed specifically to help fitness business owners get to the next level in their business and life. When you attend you’ll transform from fitness pro to Business Pro by learning the skills and strategies needed to level up. The event is nearly sold out, but there are a few tickets left. Grab yours today…

Book Your Ticket Now

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How to Improve Your Fitness Marketing With Two Simple Rules

Make your marketing more effective by applying these two simple rules. Most business owners are breaking at least one of this in their blog posts, emails, social media posts and even on their website.   

Fitness marketing success comes down to being able to deliver a message to the right audience at the right time. You have to motivate people to take action and change their lives. Watch the video below to learn how to do that more effectively following just two rules.

Develop A Marketing Plan For Your Business…

If you’d like to talk to a member of the FR Team to get some help creating a plan that will bring you more clients and create more revenue schedule a complimentary call with us today…

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you



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How to Market Your Fitness Business

Do you know why your clients REALLY invest in your services?

Here’s a hint…

They aren’t buying sessions or even great training. They are buying results. The outcome that you deliver is what will attract more leads and clients to your business. It’s also what will help you charge what you’re worth and eliminate a lot of the price objections you get from leads.

Marketing the outcome you deliver and the problems that you solve for your potential clients allows you to grab their attention. You can speak directly to their needs and desires. Once you have their attention marketing your credentials, how you deliver your programs and all the bells and whistles of your business becomes a lot easier (and more effective)!

What you are marketing is an offer, one that allows your potential client to achieve their goals. Creating marketable offers, both Front End Offers and Core Offers, for your business could be the game changer that you’ve been seeking.

Here are 7 questions to help you nail down the marketability of your programs:

  1. What specific result can you promise and deliver to clients?
  2. What time frame can you deliver those results in?
  3. What challenge, obstacles or pain can you help them avoid (that are important to them)?
  4. What is that important to them?
  5. What are the top 5 benefits of someone will get from working with you?
  6. Is the result you’re promising and the time frame appealing for your target market?
  7. Does it stand out from your competitors claims and offers?

If you highlight the answers to these questions in your marketing you’ll start to attract more (and better) clients!

Need Help Getting More Clients?

Schedule a complimentary 60-Minute Discovery Call with an expert on the Fitness Revolution Team to help you find a solution to your growth challenges. On this call, you’ll be able to uncover the obstacles holding you back from reaching your goals and put a plan in place to overcome them. It’s time to end the guesswork and frustration so that you finally create the income and business you want.

Schedule Your Call Now

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How To Successfully Grow Your Fitness Business

“I had to give plasma to pay my bills…”

Discover the story of William Savoy, owner of Savoy Fitness and the 2017 Fitness Revolution High Performing Business Owner of the Year.   William’s hard work and commitment have taken him from broke personal trainer to a successful business owner who now has two locations.

Life as a fitness business owner can be lonely. Having a support system and guidance on your journey to build a successful business is crtical.

Learn if coaching is a good fit for you by applying for a complimentary Discovery Call today!


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How To Tell Your Marketing Story

“Marketing is storytelling.” Joe Polish

The first step in developing a great marketing strategy is to define the role marketing will play in your business. I like to define marketing as storytelling, like my friend and master marketer Joe Polish. This simplifies the concept of marketing and helps you, the business owner, to see that you need to clearly communicate the story of your business.

Define your story in three parts

A great marketing plan does not have to be difficult. Ask yourself these three questions to define your story.

  1. What do you offer?
  2. Who are you offering this to?
  3. Why are you the best fit for them?

For more on defining your marketing story, sign up for The Academy and get access to Fitness Marketing Mastery!

The Power of Marketing

When you’re first starting out with a marketing strategy, you must understand that marketing allows you to acquire more clients. Having more clients means that your business will have a better reach. It’s the tool you use as a business owner to make a bigger impact within your network. The only way to have a bigger impact is through your marketing. When you do it the right way, you can pre-qualify your prospective clients, educate them on what it is that you offer, and make the buying decision easy for them.

Are you totally new to marketing?

You’re in the right place! Let’s define some of our inside terms!

Lead – Someone who has shown interest in your offer. They have expressed interest to YOU. They’ve requested to take the next step within your business.

Front End Offer (FEO) – Low barrier-to-entry offer for a lead.

Core Offer (CO) – The best or main offer of your business. It’s what you’re best at delivering!

Retention – The amount of clients you keep. No business owner wants clients coming in and leaving immediately after. That makes your job twice as hard. Retention helps you keep track of how many clients you need to keep to grow your business.

This is only a preview of what we have to offer in our Fitness Marketing Mastery program. This exclusive marketing coure is only available inside The Academy.  Reserve your space now and extend your impact with professional insight on strategic marketing for your fitness business.

Business Challenges

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3 Mistakes Personal Training Business Owners Make

Running a successful personal training business can be tough. Discover the 3 big mistakes you need to avoid if you want to grow yours.

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How To Optimize Your Marketing Calendar

A marketing calendar is like a training program to grow your fitness business. Once you get it implemented you want to optimize it. Here’s how…

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How To Remain Relevant In A Social & Mobile World

Your customers are on their phones everywhere, posting, tweeting, and texting. Do you understand what this increasingly pervasive behavior means for your business? If you haven’t been thinking about how to stay relevant in today’s mobile and social world, now’s the time.

Whether they’re on the go or at their desks, consumers are accessing their social networks more than any other online site, according to Nielsen*. And it’s not just to keep in touch. Consumers are incorporating social sites into various stages of their buying process: to search, book, and pay for services and products; and to listen to and share experiences: Follow these tips to make sure your business is in the right place at the right time to influence these consumers’ decision making process.

The Researchers

Search online for services you offer – using YouTube.  According to traffic reports, YouTube is the second most popular search engine.  Does your location appear on the first page of search results?   If not, try these techniques to improve your ranking: social-media-1806995_1280

Make Videos – Create video introductions to your business: your location, services, and staff.  Show what your client experience is like.

Link to your social sites– Drive researchers toward your social sites to give them a peek into how you interact with customers away from your business location.

The Talkers

Search online for reviews of your location. Are people talking about your services or products? Do you like what they’re saying? If not, here’s how you can make sure you’re getting the reviews you deserve:

Update review sites Populate your location’s review page with images, videos, and information about your services, then encourage your current customers to post reviews.

Post to your social sites – Keep your current customers engaged by posting interesting information on your Facebook, Twitter, and blog sites. Posts that work the best?

  • Inspirational: quotes and images
  • Fun: quizzes and questions of the day o Motivational: congratulate customers on milestones
  • Informative: how-to blog articles that help your customers address challenges, positioning your services as the solution, when appropriate

By incorporating just a few of these suggestions, your services will be online in just the right places to attract new customers. After all, even in today’s online world, it’s still all about location, location, location!

To learn how MINDBODY can help your business attract more clients online schedule a free demo today.

Learn More


*Source: The Social Media Report, Nielson

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Building Stronger Client Releationships

Building strong relationships with your clients is critical to your success as a business owner and trainer.  Those relationships result in clients staying long and buying more, which means more revenue for your business.

Plus, it’s just more fun to work with people to really like 🙂

MINDBODY has a great infographic below that will show you how using their app builds stronger, longer lasting relationships.

MINDBODY-infographic-relationships-full (1)

To schedule your Free Demo of MINDBODY and learn about using their app click below

Schedule Today

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Building A Strong Business: How to create an effective marketing plan by focusing on your Core Offer

It’s easy to think that offering a wide range of services and programs will help you attract more clients and make more money.   It may seem that marketing is easier with variety.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. And many times the opposite result is what you end up with when you offer too many types of training programs.

Having multiple programs makes marketing more challenging. You either end up diluting the marketing to try and speak to everyone or you have to stretch to market each of the programs individually.

There are times when having multiple programs can benefit your business. We’ll work together to evaluate those cases and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Strengthen Your Core (Offer)

Your Core Offer is the economic driver of your business. It’s the ONE program that drives your success. It’s what you are marketing to attract your Ideal Client.

Notice it isn’t Core OFFERS.

There are a lot of personal trainers and fitness business owners out there that make a huge marketing mistake by not clearly defining their Core Offer. They are a jack of all trades, master of none.

You want to dominate your area with your Core Offer. It’s the ONE THING you’re known for around town and maybe even through our industry some day.

It’s focused and specific.

Your Core Offer is centered around:

  • The results your clients want
  • The results you’re best at getting for your clients
  • The method you use for getting those results

Think of it as playing to your strengths.

Once you’ve got that dialed in you need to evaluate your Core Offer. Things like:

  • Can you build a sustainable business with it?
  • Can you deliver it long term?
  • Do your circumstances (space, time, etc) allow you to deliver it well?

When I was training clients I would have labelled my Core Offer as Fat Loss Specific Personal Training. If you really want to get specific you may determine that your Core Offer is really your 3 session per week, 12 month program.  That doesn’t mean you only sell that membership option but it’s the one you want to build your business around.

I ran this in a semi-private training format, 1 trainer to 4-6 clients, in 60 minutes sessions.

Having a strong Core Offer will allow you to focus your energy and improve your marketing.

Your goal is to grow your Core Offer. That leads to an increase in monthly revenue.

The Power of Focus

Ever used a magnifying glass to burn paper?  Or maybe I’m the only pyro turned fitness pro 🙂

The magnifying glass focuses the energy of the sunlight into a small point that creates enough heat to start a fire.  

Your marketing can have the same impact.  Imagine focusing all your marketing activities on one goal.  Everything you do to get new leads should be focused on growing one program.

If you follow my 3 channel approach to marketing this is easy really easy to explain.  You should have  at least 3 active marketing channels in place at all times: 1 Online, 1 Offline and 1 Internal.   More than 3 is great if you can manage, but 3 is a great starting point. 

These marketing channels all point to getting a lead or prospect to take the next step with you, such as a Front End Offer.  Then your Front End Offer is designed to move someone to your Core Offer.  It’s a serious of small commitments by the lead.  You get them to make those small commitments by adding value. 

Here’s a quick graphic that shows alignment for your marketing funnel:

Fitness Business Marketing Funnel Example

This is purely an example.  You will have to determine your own marketing channels, lead acquisition methods, etc.

When you align your marketing activities you’ll instantly start to sense an increase in your momentum.  You’ll have more purpose with every activity.  

That purpose will motivate you do more marketing.  The results you get will encourage you to continue with the process.

When Should You Add Programs?

You should add programs in two cases.

  1. When you need to complement your Core Offer with supplemental programs
  2. After you have mastered your first Core Offer and are prepared to scale your business and begin building a second Core Offer

There are times when your Core Offer leaves gaps in your schedule which could result in reduced revenue.  For example if you run group training programs there’s a good chance that in off hours you aren’t able to fill a group session so that it’s profitable to run.   

In this case you may want to offer a personal training program to fill in those time slots.  

Your marketing and energy will go to building the group training program.  However, you can seize opportunities that come up to provide personal training to clients.  

Clients that need extra workouts or more attention could add personal training to their membership, you could fill these times with higher end clients that approach you, or you could place clients in this program if your group training times don’t work for their schedules.

The personal training program isn’t going to be the primary revenue driver for your business but it could add a good chunk of supplemental revenue.

On the other hand if you’ve mastered your Core Offer and have built a team, systems and structure to support the marketing and delivery of that program it may be time to add another Core Offer.

If you have room in your schedule, room in your facility and the time to market this new program it can be a huge multiplier for your business.   

You’ll create a marketing strategy and plan to build this program within your business. 

The goal is to have it be a multiplier for you not to have it drain resources from your current Core Offer.   

The Challenges

It’s difficult to stay focused on your Core Offer and master your marketing and delivery of that service.   

The easy route is to offer a smorgasbord of programs and hope that people come to you looking for what you have to offer.  

The easy route rarely leads to success.

If you’re just starting to build your business focusing on one Core Offer is your key to success.   You can have the vision of having multiple programs in your business eventually, but the road to get there starts by mastering one at a time.

If you’re an experienced fitness business owner looking to take your revenues and business to the next level the time may be right to add an additional Core Offer to your business.  Look at your resources and evaluate the opportunity.  

A Stronger Marketing Plan (and Business)

The results of focusing on your Core Offer will be rewarding for you.   The best companies in the world started by focusing on their core competencies.  They built the foundation for their overall success by owning one market and most of the time one service.  

The rules for success are the same for you.  

You’r marketing will be simpler, yet more effective.  Your business will be stronger and more streamlined.   

Create A Masterful Marketing Plan For Your Business

If you need help crafting the perfect marketing plan to grow your business then the Fitness Marketing Mastery curriculum is perfect for you.  You can access it and dozens of In The Trenches marketing training modules inside The Academy.

Give a test drive for just $39 today!   If you don’t start seeing growth in your business after 60 days of applying this info you can get a full refund.  

The Academy - The Marketing Solution For Fitness Pros, Trainers and Coaches

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Should You Offer A Trial?

Offering a trial or low cost test drive for your personal training programs is a great way to get more clients, but only if you know how to convert them. Avoid the key mistakes many trainers make when offering a trial.

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The Fit Pro’s Guide To Creating Your Best Marketing Plan Ever

If you want a boost in business you need a great marketing plan. Follow these simple steps to take your fitness business to the next level.

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The Best Marketing Plan For Fitness Businesses

Create a more effective marketing plan by playing to your strengths. The Triple A Marketing Method will make marketing more fun and effective for your business.

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Why You Need A Marketing Calendar

Top Reasons For Using A Marketing Calendar

Random activities rarely lead to the desired result. You’re well aware of this in your client’s training programs but I’d bet that you are using it for your marketing!

Many of the frustrations you have with marketing can be overcome by taking a small amount of time to assess your current state and plan your next quarter.

It’s time to shed some light on the benefits of a marketing calendar. Here are some things you should know:

It Keeps You Consistent

Consistently getting in your workouts improves fitness results for your clients. Marketing consistently will lead to more clients for your business.

There are lots of stats out there about how many times a consumer needs to see a message before it resonates. You’ll see numbers from 7 all the up to 17! That means you need to constantly be spreading your message and sharing your marketing with the world.

Consistency also keeps your marketing pipeline full. It brings in new leads which will turn into clients in your Front End Offer which leads to more clients in your Core Offer.

This consistent marketing also means that you can use your marketing metrics like new leads, new front end offer clients and new core offer clients to evaluate your marketing. When you have consistent numbers you’ll see what’s working and what need to be improved quickly.

You’ll Be A Better Time Manager

When you have planned marketing activities you can put them in your calendar like appointments and assign them priorities against all your other activities.

If you’re randomly marketing without a plan then there’s a good chance you market “when you have spare time”…

…which likely means rarely.

A structured marketing calendar allows you to plug in tasks and activities as needed with a bigger plan in mind. This ensures you stay on track and on task during your day.  It also allows you to create time for your marketing instead of trying to find time during your crazy busy day.

You’ll Be A Strategic Marketer

When you first start marketing you may think it’s all a guessing game. You test and try out different tactics to see what works and what doesn’t.

That’s playing small and won’t work if you want to create a really successful business. At some point you have to step up to the big leagues and start marketing strategically.

You have to know what will attract your ideal client, where your best chances of finding your ideal are and how to convey your message to them once you have their attention.

As you drill down into the marketing activities that fill your marketing calendar you take all of those things into consideration.

All of a sudden your marketing activities have a purpose.

Then you start measuring your activities and the results they produce to determine what works and what doesn’t. Eventually you’re able to know where to spend your time and money to get the best possible results.

That’s marketing strategically (and with a purpose)!

I’m not sure about you, but I like to know that what I’m doing everyday is moving me closer to my goals not just checking off boxes on a to-do list.

You Get Better Results

This is probably the most important to you, right? The purpose of marketing is to get more clients to pay you to help them reach their goals.

Random marketing will produce the same type of results random workouts will for your clients.

But hey, if you’re willing to put your success in the hands of chance and random marketing that’s up to you. For me, I like a much more strategic and calculated approach. At least then, even if my marketing is subpar, I can figure out what to fix and improve to get the results I’m trying to achieve.

Creating your first calendar, or an effective one can be overwhelming. If you’re looking for a ready to use solution download our quarterly marketing calendar for free today!