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Resistance Band Training – Pros and Cons

I realize for many of you resistance band training remains a new and unique training approach that comes with several questions and concerns. Makes sense knowing 90% of what is written about strength training focuses on the use of free weights...

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To Lease or Not to Lease? 5 Questions to Ask First

What questions do you need to ask before signing a lease for your fitness business? What things do you need to consider in advance?

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How to Use Testimonials like a Rockstar

Testimonials are a sure-fire way to build confidence in your brand and get new clients. But once you get them, what are some creative ways to use them?

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The Cost of Core Values

Inevitably, there are trade-offs fitness business owners have to make in building a successful business. This article takes a look at the costs associated with core values.

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A Mixed Approach to Program Design for Better Results

Resistance training exercises can be categorized into four types: explosive exercises, cross-body exercises, compound exercises, and isolation exercises. In this article learn how a mixed approach to resistance exercise programming that utilizes...

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How to Use General Vs Specific Exercises in Your Program Design

by Nick Tumminello Research on a kinetic and electromyographic comparison of the standing single-arm cable press and bench press showed that performance is limited by the activation and neuromuscular coordination of torso muscles, not maximal...

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How To Create Great Fitness Testimonials for Your Business

Testimonials are critical to generate new leads for your fitness business. But how do you get them to say what you want (and need) them to say?

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How Using Supersets Accelerates Results

Supersets are a widely used method of increasing density of a workout and ramping up metabolic demand. This article tells you what you need to know and provides some superset examples.

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Fitness Business Issues: Turning Problems Into Opportunities

One thing you can guarantee when running a fitness business is running into issues. The question is how are you going to handle those issues? In this article Ryan equips you with 5 steps to turn your issues into opportunities.

3 Myths of Corrective Exercise: All Clients Have the Same Problem & There’s Only One Solution

This is Part 3 of a 4-Part Article and Video Series put together by Dr. Evan Osar to help you uncover the 3 biggest myths surrounding corrective exercise and help you create a strategy to overcome so you can help your clients get faster, better...

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5 Landmine Upper Body Training Exercises

Landmines has become one of the most versatile tools available to trainers today. It’s progressed from a tool used for core work and simple rotations to using it in complexes and combinations. This article equips you with 5 Landmine Upper...

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5 Methods for Exercise Progressions to Avoid Plateaus and Boredom

Struggling to figure out how to progress your clients through exercises? Have a couple of clients who have reached plateaus and training boredom? In this article Ryan equips you with 5 methods for progressing exercises to avoid plateaus and...

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4 Critical Aspects of Your Fitness Business System

There is a lot of messaging out there about what you need to do to succeed. So what are the critical aspects of your Fitness Business System?

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Understanding Principles vs. Methods

In this article we have guest blogger, Chad Smith help you understand principles vs methods. As to methods, there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The...

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3 Steps to Guarantee Transformation Success

What if you could guarantee transformation results? What if you knew exactly how to crack the code for fat loss and body transformations? This article provides you with the 3 simple steps that will help you guarantee transformation results, and...

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Double the Number of Leads You Turn into Clients

Here are a few quick tips to help you amplify your marketing strategies by bringing back personal communication with your leads.

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Why Most Fit Pro’s Facebook Marketing Fails, and How a Select Few Crush it

Facebook marketing is harder than ever for small business owners. See why most fit pro’s Facebook marketing efforts fail and what you can do to master it.

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How to Create Alignment in Your Business

Fitness Business Alignment System™: The Proof is in the Results (Part 1)  This is a 4-part series  showing you how our Success Coaches have implemented pieces of the Fitness Business Alignment System (FBAS) into the businesses of some members of...

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The Fun Part of Group Training

This article discusses some mistakes that most group training programs make and a few tips, tricks and techniques that can keep your group training fun and exciting (for you and your clients!)

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Fat Loss Specific Training Programs: Your Simple Guide to Fat Loss for Clients

Are you looking for a sure-fire way to help your clients change their bodies? Here are some quick tips and fat-loss specific training resources.

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3 Simple (not easy) Steps to Growing your Fitness Business

Running a fitness business is challenging! There’s no getting around it. Running any business is challenging, so why would fitness be any different? However, the same way your clients want instant results, many fitness business owners expect that...

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Single Leg Locomotion & Combo Exercises [Video]

Adding a bit of movement and variety to your single-leg training can reap big rewards. Check out these easy-to-learn Single Leg Locomotion & Combo exercises. Take your single-leg training to the...

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3 Tips to Prevent Clients from Getting Too Comfortable

By Eric Cressey Previously, I’ve written about how much I enjoy the writing of Chip and Dan Heath, brothers who’ve written best sellers like Made to Stick and Switch. These books provide insights about why certain concepts are accepted while...

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Truth About Goal Setting and Fat Loss Programs

What is the relationship between goal setting and fat loss? What are realistic expectations for your clients? Also download our free guide—31 Free Fat Loss Hacks.

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Setting up a Transformation Contest Nutrition Plan

The Transformation Contest Guide (Part 2) How to create effective transformation contests that will set you up as the go-to fat loss expert in your area. Part 1: How Transformation Contests Can Change Your Business Part 2:  How To Set Up a...