Taking Care of Business: Why You Need A Weekly Operating Routine

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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2020)

How many times has this happened to you?

You head to a team meeting stoked about getting updates, leading a productive discussion, and adjourning with everyone clear on expectations. But you get there to find some people don’t know what the meeting is about, stragglers keep coming in late, someone forgot to prepare his report, etc.

If you’ve been in business for more than  a week – as an independent gym owner, an employee, or even as a solo-preneur – then you’ve been hit by this kind of disorganization.

The problem extends beyond what goes on in your meetings and leads to a “putting out fires” operation instead of a high-performing team. You and your staff all need your own Weekly Operating Routine.

Routines are part of the systems and procedures every successful business establishes – and maintains. They keep everyone on the same page, with clear direction. And that applies whether you’re running a good-sized operation, a small team, or you’re on your own. 

Fitness Revolution Success Coaches are experts at helping you set up a Weekly Operating Routine that covers all your bases and keeps you on track. We have a fully charted plan, and management tools to keep your priorities and metrics clear.

2 of the Basic Components

Everyone should start with a Weekly Kickoff meeting. This is where you set your focus to manage the week ahead so it doesn’t manage you.

Review your priorities and metrics 15 minutes before the appointment so you’re bringing to the table everything that’s expected of you. 

If you work alone, schedule this like a meeting and make sure you honor the time to check in with yourself, commitments and goals.

Then, at the Weekly Wrap-Up Meeting, be sure to close out each week by counting wins and casting a vision for the next week. Incorporate new information, update your calendar, and set priorities for the next week.

How to Run Great Meetings

A Weekly Operating Routine includes several meetings and check-ins. Having a Weekly Operating Routine makes it so much easier on you, as the business leader, to make sure they’re all professional, productive, and no longer than necessary.

Here are some tips to run a great meeting and make sure you get buy-in where you need it.

  1. Set the expectations for attendance, preparation, and participation beforehand. Give them time to make adjustments. Then hold your team accountable. Remind them of the 3 Ps of each meeting: Purpose, Preparation, Presence.
  2. Hold meetings at the same day/time every week. 
  3. Start on time, finish on time. Every time. 
  4. Make this the most important appointment on anyone’s work schedule. If you learn to treat it that way, it will be that way. 
  5. If your meeting is live, have printed copies of all the relevant documents. If you meet online, make sure your agenda has a place where you can link to them.
  6. Keep your agendas consistent. Most sections should be crisp and efficient with little discussion. Make it clear that one section is the place for discussion.  Identify the facilitator who will manage the meeting and keep everyone focused, and the agenda manager, who will take minutes and share post-meeting information with everyone.

We’re happy to share more about the Weekly Operating Routine and our systematic approach to making your gym a success. So, let’s talk. Schedule a free one-on-one chat with one of our Success Coaches today.