Alex Cartmill


Alex's Session

Theme: Strengthening Your Services with Online Training
(Last Updated On: August 31, 2019)

Presentation Summary

Strengthening Your Services With Online Training

This session will explore working with clients remotely from the facility owner perspective: Understanding what online coaching really is and the inherent advantages and disadvantages it holds, how to determine who will thrive in that environment, multiple ways gym owners can add a digital component to their existing systems to make them more efficient and better serve current and new members, and how to actually deliver coaching online to maintain quality of service. 

Alex’s Bio

Alex Cartmill is a personal trainer, author, and the Head Coach of the Online Trainer Academy (OTA) – a business-development program that’s helped thousands of coaches add a digital component to their services. Since developing the OTA with Jonathan Goodman in 2016, Alex has been overseeing the operation and development of the program ever since. His book The Wealthy Fit Pro’s Guide to Online Training, co-authored with Goodman, releases September 10th with over 10,000 copies pre sold. Alex resides in Portland, Oregon with his dog Charlie.