C.J. Easter

Lead Engine Marketing

C.J.'s Sessions:

Theme: The Funnel Doctor: Diagnosing and Fixing Your Funnel
(Last Updated On: September 3, 2019)

Presentation Summary

The Funnel Doctor: Diagnosing and Fixing Your Funnel

If you’ve tried and failed at Facebook ads (or just want to improve what you’re doing now), you might need to set an appointment with the Funnel Doctor. In this presentation, you will discover the symptoms of a broken funnel and how to cure it. From branding to ad copy to sales follow-up, we’ll examine it all to fix your funnel.

C.J.’s Bio

C.J. Easter is the owner and founder of the Performance Science Training Institute (PSTI). PSTI exists to help active families develop the training, nutrition, and lifestyle habits to reach their fitness goals. In its 4 location on the San Francisco Peninsula, PSTI serves over 330 clients.

With his degree in engineering from Stanford University, C.J. takes a very scientific approach to building his business. In the past year and a half, C.J. has mastered the formula of Facebook ads making $91,264 in front end sales on an investment of $41,086 in ads ($2.22 for every $1 put in).