Craig Myers

Greentown, Indiana
Current Location:
Corpus Christi, Texas
Favorite Topics To Coach On:
Process! That could be sales, operations, or even HR. I enjoy digging into steps of a process or laying out the steps to create and improve consistency.
(Last Updated On: October 26, 2020)

Personal Information

Like many fitness professionals, Craig started out in personal training without much guidance or direction. He thought earning a Master’s Degree would help, and as valuable as education is, the best thing that came from it was an internship with a youth sports performance franchise. That lead him to the IYCA and ultimately Fitness Revolution. Along the way he had unique opportunities as Head Trainer for a 24/7 access gym located in a downtown residential building, as well as the Director of Sports Performance at a local training facility.

In between his time with Fitness Revolution, he sharpened some valuable skills in automotive sales and then as Studio Manager for Orangetheory Fitness Corpus Christi, where he directed the opening of the first location in a new market.

Although it wasn’t his passion, Craig quickly became a top performer in automotive sales and received promotions onto the Internet Sales team and Pre-owned inventory management. During his time with Orangetheory, his location earned a franchise award for membership sales and was voted “Best Gym” in a local survey. Their regional network was also ranked 3rd nationally in overall performance for an Emerging Market.

He takes the most pride in the growth and success of the Coaching Partners at FR. Not that he takes all the credit for what they’ve done, but he finds it extremely rewarding to be part of and witness their accomplishments.

Craig has been married to his wife, Joenie, since 2013 and they have two children, Amelia and Andrew. He takes advantage of any time he gets to spend with them and they enjoy plenty of outdoor activities.

What makes FR Success Coaches different?

Our Success Coaches completed over 1500 coaching sessions in 2018 and each individual coach averages almost 110 coaching session per quarter. Additionally, our coaches spend up to 4 full days each quarter in Live Coaching Meetings and receive over 75 hours each year in professional development and in-service training.

Clearly, we take our coaching development seriously and our coaches are uniquely equipped to handle the issues fitness business owners experience on a daily basis.