Evan Osar

Integrated Movement Specialists

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Theme: Client Retention through Injury Prevention
(Last Updated On: August 31, 2019)

Presentation Summary

Client Retention Through Injury Prevention

In personal training, the most common, unexpected issue that can derail a client from long-term success is an injury while training.  But that doesn’t have to be the case. As a matter of fact, with the right training methodology, injuries can be minimized, if not avoided altogether.  In Dr. Evan Osar’s EFPS session titled, “Client Retention through Injury Prevention,” you will learn the Integrative Movement System that not only prevents future injuries, but attracts and retains more clients. Dr. Osar teaches you the skills to work with an aged and injured population, allowing you to keep them training and on the road to better health.

Dr. Evan Osar’s Bio

Dr. Evan Osar, an internationally recognized speaker, author, and expert on assessment, corrective exercise, and functional exercise. He has authored Corrective Exercise Solutions to Common Hip and Shoulder Dysfunction, Functional Anatomy of the Pilates Core, and Amazon #1 Best Sellers The Psoas Solution and The Pain-free Exercise Blueprint. Dr. Osar developed the Integrative Movement System™ to provide health and fitness professionals with a systematic method for assessing, addressing, and progressing their clients towards achieving their health and fitness goals.