Izzy Libmann

Hi, I’m Izzy Libmann. Being a part of the FR Nation gives you access to a tremendous amount of resources for trainers, not only on the business side, but also on the training side. They care about all sides of the training equation. The first LiveCoaching Day I attended was in January of 2014. It was then that everything changed. There, in our meeting room, after digging into what was important to me and what my coaching philosophy was, I decided to move to 2-on-1 coaching. Low an behold, with the coaches’ guidance, I was suddenly pulling some 5-figure months and reached my financial goals at the end of the year, raising my gross revenue by 50% from 2013 to 2014.

Numbers aside, I am learning how IzzyFit can operate smoothly and consistently while staying true to its core values and purpose. I talk to my coach every week to make sure I stay on track and troubleshoot when things don’t as planned. The most important aspect of the Accelerator Coaching Program for me, though, is that every coach sees me as a person first and a business owner second. The Fitness Consulting Group has become family I look forward to seeing who treat me and my company with respect, tough love and compassion. My coach is not only someone I trust with my business, but she is also someone I would have a glass of wine with on a Friday night.