Jared Markiewicz

Since joining a coaching group, I added a full time assistant coach who has been groomed to run the gym at a very high level when I am away. I have the peace of mind that everything is running smoothly when I know he is there. We also have a part-time Administrative Assistant that has helped us stay on top of back office paperwork and improved our client experience. None of this would have been possible without the coaching that came from the Accelerator Coaching Program. Obviously as client experience improves so does revenue and new clientele. Our monthly numbers jumped by 25% the first and second month after joining Accelerator and we are on pace this month to have our best month yet, despite it being the middle of summer!

Great coaches and like-minded fitness business owners make the accelerator such an obvious decision. When you are able to bounce ideas off of other owners who may be in similar situations as yourself or have already experienced your issue, things simply. You can make decisions that are based off of successes others have had and more importantly, avoid mistakes others have made.