Kelly Berry

Fitness Revolution

Kelly's Breakout Sessions:

Theme: High Performance Management: Getting Results through Others

Presentation Summary

High Performance Management: Getting Results through Others

Do you feel like you have to repeat yourself over and over before something gets done? Do you ever think “I don’t think anyone cares about this business except me?” Do you find yourself going behind your staff doing things they “should” be doing? If you said yes to those questions, then you need to attend “How to Get Results through Others” with Kelly Berry and Pamela MacElree. In this session, they will teach you how to build trust, set expectations and give feedback that gets results. Whether you’re considering making your first hire, or already have a team, you will learn what it takes to create an accountable and productive culture.

This presentation with cover:

  • A general understanding between being a manager and being a taskmaster
  • A shift in work values as you move from the role of contributor to manager
  • The importance of role clarity for everyone in the organization (clarity)
  • The role that trust plays in management (trust)
  • How to give effective feedback and how important that is as a manager (feedback)

Kelly’s Bio

Kelly Berry is the co-owner and VP of Operations of Fitness Revolution. Kelly has a BA in Advertising Design and Marketing from Western Kentucky University and an MBA from Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY. Kelly’s uses her education, interests and skills in process creation, project management, and management to develop and lead what we do and how we do it at Fitness Revolution.  In her free time, Kelly loves to be outside and you can usually find her trail running or riding her bike.