Luke Jude

Grace City, ND
Current Location:
Miami, FL
Favorite Topics To Coach On:
Communication, Leadership, Business Growth, Staff Development
(Last Updated On: October 26, 2020)

Personal Information

Luke’s professional career combines experience in the nonprofit sector as well as fitness. In a local nonprofit organization, he started as Communications Director, writing educational content and facilitating workshops on bullying prevention, powerful communication, and conflict resolution. Then during a three-year tenure as Executive Director, Luke led a small, dynamic staff, and coached business and community leaders on communication, leadership, and fostering equity and diversity in the workplace. He left to pursue his passion for fitness, starting out as a personal trainer at a big-box gym. After nine months, Luke dove head-first into building his own fitness business, starting out with seven clients and a Honda Civic loaded with 200 pounds of dumbbells. Over seven years, he grew the business into a thriving, sweet community with a powerhouse staff, and sold it for a profit to the first trainer he hired. Thereafter he worked as a fitness and nutrition coach for one of the industry’s recognized leaders, providing comprehensive wellness coaching to a diverse client base. Luke is nown for identifying and nurturing talent, and unlocking potential to propel people toward the success and freedom they envision.

Luke eceived “2018 Nonprofit of the Year” from the Miami-Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Built a fitness business from the ground up without the aid of any loans, growing 200% over a two-year span before selling the business for a profit.

Luke is a people lover, fitness junkie, proud nerd, avid reader, dog dad, and devoted husband. He has a standing weekly board game night, loves to bake things that he never eats and could survive on salmon, green tea, coffee, and pistachios. His relentless pursuit of perfecting the L-sit to handstand skill has transformed his home into a calisthenics playground.

What makes FR Success Coaches different?

Our Success Coaches completed over 1500 coaching sessions in 2018 and each individual coach averages almost 110 coaching session per quarter. Additionally, our coaches spend up to 4 full days each quarter in Live Coaching Meetings and receive over 75 hours each year in professional development and in-service training.

Clearly, we take our coaching development seriously and our coaches are uniquely equipped to handle the issues fitness business owners experience on a daily basis.